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Last update - 13:38 03/08/2008
Report: Sniper kills Syrian Pres. Assad's Hezbollah liaison
By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correpsondent, and Reuters
Tags: Assad, Israel, Hezbollah 

A senior Syrian officer, in charge of Syrian President Bashar Assad's liaison with the Hezbollah guerilla group, was shot dead in mysterious circumstances in northern Syria last week, Arab media reports said on Sunday.

Pan-Arab al-Hayat newspaper, quoting "well-informed" sources in London, said the officer had been found dead on Friday night-Saturday morning. It said the officer had been in charge of "sensitive files" and was close to the Syrian leadership.

Lebanon's Future News television station identified the officer as Brigadier General Mohammad Suleiman whom it said was a military aide to Assad. It said his body was found at a hotel in the northern port city of Tartous.
According to the Syrian newspaper Albawaba, the sources told another Arabic-language newspaper, the London-based Al-Hayat, that Syrian authorities have been trying to prevent the publication of the news regarding Suleiman's assassination.

The Syrian Web site "Free Syria", affiliated with Syrian opposition leader Abd al-Halim Khaddam, also dealt extensively with the assassination, and described Suleiman as Assad's right-hand man on military matters. According to the Web site, Suleiman was also a member of Syria's Baath Party, and held the government's Lebanon portfolio.

Albawaba stated that no organization has claimed responsibility for the killing as of yet and the reports did not say who was behind it.

The reports did, however, refer to the assassination of Hezbollah's senior commander Imad Mughniyah in February, and suggested that Israel was involved in the killing.

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      1.   Poking the bear 07:51  |  Nev 03/08/08
      2.   Don?t blame Israel that was an inside job 08:18  |  e.m Jordan is Palse 03/08/08
      3.   Don?t blame Israel that was an inside job 08:20  |  e.m Jordan is Palse 03/08/08
      4.   Asad and Naz NEXT? 08:32  |  Fred 03/08/08
      5.   let the liquidation begin; syria about to do peace with israel 08:40  |  bashar 03/08/08
      6.   THIS WON`T HELP ISRAEL A BIT 09:38  |  indrajaya 03/08/08
      7.   WE DON`T DEAL WITH 09:50  |  Robert 03/08/08
      8.   who cares 10:10  |  Cipora Julianna Kohn 03/08/08
      9.   Too small to be interesting 10:15  |  Fisherman 03/08/08
      10.   Mabrouk Bashar, good work. 10:21  |  Chris Kanaan 03/08/08
      11.   to #5 10:24  |  chris kanaan 03/08/08
      12.   the assassination of Suleiman 10:31  |  Fred 03/08/08
      13.   #6 Indra: Islam Has Blinded & Broadsided You 10:51  |  Lavi 03/08/08
      14.   More hatred for Israel 11:05  |  Keith T. 03/08/08
      15.   more hatred? 11:41  |  tom 03/08/08
      16.   He is probably eating his Homous as we speak. 11:46  |  Chris Linthwaite 03/08/08
      17.   Try digging deaper 11:52  |  H 03/08/08
      18.   Filthy Syria, streets, homes, beds - It`s filthy dirt are dust 11:53  |  Erdogan 03/08/08
      19.   Syria has no more use for him. 11:58  |  Allon 03/08/08
      20.   Blind accusations 12:03  |  Israeli 03/08/08
      21.   Syria getting taste of her own medicine 12:06  |  Mike 03/08/08
      22.   Fred (4) got the same idea like you that Ass ad may 12:44  |  Jew- and Bookburner 03/08/08
      23.   I just LOVE this sniper ! 12:46  |  sinalco 03/08/08
      24.   CHRIS LINTHWAITE 16 12:46  |  mike 03/08/08
      25.   #16 Chris Linthwaite 13:04  |  mark hammond 03/08/08
      26.   Trying to split Syria and Hezbollah.. 14:52  |  Edithann, USA 03/08/08
      27.   Everyone knows who is behind this... 15:00  |  Persian Hero 03/08/08
      28.   Keith in UK....credence 15:02  |  Arie 03/08/08
      29.   Now it makes sense: Suleiman killed Moughneye 15:51  |  Simon 03/08/08
      30.   #26 No logic here 15:59  |  mark hammond 03/08/08
      31.   Persian hero, Israel wishes she has those capabilities 15:59  |  Simon 03/08/08
      32.   #27 persian don quichotte! Real men! 16:05  |  sinalco 03/08/08
      33.   mark hammond who says he reads a lot about Syrian power 18:48  |  Ramius 03/08/08
      34.   27 persian zero 18:56  |  Israel 03/08/08
      35.   #10 Chris Kanaan..What Mabrouk would that be? 18:57  |  K 03/08/08
      36.   #30, Ahmadinejad was not in the power at that time! 20:17  |  Persian Hero 03/08/08
      37.   Iran pentetrating Middle East 22:06  |  Absolutely Canadian 03/08/08
      38.   Simon Good call and yes they are joining forces 22:12  |  Fred 03/08/08
      39.   #33 22:23  |  mark hammond 03/08/08
      40.   #36 22:27  |  mark hammond 03/08/08
      41.   #6 IN/YA FACE;SUPPERTERS OF THE MURDERERS NEVER LIKE TO ADMIT IT 03:15  |  glenna 04/08/08
      42.   Playing the Mughniyeh card on both decks 03:56  |  Sima 04/08/08
      43.   TODAY 10:07  |  THE TEACHER/INSTRUCT 04/08/08
      44.   # 32 sinalco..I am Sorry I did was not able to read this post of 00:51  |  anonymous 05/08/08
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