Wandering Monsters High School

In spring of 2005, I took the 24 Hour RPG Challenge and created a brand new roleplaying game from scratch in the course of 24 hours. WMHS was the 5th entry in the 24 Hour RPG challenge to receive a review of "A" from the project's regular game reviewer.

Here's a short description of the game:

Every saga has a beginning, they say. And so the story will often start with tales of our stalwart hero as a youth, doing appropriately scaled feats of derring-do.

But what about the other side? Weren't the bad guys ever kids too? Didn't they have the same hopes and fears, same teenage angst and ambition, same struggles to make it through the high school day that we all faced?

And thus the premise of this game: What if monsters went to high school?

It's a fun game. Here are some links:

Al Qadim 3.5

These are my conversion files for my Al Qadim campaign, using the 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons rules.


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