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Azure Sheep
Azure Sheep is the latest in the world of community-produced single-player experiences for Half-Life.  How does it shape up?
By - Klown

Where can you find a single player episode, guns, and girls all in the same package? No, it’s not a riddle; you can find all of those wrapped up into the latest Half-Life modification, Azure Sheep, plus a lot more. Azure Sheep puts you in the role of Barney; in seek of your good friend Kate, who will help you along the way. You will cross paths with fellow Half-Life stars such as Gordon Freeman and G-Man. This mod will take you back to that old fashioned Half-Life feeling.

Azure Sheep starts you off in your room with your alarm going off, signifying it is time to get ready for work. You will be directed straight to your post, with nowhere to roam, besides a bedroom or two (select ‘Going For A Walk’ from the main menu to see what the facility you are at is like). At your post, you will see Gordon Freeman pull up in his sports car, and then all hell starts to break loose.

Most of the textures are from the original Half-Life single player, due to the crossing of the different maps, but you will notice some new textures here an there. There is a whopping 51 levels included with Azure Sheep, all created by Davide “DAV” Cintrγo, who has many extraordinary single player episodes, such as DAV Train and DAV Sub. The whole episode looks professionally done, congratulations to DAV.

There are a variety of new models in Azure Sheep such as the female guards, Barniel and Kate, and a second set of marines, which are in direct battle with the grunts for part of the time. All are very well skinned, nothing short of spectacular. You will encounter some new monsters as well, for instance, some different coloured alien slaves. You will also find certain aliens that you can both use and fight, such as the chum toad.

Some may say that this is a Blue Shift clone, well they are wrong. This modification is so much more, with a completely different base around it. The only thing that is the same is the fact that you play the role of Barney. I believe this modification also goes more in-depth than Blue Shift, with the incorporation of such things as the impressive cut-scenes and the love story. With having an extra person to watch over (Kate), it really adds a lot of difficulty to the game. It takes a lot of thought into whether or not to leave her behind and go and fight, or take her with you and take the risk of her being killed, which means a game over.

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Any way you look at it, Azure Sheep is a great, top notch, single player experience that any Half-Life fan should try out. If you are tired of all those single player episodes that are too easy, you have another thing coming. Even on the easy setting, this is one hard modification. Not too hard though. Beginners will find it challenging, but playable. If you have Half-Life, this is a must-download, worthy of any gamer.

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