AS400 | i5/OS | iSeries File Integrity Monitoring

Get Increased Control and Security for AS400, i5/OS and iSeries systems

Solidcore provides the first and only file integrity monitoring solution for AS400, i5/OS and iSeries platforms (includes AS400, i5/OS, iSeries, AS/400, OS400 and OS/400).  Solidcore monitors and alerts on all changes to AS400, i5/OS or iSeries systems.

  • Only product for achieving file integrity monitoring on AS400 platforms
  • Monitors changes to QSYS.LIB system objects, user profiles and system values
  • Supports i5/OS V5R3 and i5/OS V5R4 platforms
  • Visibility of changes across your retail POS terminals and servers
  • PCI DSS file integrity monitoring

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