1961 to 1970

1961 to 1965 Porsche 356B Hardtop

The first models of the 356B Hardtop Coupe still have a detachable hardtop. Later, the 356 B will have a firm hardtop, welded to the body. The differences from the model variants built in Stuttgart are the big rear window and the gentle styling.


1961 to 1969 VW Karmann Ghia Type 34

Already in 1959, the development of a successor for the small Karmann Ghia is being plannend in Osnabrück. Finally in 1961, the big Karmann Ghia, based on the Volkswagen 1500 (type 3) with its clear-cut “Corvair”-line has its debut at the Frankfurt Automobile Show. Series production starts on September 1st, 1961. But the sales figures don’t meet the expectations, so that production is stopped in 1969 after only 42,505 vehicles produced.


1965 to 1970 BMW 2000C

In the Karmann factory in Rheine, 13,696 bodies for BMW-Coupe 2000 C/CS are produced between 1965 and 1970. The C-version has 100 hp and the CS-version 120 hp. With this major order, Karmann is able to win over another renowned automobile manufacturer as a client and the production load of the factory in Rheine can be fully utilized.


1967 to 1971 Porsche 911/ 912

In June 1967, the Porsche 912 becomes the successor to the legendary Porsche 356.
The bodies for the Porsche 911 and 912 – hardly different from one another - are produced in Osnabrück, the 912 having the smaller engine of the two.


1968 to 1969 AMC Javelin

In the fall of 1968, at Karmann in Rheine the series production of the Javelin is taken up. About 90% of the necessary components have to be shipped by boat, from the American Engines Corporation in Detroit – today part of the Chrysler group. In Rheine, the cars with 280 hp are assembled, painted and suppiled with their final outfit.


1968 to 1975 BMW 3.0 CS

Starting in April 1971, the exclusive BMW 3.0 CS is built in Rheine.The four-seated coupe is the successor model of the BMW 2800 CS, which has been built by Karmann since September 1968, on behalf of BMW. From 1971 until 1975, 21,147 three litre BMWs are built in Rheine.


1969 to 1975 VW-Porsche 914

At the IAA 1969 in Frankfurt, VW and Porsche present a small sports-car with a centrally located engine, soon called "Volksporsche". This sports-car is available with a four and a six cylinder engine, supplying 80 and 110 hp, respectively. The four cylinder version is entirely constructed by Karmann while the six cylinder version has a Porsche engine and a Karmann body.

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