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A Wilhelm Scream
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Hailing from New Bedford in Massachusetts, A Wilhelm Scream was founded by vocalist Nuno Pereira and ex-bassist Jonathan Teves back in the year of 1992. At that point the band went under the name �Adam�s Crack�. Shortly after founding the band they started looking for fellow musicians interested in joining this new project. Trevor Reilly, son of Joe Reilly (know from Immortal Alice), showed early interest and joined the band not long after the founding had taken place. Back in that time Nuno sang, Jon played bass and Trevor played guitar. A drummer, name is unknown, and possibly a second guitarist joined the band not to long after Trevor and Adam�s Crack was complete. (It is unknown if Trevor was the only guitarist or if a second guitarist accompanied him.)

In the period that the band went under the name Adam�s Crack they released one cassette. Jon Teves has in more modern time informed that back in the days as Adam�s Crack the band was very inspired by Nirvana, amongst others, and the music featured on the one cassette Adam�s Crack released sounds more like Nirvana then anything they did after the Adam�s Crack days.

Sometime in between 1992 and 1996 the band changed their name from �Adam�s Crack� to �Koen�. The band also released only one cassette during the time as Koen. That cassette was released in 1996, entitled �The Big Fall�� and contained six ska / punk songs.

During the same time frame as the bands name changed took place there was at least one or more line-up changes. The line-up during the bands period under the name Koen that is known to the public is the following: Nuno Pereira on vocals, Matt ? on lead guitar, Jonathan Carvalho on second guitar, Jonathan Teves on bass and backup vocals and Trevor Reilly on drums and backup vocals.

In either later 1996 or during 1997 the band changed their name again from �Koen� to �Smackin� Isaiah�. The band released two cassettes, one split CD, one EP and two CDs during the Smackin� Isaiah period that lasted from 1996 or 1997 to 2003. The first release the band did as Smackin� Isaiah was �Give Girls More Beer�� and was released in 1997. �Give Girls More Beer�� contained twelve tracks, some ska influenced, some plain punk / rock. It was at this point the band started to leave behind the ska influences and focus on plain punk. The second cassette released under the name Smackin� Isaiah was the 1998 release entitled �Gets Eaten Alive!� which contained eight tracks. Between the release of this cassette and the cassette release when the band was known by the name Koen there had been new line-up changes and when the band released �Gets Eaten Alive!�, this was the current line-up: Nuno Pereira on vocals, Trevor Reilly on guitar and vocals, Jonathan Carvalho on guitar, Jonathan Teves on bass and backup vocals and Nicholas Angelini on drums.

In year 2000 the band got signed to Tank Records, a small record company located in the bands hometown New Bedford, Massachusetts. The same year as the band got signed they released their first CD ever which was a split CD along with Moronique and Merrick entitled �6:6:6� and contained six songs from each band, which then explains the title of the record.

The first CD released with music from Smackin� Isaiah alone was released later the same year as the signing and the split CD release and got the title �The Way To A Girls Heart Is Through Her Boyfriends Stomach�. It contained ten punk / rock songs and was happily picked up by the local music scene.

The band chose to re-release �The Way To A Girls Heart Is Through Her Boyfriends Stomach� in year 2001 on a label called All About Records, but the band were never signed to that label as they released the follow-up to �The Way To A Girls Heart Is Through Her Boyfriends Stomach� in 2002 on Tank Records. The new album got the title �Benefits Of Thinking Out Loud� and rapidly made the name Smackin� Isaiah better known to the local scene.

Six songs that were recorded during the recording sessions of �Benefits Of Thinking Out Loud� didn�t make it to the actual album, but were to good to throw away and were therefore released later the same year as �Benefits Of Thinking Out Loud� on an EP entitled �The Champagne Of Bands� We Know Sexy� that was released by Fork In Hand Records.

After the release of �The Champagne Of Bands� We Know Sexy�, Jonathan Carvalho decided to leave the band after song many years. Christopher Levesque from Boston, Massachusetts, quickly replaced him. This was the first changed that happened after having the same member line-up since 1998.

In year 2003 �Smackin� Isaiah� decided to change their name to �A Wilhelm Scream�. The reason was because they were getting more and more serious with their music then before and the name �Smackin� Isaiah� sounded to collage-punk band alike when they tried to take their music seriously and needed a new and more mature name.

After changing their name the band got signed to a new label by the name JumpStart Records. During their stay at JumpStart they re-released their newest full length CD �Benefits Of Thinking Out Loud� and recorded a new album that ended up with the name �Mute Print�. �Mute Print� was originally going to be released on JumpStart Records in 2004, but Nitro Records, owned by punk rocker Dexter Holland bought the rights to �Mute Print� from JumpStart Records before it was released and out it out on his label. This was the bands debut record on Nitro Records and it wasn�t released to long after the band was signed as the album was more or less complete at that point. �Mute Print� contained eleven punk / rock tracks with energy, technique, speed and anger. It was the record that made the name A Wilhelm Scream known to several people around the world.

