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TransdniestriaIn the aftermath of a sweeping ban of "pro-separatist" media, journalists at The Tiraspol Times are weighing their options and seeking legal advice. On 5 June 2008, Moldova outlawed newspapers whose articles can be interpreted as positive coverage of Transdniestria. Moldova's legal authority over Transdniestria is in doubt but the country can enforce its laws internationally. [ more ]


Moldova outlaws Tiraspol Times; othersBendery
news from TiraspolMoldova's Parliament has passed a sweeping law banning newspapers which "instigate territorial separatism". The ban applies to The Tiraspol Times and a number of other publications. Journalists can now be prosecuted for merely reporting the views of politicians and community leaders who are in favor of Transdniestria's independence. . . [more]
news from TiraspolThe pace of economic reform is speeding up in Pridnestrovie with measures to boost local manufacturing and small businesses. Registration time for new firms is cut in half. New companies are also given a three year tax free "no tax holiday." . . [more]
Transdniestria: Free market reforms cut red tape for small businesses
Moldova on human trafficking blacklist due to government complicityBendery
news from TiraspolGovernment complicity is the main reason why Moldova for the first time has been put on the human trafficking blacklist. Moldova is the only European country on the worst-offenders list, revealed on Wednesday by the American government. Nations on the list could face sanctions, including the withholding of some aid by the United States. . . [more]
news from TransnistriaA former Foreign Minister of Romania says that Moldova ought to "decouple" itself from Transdniestria. Adrian Severin says it is the only way for Moldova to focus on its European aspirations. He also sees no future in fighting for unity of Moldova and Transdniestria "within borders imposed by Stalin." . . [more]
news from TransnistriaTiraspol is celebrating its famous artist Mikhail Larionov, born in the city on June 3rd some 127 years ago. Larionov's avant-garde paintings were taboo during the existence of the Soviet Union. However, since declaring independence Pridnestrovie has honored its native son with postage stamps and commemorative silver coins. . . [more]
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<h1>Tiraspol Times & Weekly Review</h1> Pridnestrovie or Transnistria is the name for the left bank of the Moldavian Dniester River / Dniestr River, or Dnestr (Nistru). <a href="/web/20090514035839/">Tiraspol Times & Weekly Review</a> which is independent although Moldavia considers it part of Moldova and a Moldovan breakaway region or separatist republic of Moldova. <p> <h2>Tiraspol Times Transnistria news and Transdniester newspaper from PMR Pridnestrovie and Moldova:</h2> It is called Transdniester, Transdniestr or Trans-Dniestria and its breakaway regime in separatist Transnistria became independent from Moldova in 1990 and is today separate de facto state. Large cities and towns include Tiraspol Dubossary Rybnitsa Bender or Bendery with Tighina as well as Grigoriopol, Kamenka / Camenca and Slobozya. The main political leaders are Yevgeny Shevchuk and president Igor Smirnov. <p> <a href="/web/20090514035839/">Pridnestrovie Transnistria</a> <a href="/web/20090514035839/">Transdnistria between Moldova (Moldova Republic or Moldovan republic) and Ukraine</a> <a href="/web/20090514035839/">Tiraspol Transdniestr (or Trans-Dnistria)</a> <a href="/web/20090514035839/">About Pridnestrovie breakaway republic</a> <a href="links.html">Links to Transnistria's government</a> <a href="/web/20090514035839/">Photos and images from Transdniestria</a>