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Well, here we go again...

Another move was required after our last web space provider decided to file for bankruptcy.  This new home does have more space, which means the WAV Archive is now back up to its old self once again.  

The Archive started with 28 sound clips in 1995 and has now grown to a whopping 1,978 WAVs spanning the entire history of the series.  

This month I've greatly expanded the 8th Doctor pages by including clips from the excellent Big Finish audio adventures.  If you haven't purchased some, I'd recommend that you do.  This month features 262 sound clips from Paul McGann's tenure as the Doctor.  They are organized by story (just click on his link above).  Also available are all of the other Doctors as well as different villains and TARDIS sounds.  Just click on the Doctor of your choice and then navigate by story.


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