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Pats shipped 2010 fifth-rounder for Smith

Posted by Mike Reiss, Globe Staff May 3, 2009 02:16 PM

The Patriots' trade with Tampa Bay for tight end Alex Smith was announced as being for an undisclosed draft choice.

The Tampa Tribune reports today that the pick is a 2010 fifth-rounder.

Based on the report, the Patriots have the following draft picks in 2010:

  • First round (assigned)
  • Second round (assigned)
  • Second round (from Jaguars)
  • Second round (from Titans)
  • Third round (assigned)
  • Fourth round (assigned)
  • Sixth round (assigned)
  • Seventh round (assigned)
  • Seventh round (from Eagles in Greg Lewis trade)

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    22 comments so far...
    1. Now that 's great value. Trading a 5th round draft pick that would be unlikely to even make the team considering we have three 2nd round picks next year for a starting caliber TE.

      Posted by Adam K. May 3, 09 04:17 PM
    1. From the looks of the draft picks for next year, we are going the same route as this year. Staying out of the first round looks good from a financial standpoint, but it may catch up to us someday. I only hope that passing on the really great talent (like we did this year) to avoid paying outrageous money to unproven rookies doesn't come back to haunt us, while the teams around us take the top players and eventually pass us by. There has GOT to be a rookie salary cap.

      Posted by jaxpatriot May 3, 09 04:28 PM
    1. Great. So we own five of the first 100 picks. Hope Tennessee and Jacksonville have very bad seasons...
      Mike, is there any chance that the Patriots receive a compensatory selection for next year's draft? Maybe a 7th rounder for Gaffney's departure?

      Posted by JL Guzzi May 3, 09 04:29 PM
    1. sounds like a deal to me

      Posted by stop Newport, RI corruption May 3, 09 04:34 PM
    1. BB gets good value for cheap. How does he do it, two 2nd rounders for two 3rd rounders, now Smith who will be a star for the 5th rounder. Wow. BB is more than a coach that guy should be President of the United States. BB for president 2012

      Posted by JohnTheReviewer May 3, 09 05:08 PM
    1. Great trade. Pending on whether Smith learns the system quickly, this could end up being a STEAL. ; Moss- or Welker-esque. He's a big, physical guy who hasn't had anyone throwing him the ball. I'm excited about this.

      Posted by Sean Martin May 3, 09 05:09 PM
    1. 6 TE's on the roster?? Baker stays and likely now Smith. Is Thomas out? Watson all that talent with little production? Can't see them cutting him. Trade? To whom and fofr what? Why would someone else want him? Who makes the team? Who makes the practice squad? Who goes?

      Posted by mpmcg May 3, 09 05:10 PM
    1. Smith for a 5th rounder.....can't go wrong with that.....

      Posted by Butch May 3, 09 05:11 PM
    1. Great move. Smith for a 5th round draft choice. Pats have had very little production fro TE position for several years. Watson, with all his supposed talent was a bust. I expect him to be traded before camp, else he'll be released and Pats will get nothing for him, which is not the Patriot way. Mike, who do you think will be our TE's this season?

      Posted by Otis May 3, 09 05:25 PM
    1. Mike, how many openings do we have for the roster and how many are we over?

      Posted by alex May 3, 09 06:13 PM
    1. Watson and Thomas were major dissapointments last year. The Pats historically only keep two tight ends so I would say Thomas is gone and Watson would be fighting for a third spot if available. Baker and Smith are solid I can see a fantastic running game and goal line scoring ability. No need for a fulltime fullback on the roster. A fith round pick is a small price to pay. With Taylor , Baker,Banta-Cain, Bodden, Springs,Johnson,Galloway,and Hodel as Free Agents I do not see how the Pats will qualify for a compensatory pick next year.....thoughts?

      Posted by Hawkbird May 3, 09 06:41 PM
    1. The Pats like having 3 TEs on the roster. Watson was a waste of a late 1st round pick and Thomas is nothing special.

      I like having 4 picks on day one. Since 2010 is an uncapped year having draft a few extra day one picks is a nice luxury.

      Posted by rob May 3, 09 06:53 PM
    1. We've been doing okay with a sixth-round quarterback since 2001.

      Posted by Richard May 3, 09 07:45 PM
    1. Watson / Thomas to KC or Denver? Maybe Pioli wants to give Cassel someone familiar to throw to? Just speculation...


      Posted by david May 3, 09 09:08 PM
    1. What's the point of all these picks when the Pats refuse to cash them in? Flipping them into the next season is pointless.

      Posted by Classless May 3, 09 11:21 PM
    1. Hey Hawkbird, non of the players you mentioned were free agents. They were either cut or we traded for them

      Posted by fessin May 3, 09 11:21 PM
    1. This proves what we already know: BB knows what the hell he is doing. If I'm David Thomas, I'm washing BB's car everyday from now until traning camp opens.

      Posted by stan4444 May 3, 09 11:39 PM
    1. well, it's past the midnight dead-line from NYT and there's 5 more comments now than there were 15 minutes ago...hope that's a sign the Globe & MORE IMPORTANTLY - this BLOG are staying put?

      Posted by stop Newport, RI corruption May 4, 09 12:06 AM
    1. I'm SURE there is no one that comments here that has more knowledge of the game and players than Bill .....

      There is nothing in what he and the Patriots staff did during the draft that makes me think or believe he doesn't know what he's doing.

      Posted by blackprix May 4, 09 12:24 AM
    1. Unlike Stallworth who was cut and we got a comp pick for. Those players were all brought in on the CHEAP and most are on the OLD list. Which will give the team they left probably a 7th rd comp or nothing. The way we have addressed TE shows that BB thinks it's a needs spot. We had our choice of the TE's on draft day. BB used a 5th rd pick and took NFL stats and game tape over any rookie with upside. While we can all say that both Watson and Thomas were a swing and a miss. BB has upgraded the spot with a 5th and two cap friendly deals.

      Posted by Rog May 4, 09 08:23 AM
    1. Hey Hawkbird: "The Pats historically only keep two tight ends..."
      That just isn't true - rare was the game last year where they didn't dress (3) TE's: Watson, Kyle Brady and Thomas. Remember Watson, Furia and Graham?

      I do agree if you're saying its starting to look like they'll go into this Sept with (4) TE's, especially considering no Vrabel and thus far, no pure FB.

      Posted by mikeinNH May 4, 09 11:13 AM
    1. Hi Fessen and mikein NH, Kyle Brady was not with the Pats in 2008 just 2007. I should have said dressed only two tight ends on game day. The only trades are Greg Lewis and Alex Smith who I did not list but yes, Al Johnson and Damane Ducket are the only free agents signed so we should get something with the losses of Gafney, Paxon, Jordan, Izzo and Evans

      Posted by Hawkbird May 4, 09 03:30 PM
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