Only a year after A Wilhelm Scream�s Nitro debut it is announced that they are releasing a new album on August 16th 2005. The band went back into the studio with Jason Livemore and Bill Stevenson (Descendants, ALL and Black-Flag) who also did their Nitro debut, �Mute Print�. The final album got the title �Ruiner�, probably taken from the working title of the song �The Soft Sell� which at that time had the title �The Ruiner�. During the recording Trevor asked fans for ideas on album titles on a message board and said that he liked the sound of �Walden 3� which is now known to fans as the working title for �Ruiner�.

The band has always loved to be on the road and is on the road about nine months a year now. Jon though the touring was getting too much and sadly he chose to departure from A Wilhelm Scream right after the release of �Ruiner�. One of the founders of the roots A Wilhelm Scream were built up on was leaving and that was a sad moment for everyone who had followed the band from day one.
Jon was quickly replaced from Curtiss Lopez, who was an import from Los Angeles, California.

As mentioned above, the band is very active when it comes to being on the road and in January 2006 the band had their debut tour in Europe along with punk / rock legends Lagwagon. The band has stated that this is the best tour they have ever been on and are really looking to come back. Australia is the only continent the band has never been to and it is still unknown when the Australians get their first chance to see A Wilhelm Scream live, but let�s hope for their sake it�s not to long until they come down under.

Still being signed to Nitro, A Wilhelm Scream decided to release a 7� EP on one of their old labels, JumpStart Records. The EP for the title �Diver�, after the longest song on the EP, and contained only two tracks: �Diver� and �They Like Their Turtlenecks Ribbed�. This release was done on JumpStart and not Nitro because JumpStart still owned the copyrights to this song and Nitro wasn�t interested in buying them and let JumpStart release this 7�. A majority of fans of A Wilhelm Scream think that �Diver� is one of the best songs the band has ever released.

Cutriss Lopez�s career in A Wilhelm Scream didn�t last longer then from autumn 2005 to the 6th of February when he just took a plane and left right in the middle of the �In With The Out Crowd� tour the band did with Less Than Jake. The bass position in A Wilhelm Scream is still open and it is yet unknown who the new bass player for the band will be�

So, there you are. A biography from the bands start to current status. There might be some errors in the statements made above, but close to everything written above is known and are real facts. Hope you enjoyed reading and that you learned something new about this amazing band. If you have any inquires, something you think that should be added to the biography just leave a reply below with whatever information you are holding and it will be put up as soon as possible.

Biography written by Petter Nitter for
AbsolutePunk.net and AWILHELMSCREAM.NET

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senida jean
Registered User
Posts: 2 | Joined: Jan 2009 | More
01:54 PM (01/07/09)
your coming to albuquerque soon.
macabre's Avatar
Singer of Lipona
Posts: 64 | Joined: Jun 2008 | More
12:09 PM (10/21/08)
If you enjoy A Wilhelm Scream, check out http://www.myspace.com/lipona
TunedAgainst's Avatar
Degrassi Junior High dropout
Posts: 2,243 | Joined: Aug 2007 | More
01:44 PM (10/10/08)
Killin it killin it...will only make you lose your waaayy

Damn. You guys are playing here in a couple of weeks. Stoked!
Registered User
Posts: 2 | Joined: Feb 2008 | More
01:12 PM (03/10/08)
tragedyl0ve's Avatar
Posts: 1,528 | Joined: Oct 2005 | More
10:09 PM (11/29/07)
You should check out http://www.travelworm.com if you need to travel anywhere. They have been called the Rock n Roll travel spot online and guarantee the lowest airfare. They sponsor this awesome VJ Metal Sanaz and Linda Strawberry who played with Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins.
B_McKee60's Avatar
Registered User
Posts: 74 | Joined: Aug 2007 | More
12:27 PM (10/21/07)
i'd never really listened to this band before. the songs on here are really really good. i will definitely listen to more
theripped0ne's Avatar
Registered User
Posts: 182 | Joined: Dec 2006 | More
02:43 PM (10/08/07)
so great. straight thunder.
Ravelle17's Avatar
Registered User
Posts: 32 | Joined: Nov 2006 | More
08:16 AM (10/08/07)
Career Suicide will be amazing. October 9th!
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Noe spaiN
Registered User
Posts: 2 | Joined: Aug 2007 | More
06:17 AM (08/22/07)
they�re so good!
I�ve never heard them before but I�m really surprised...I like �em


frOm spaiN!
After Hours's Avatar
After Hours
and Monday, too
Posts: 1,255 | Joined: Mar 2007 | More
10:49 PM (08/11/07)
I'm pleased to see that "Killing It" is up for dl on purevolume.
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Registered User
Posts: 2 | Joined: Jun 2007 | More
07:43 PM (06/12/07)
I found you guys thanks to AMP magazine...your great!
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come right to me.
Posts: 94 | Joined: Jan 2007 | More
06:21 AM (01/16/07)
really good stuff.
shamfriend's Avatar
I'm happy!
Posts: 5 | Joined: Sep 2006 | More
11:25 AM (10/02/06)
You guys are fucking awesome.
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Posts: 2 | Joined: Sep 2006 | More
06:50 AM (09/14/06)
Love you guys ♥
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Registered User
Posts: 1 | Joined: Jul 2006 | More
04:42 AM (07/26/06)
Great band, hopefully coming down to Australia in November with Less than Jake.
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