Final Fantasy IV

Square Enix reminds us why Final Fantasy IV is a tale worth retelling!

Initially released in 1991, Final Fantasy IV was a revolutionary entry into Square Enix's popular role-playing franchise. It introduced the Active Time Battle system-now a staple of the series-a darker, more complex story and one of the most critically acclaimed Final Fantasy soundtracks to date. Even though seventeen years have passed since the game first came out and even though there have been three separate ports already released, I'm happy to say that the Nintendo DS version of this classic RPG is still worth playing through from beginning to end.

Timeless Tale

One of the most notable changes from Final Fantasy IV's original 16-bit release is the brand new 3D graphics engine that drives the DS port. From the detailed cityscapes to the gorgeous Overworld, the environments are beautifully rendered and really show what the DS is capable of. The cast of players in Final Fantasy IV is one of the more colorful rosters that the series has seen, so thankfully each character looks fantastic with detailed 3D models true to Yoshitaka Amano's original character art. In-game cut scenes fit in seamlessly between exploration and battle with fantastic voice acting occasionally gracing the game's exposition. On the subject of sound, Final Fantasy IV's legendary composition has definitely withstood the test of time, with wonderfully remixed tracks that perfectly sets the tone for Cecil's epic adventure.

A Classic Reinvented

While this iteration of Final Fantasy IV is an exclusive to the DS, I'm afraid that there's no stylus-controlled action to be found. But I really can't complain about this design decision, as I'd much rather play a game I knew to be well-crafted than risk ruining the title by clumsily integrating stylus-responsive controls. Thankfully, the DS's touch-screen is still used to great advantage for the player, displaying detailed maps of your current surroundings while exploring the game's towns and dungeons, as well as in-depth character statistics and menus during battle.

Ultimately, Final Fantasy IV remains the same epic experience it was seventeen years ago, and the DS's improvements are a welcome treat for fans of the series and newcomers to the franchise alike. With an engrossing story, ambitious characters, and challenging yet rewarding gameplay, I can't help but recommend Final Fantasy IV as a worthwhile purchase, especially if you missed it the first time around. Even if you aren't a huge Final Fantasy fan, this is still one fantastic role-playing title worth checking out.

PROS: Fantastic story, classic Final Fantasy gameplay, great voice acting
CONS: Over-powered bosses, No innovative stylus controls

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While this iteration of Final Fantasy IV is an exclusive to the DS, I'm afraid that there's no stylus-controlled action to be found
This is not true, While in a town, Dungeon or on the World Map you can use the Touch Pad to move, its not the Greatest use of the Touch but it is at least something. I Bought this game today and the only complaint i have is the Graphics ... yes they are better then the original but it feels like i'm looking at a bunch of random Geometric Shapes, jumbled into a Moveable Figure. I personally think they could have done a better Job on the Character Models making them appear smoother and not so much like jumbled shapes.


^.^ i didn't mean to post that 3 times .... the Site kept telling me that i had to be Signed in to Post a comment.


I got and it and it rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only have 1 minor complaint: The graphics are a little 2 cartoony 4 a Final Fantisy game. but it`s still AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Theres lots of stylus control in the training games for the Whyts!! This is definitely the best DS game ever!!! I find it impossible to put down even after playing through the GBA version a year ago!!


This game doesn't look that great. Definetly not planning to get it. Just not into the series.

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