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11 May 2009
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Preeya Kalidas

Preeya Kalidas


Preeya plays Amira Shah, the beautiful but spoilt girlfriend of the Masoods' prodigal son, Syed.

Why has Amira turned up in Walford?

She has a bit of trouble and has nowhere else to stay. Amira doesn’t have a mother, as she died when she was really young. She lives with her father, who's a big businessman - she met Syed through him. Her dad works in property, so Amira comes from wealth. One day her father just disappears, so she has no one else and her house is repossessed. She only has her clothes.

Why does she return to Syed knowing he is broke?

Syed and Amira

She loves him. Meeting the family is a big deal for her. They have been together a while, he's gorgeous, charming and from the same community - an ideal match. He has lied to her about his background though, so when she arrives at the Masoods' house things aren't quite what they seem.

Is Amira upset by Syed's lies?

Definitely! Syed's created this whole life for himself where he seems so perfect. He's gorgeous and successful and she's going to have this great life. The shock when she finds out he's lied to her makes her react in a way that perhaps she shouldn’t. When she leaves and thinks about it, the only person she wants to have a future with is Syed.

Is Syed happy to see her?


Well the moment she arrives, his mum is setting him up with someone else! I think Syed's in turmoil because of the way Amira reacted at the dinner. She was rude to the family so she's not in their good books. When she arrives and Zainab is setting him up with another girl, the timing's not ideal.

How does Amira react when she finds Zainab is trying to set Syed up with all these girls?

Initially she's shocked, but Syed lets her know: “Look, its just my mum going crazy, I am not interested, I only want to be with you”. She is very much of the mindset that there's no other girl who could take her place anyway!

What's Amira's relationship like with Zainab?

Zainab and Amira

They clash, so it's difficult. Zainab is tricky and she doesn’t make it easy for Amira when she comes back. Particularly because of the way she spoke to Syed about his family.

Have her father’s financial troubles humbled her at all?

No, her dad has spoilt her so she finds it difficult. When she arrives in Walford, it's like two different worlds colliding - she grew up in Kensington, but she does try. She has certain connections with characters - some work and some don’t.

She connects with Janine - is it because they're alike?


Amira's not bitchy, but she can stand her ground. Janine's a tough cookie, but Amira ends up moving in. Initially, Janine thinks Syed's moving in, but when Amira arrives on the Square they have a bit of a stand-off. Janine's quite patronising towards her, but Amira gives as good as she gets. They could take on the Square together!

Do Amira and Janine become friends?

They develop a friendship but sparks will fly. Initially it’s a battle between them, but then Janine realises she may have misjudged what Amira is about and realises she's actually rather savvy and clued up. They start to have fun together, but then Amira finds out certain things about Janine's past from Pat and lets the info slip at inappropriate times!

Does Amira get a job and pay her way?

Yes, working for Masala Masood, which she's not pleased about. For the time being she's trying to get in with Zainab, but she doesn’t get on too well. She's not used to hard work and finds it difficult, but you can’t blame her. Amira can’t deal with it and she ends up leaving the job.

Do you think Zainab will warm to her eventually?


Certain things happen when Amira comes good and Zainab starts to see her good qualities. She is a princess, but she's not heartless. She genuinely loves Syed and she tries to make sure there's a relationship between her and Zainab.

How was it coming into EastEnders, did you know any of your co-stars beforehand?

Nitin Ganatra

I knew Nitin Ganatra who plays Masood and I'd met Nina Wadia before. I've known Charlie Brooks since we were kids - we did a show together with the local theatre group. It was great because I called up Nitin and Charlie when I got the part and was like ‘Oooh, what's it like?'

Did Charlie give you any advice?

She told me that it's so much fun, and that the pace is quick, so it's different to what I'm used to. She was right about that, its mad! She was really excited at the prospect of us working together and at that point we had no idea that our characters would be moving in together.

Had you watched much of the show before you joined?

Yeah, my parents used to watch it, so I grew up with it. It's the only soap I have ever watched.

Can anyone apart from Syed capture Amira's heart?


She's still meeting people, so it's too early to say. A lot of her dealings have been with Christian!



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