Outsource Secrets Revealed

Posted on April 28, 2008 12:51 AM by Joel Comm

I'm going to let you in on a little secret...

I can't write computer code.

It's true... I can't code my way out of a paper bag.

Well, maybe that's not a big surprise, but here's another secret...

I can't do graphic design.

That is, unless you count stick figures. I can draw those.

May I tell you another secret?

I have a ghostwriter that pens some sales copy for me.

GASP! Say it isn't so!

Now, it is under my direction, but the actual task of writing the copy is frequently done by someone other than myself.

It's actually a fairly common practice.

(Don't worry. I CAN write and most of what you read is directly from my pen... such as this newsletter...)

I DO have a point to make here.

And when I make the point you will know the REAL secret of most succesful online marketers.


Please don't minimize the power of this concept.

Outsourcing is one of the greatest methods of building a successful online business!

And you will want to become a master at outsourcing if you want to make the big leagues online.

There's just no way you can do it all by yourself. Even if you had the time, the odds of being gifted enough in all of these areas is very small. I found that out the hard way...

Before outsourcing, I was burned out, frustrated with projects and highly ineffective.

Once I discovered outsourcing AND how to do it properly, everything changed!

I had more free time, was more productive and experienced higher revenues.

Isn't that what you want, too? Of course it is!

My friend, Jeff Mills, is a highly successful marketer who started as a very broke youth pastor.

Today, Jeff is an internet millionaire who regularly holds conferences and workshops to teach others exactly how he does it.

Jeff, too, was failing online until he discovered outsourcing.

Today, Jeff is the MASTER of outsourcing!

I want you to check out this page and read all about Jeff's outsourcing successes and learn how you can learn from the Master starting today.

And look carefully to see how you can get FREE tickets to TWO of Jeff's premier events on Internet marketing and outsourcing! These tickets are worth nearly $3000, so be sure to take advantage of this.

Outsource Secrets Revealed

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  1. super affiliatez Says:

    Wow! This article was so helpful to me. It has change my way of thinking about doing business online particularly when it comes to outsourcing. I admit that you've made a marvelous point here...

  2. online virtual worlds for kids Says:

    Outsourcing might be a great way to cover up with stuff you are not familar with. But finding somebody good from outsourcing is the issue.

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