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The Deftones Add New Single to "White Pony"

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno explains re-release of third album

Posted Sep 15, 2000 12:00 AM

With the current success of their latest White Pony, the Deftones are doing it all over again. The album, which originally came out June 20, will be re-released with an additional track and new cover art on Oct. 3, before the band heads out on the road with Incubus (their tour kicks off Oct. 13 in Seattle).

The new Deftones track, "Back to School (Mini-Maggit)," which will be the band's next single, was originally intended for release on the album, but according to vocalist Chino Moreno, it was only completed this past August in Los Angeles. White Pony's closing track "Pink Maggit" is the original version of "Back to School," but the song needed some more work, Moreno said, resulting its second draft.

"Basically we had this song that we'd been working on but we didn't get to finish up in time for the record," Moreno explains. "It's called 'Back To School' and it kind of coincides with school going back and everything. So the label decided they wanted to add it to the record. It's basically gonna be the same. It's gonna be the first song and everybody who already bought the record without the song, they're gonna be able to download it for free."

Since White Pony was originally released as an enhanced CD, no special code will be necessary to access the track. Beginning Sept. 20, fans can download the song by inserting their White Pony CD into their CD-ROM drive, clicking on the "Worldwide" section and following instructions from there.

"Everybody's already downloaded our record before it came out anyway, otherwise I'd be kind of feelin' like, 'Man, why [are] we putting [out] all these different versions of the record?'" Moreno said. "Instead of complaining about the Internet taking stuff away from you, you can use it to your advantage to get some of your stuff out there. Like that's the best way we can actually get this song out to the people who already purchased this record, for free basically. And if they wanna buy the record again, it's cool."

(September 16 2000)



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