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Sounds to pedal to

Tell me if this is illegal but I think it is much better than wearing iPod earbuds while cycling - I honestly cannot think of a single reason why riding on a busy road with your hearing impaired is a good idea.

Are Adelaide police this nice?

I always wear a helmet so I wouldn’t know!

New domain name for Adelaide Cyclists Social Network

Not this blog but the social network Adelaide Cyclists that this is the blog for. Now It is a group site built on and now you no longer need to use the long form address. This is exciting for Adelaide Cyclists and I hope the group will grow in numbers even more. [...]

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There are 20 videos on Adelaide Cyclists 2 hours ago
Angus Kingston added an event yesterday
May 19, 2009 from 6pm to 9pm
This basic 3-hour course is designed specifically for those newbies. The course aims to give you that extra confidence you need to get your bike out of the shed and onto the road. It covers getting to know the parts of your bike, recognizing probl...
To answer my own question. A good ride I just did was City or Port Noarlunga and have coffee at Agatha's. Great coffee and the fruit toast was nice too. View Adelaide Cyclists in a larger map
A photo by Mark Matthew was featured yesterday

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Welcome & News

NEW DOMAIN NAME Now it's even easier to tell your friends about this site.

This is a site for anyone who rides any kind of bike in Adelaide. Not just mountain bikes or full carbon road machines but also commuters, weekend cruisers or just the old bike you take to the shops.

Join in the discussion and look at the content of the groups that interest you - or start your own and invite your friends.

If you are news to this site joining only takes a minute and it's all confidential. Read more about Adelaide Cyclists in the blog.

pic by Jeff Werner

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Siva Kokanot

bike courier in Adelaide, does anyone know how? 1 Reply 

Started by Siva Kokanot in Cycling in Adelaide. Last reply by Angus Kingston 1 day ago.

Angus Kingston

Are cheap bike lights suitable for night cycling 6 Replies 

Started by Angus Kingston in Advocacy & Safety. Last reply by Bert Olio 3 May.

Angus Kingston

Cycling and road rage in Adelaide 2 Replies 

Started by Angus Kingston in Cycling in Adelaide. Last reply by Luke Hallam 2 May.

Paul Hamon

The Classic Bicycle Shop Opens in Adelaide! 7 Replies 

Started by Paul Hamon in Cycling in Adelaide. Last reply by Angus Kingston 1 May.

Luke Hallam

My ideal commuter bike - but where can I buy one? 18 Replies 

Started by Luke Hallam in Cycling in Adelaide. Last reply by Sam Powrie 30 Apr.

Angus Kingston

Site Feedback 8 Replies 

Started by Angus Kingston in Site Feedback. Last reply by Angus Kingston 28 Apr.

Angus Kingston

Who went for a ride this weekend? 2 Replies 

Started by Angus Kingston in General Discussion. Last reply by Paul Hamon 28 Apr.

Blog Posts

Angus Kingston

Urban Velo Mag Issue 13 is out

This is the magazine that really started my interest in urban cycling culture. It is, as I have said before, the inspiration behind this site. They have just published their 13th issue. I urge you to check it out.

Download it as a PDF


Posted by Angus Kingston on 2 May 2009 at 12:30am

Paul Hamon

Critical Mass Adelaide occurs on the last Friday of every month!

Critical Mass Adelaide occurs on the last Friday of every month!

I've been some CM riding in Bangkok, at most 1000 people riding around the stress in the evening traffic, it was a great experience!!

I believe the bicycle was man best invention and after living in Europe and Asia think that the bicycle is underutilized here in ADELAIDE.

I've not been to a CM here and will be missing the on… Continue

Posted by Paul Hamon on 29 April 2009 at 5:02pm

Angus Kingston

New Domain Name for Adelaide Cyclists -

The old address will also forward.

This way it is even easier to remember and tell your friends!

Thanks for the patience while we got it going.

Posted by Angus Kingston on 28 April 2009 at 6:00pm

Angus Kingston

How this site came about.

I've been asked how the Adelaide Cyclists website, or social network if you prefer, came about.

I had seen Sydney and Melbourne cyclist sites built on this same platform with around 700+ members and forums seeing a lot of discussions being had. Having moved from Sydney to Adelaide not quite two years ago and have been impressed with Adelaide as a cycling city (and then events like the TDU take it off the scale!)

I was not a road bike rider (I have just started riding a Giant OCR2). Most of my… Continue

Posted by Angus Kingston on 26 April 2009 at 11:29pm

Paul Hamon

Another people with just way to much balance!

Posted by Paul Hamon on 26 April 2009 at 12:53pm


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