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EcoDensity Charter and Actions

Council Approves EcoDensity Charter & Actions

 EcoDensity Charter (412 kb)


 EcoDensity Initial Actions (2.1 mb)


On June 10, 2008, Vancouver City Council unanimously voted to adopt the EcoDensity Charter.  The EcoDensity Charter commits the City to make environmental sustainability a primary goal in all city planning decisions - in ways that also support housing affordability and livability.


Council also approved a set of EcoDensity Actions. The first two actions to be implemented by the City immediately are:


Rezoning Policy for Greener Buildings:

  • Applications for new rezoning will need to meet a minimum LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver rating, or similar equivalency in green design. This includes City priorities for energy performance, water efficiency, and storm water use.

Rezoning policy for Greener Larger Sites:

  • Rezonings on sites of generally two acres or more will need to meet a number of sustainability measures in addition to those required in the Rezoning Policy for Greener Buildings. And for sites with housing, a range of types and tenures must be considered to increase affordable housing opportunities.

The majority of Actions are those which require further work and consultation for report back to Council. The four that that will receive priority are:  

§          A report on issues and options for backyard/laneway housing (Action C-5)

§          Removal of existing zoning or related barriers to green building approaches (Action C-9)

§          More options for secondary suites, including dealing with zoning barriers to creating basements in single family houses; looking at requiring “suite ready” basements; and investigating options for suites in higher density housing (Action C-6)

§          An interim EcoDensity Rezoning Policy (Action C-2)

Check back under "What is Next?" for more information related to the priority Actions.  

Council initiated the EcoDensity program in July 2006. The final Charter and Actions incorporate public input from a Special Council Meeting that lasted seven sessions, amongst numerous other public consultation opportunities in 2007 and 2008.

EcoDensity Actions in Summary

Immediate New Policy

(Actions A-1 and A-2)

These are the Actions that apply to rezonings: Rezoning Policy for Greener Buildings and Rezoning Policies for Greener Larger Sites(described above).
Directions to Include in Existing Work(Actions B-1, B-2, and B-3)These Actions are to be included in work already underway, such as the Historic Precinct Height Study.

Authorization for Next Steps Toward Action Implementation

(Actions C-1 to C-11)

These Actions direct staff to report back to Council on a variety of topics where further research and consultation are needed. The Actions range from how to do an “Eco” CityPlan; to a report on issues and a Best Practices Guide for new types of arterial mid-rise buildings; to proposals for demonstrations of EcoDensity leadership on City land. This group of Actions also includes the 4 priority Actions described above: laneway housing; removal of barriers to green buildings; more options for secondary suites; and Interim EcoDensity Rezoning Policy.

EcoDensity Fact Sheet - June 2008


June 10, 2008 Council Meeting

Minutes of June 10 Council Meeting

Staff report - EcoDensity: Revised Charter and Initial Actions (785 kb)

Memorandum dated June 10, 2008, from the Director of Planning

Video of June 10th Council Meeting

April 15, 2008 Council Meeting

On April 15, 2008, Council directed staff to report back on June 10, 2008 with revisions to the draft Charter and draft Initial Actions, in response to public input received. The new drafts were posted on this website on May 13, to provide four weeks for public review.

Between May 13 and June 10, 2008, a total of 164 pieces of correspondence was received.  152 submissions were addressed directly to Council and 12 were received by Planning - EcoDensity.

Written comments received from the public - PART I (1.3 kb)

Written comments received from the public - PART II (2.1 kb)

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