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The 2009 Hot 100

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Amanda Palmer FTW!!!!

Apparently being up at 5am has its benefits.

 All i can say is that i squealed like the little fan girl i am when i saw Amanda Palmer made it onto the Top100. Hurrah! to everyone on AE for voting for a talented and intelligent woman (not to mention hot :p)



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I voted for her, in small hopes that she would get on the list. I found her on afterellen a month or so ago, and started to stalk her on youtube. I too squealed, and shouted when i saw her photo. After a minute of that i started to think, " she is # 100? "
So i thought of reasons why she isn't higher up. She just isn't very well known. She isn't on tv, and her song's aren't on the radio. 
So, i propose that everyone who reads this comment go to her website.
    Lets get her higher up on the next Hot 100 list!!!!
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Amanda Palmer


That made me happy.

Everyone go watch Leeds United and Who Killed Amanda Palmer and whatever else you can find and understand her amazingness. 

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oh man, same here. i squee'd

oh man, same here. i squee'd in such delight when i saw her on the list. in all honesty, i skimmed through the entire list, hoping to catch sight of her picture. when i got to the last page, i was even thinking, "there's no chance she'd be 100. maybe next year." BUT THERE SHE WAS! OH GLORIOUS DAY! AFP FOR THE WIN!



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Me too!

I did exactly the same thing; skimmed everything... "maybe she's in the last thirty... or twenty..." and then there she was! Oh, how I heart AFP.

Now to go back and learn who all these other pretty ladies are.

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Hooray for AFP!

Yeah, I couldn't be happier to see her on this list. Between creating groundbreaking music, mocking Katie Perry and saying F*ck Prop 8, she's certainly an advocate and a definite hottie. (Love the brows)

AFP needs a bit more recognition and maybe this is a first step towards mainstreaming her in the lesbian substream.

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right there with ya

AFP is one of the hottest woman in muisc today, so glad she made the list ^.^
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She's absolute perfection. 
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i've been waiting for to read it!
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Woah! It's actually finally

Woah! It's actually finally here! Leeping lizards, I couldn't be more excited to read this whole list! And Portia deRossi at #1? A fair pick, but definitely not one I was expecting. Well I guess I need to scour the list to see if any of my choices made it, but all in all: YAY! Another year of the AE Hot 100 and what a treat it is!


And woohoo! Kat Prescott is at #26 (officially the youngest person to ever make the list) and Lily Loveless is at #29! My fandom obsession feels a little more worthwhile!!!


"The quick to think are never sure"

--Tiresias, Oedipus Rex

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Wow i'm impressed!

Gro is at 10th and my instinct was correct, after i read BLWE i think Gro would have been in the first ten!


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Me too!

It's no wonder really

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Finally someone who really deserves this..

Yeah, yeah stone me now. But just like the fact that Gros is one really 'down to earth nice to everyone ' woman. And even when she losses an important game there is still a smile and time reserved for her fans.  

gro hammerseng

I am bit surprised though that Katja Nyberg did not make it on the 100 list!  Though I am happy that she is on the Out list... and I am much more happy that both made it through the american-british phalanx of hot and queer women. I wish that more would appreciate this diversity. 

Katja Nyberg



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I can't believe Piper is 43.

I can't believe Piper is 43. Lindsay Lohan is before her? I don't get it. <---Check it out. :]

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Karen O

I'm bummed she didn't make the cut -- aside from that, everyone I plugged made the list, =^).

Moleskine dreams

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How Femme Is This?

Wow, did you guys go out of your way to pick the femmest shots of some of these women or what?


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How we choose the photos

Please read the lengthy explanation I provided in BLWE on Friday about how we choose photos for the Hot 100. The short version is we don't use photos of actors playing a character, just photos from photoshoots and red carpet events (and the photos have to meet a few other criteria). If the women are "femmey" in the shots we chose, it's most likely because that's how they are in real life (i.e. Rose Rollins is not butch in real life) and/or that's the image they have to present for Hollywood. Not only did we not go out of our way to pick the "femmest" shots of everyone, we actually went out of our way to find "butcher" shots of some of them, to no avail.
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Then I guess...

Women either need to start mixing up their photoshoots or someone needs to anonymously donate a large sum of money so you can get original photos.


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I have a recommendation...

Stop bloody whinging!!! "A thank you Sarah for taking the time to compile this list" wouldn't go a miss; it's not Sarah's fault that these women are more "femme" in real life than they are on our TV screens etc.!

Sarah thank you so much for all your effort! You really deserve a medal for your diligence and graciousness - unfortunately some people are never happy and like to find fault in everything!

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The list is absolutely great. 


Sarah, we love you, sweetie!

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thanks for picking the hottest picture of lauren graham EVER!

loved this list. 

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Whoo Hooooo--Olivia Wilde up to #19

Although she's my #1, I'm so excited to see that she moved up the list!  And I agree with others, Sarah, you ladies did a great job of finding photos for all the women making it onto your lists--and thank you for another job well done! 

But if some people want "butcher" pics of some of the ladies, well here's a few of Ms. Olivia Wilde that I can share:

Mark Horn photoshoot 04-08" mce_src="" alt="Mark Horn photoshoot 04-08" border="" hspace="" vspace="" width="" height="" align="" /> 

Mark Horn photoshoot 2" mce_src="" alt="Mark Horn photoshoot 2" border="" hspace="" vspace="" width="" height="" align="" />

candid casual, shopping in Canada 04-09" mce_src="" alt="candid casual from Canada 04-09" border="" hspace="" vspace="" width="" height="" align="" /> 

"Sometimes you can just have, like, a moment with someone--you know, when you're doing something totally random,'s just, like, charged or something!  -Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper, The O.C.

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Omigod every single woman I voted for made the list- I am so not disappointed! VERY impressed and my eyes thank you :)
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Otalia represents!!!

Crystal and Jessica both make the cut!! Next year were going for top 20!!! They picked some really awesomely hot pictures of them too, especially Jessica!!!
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50 & 60 FTMFW!!!

You KNOW when you've been Chappelld and Lecciad ;-)

On a seperate note: how much do us lesbians like to whine and moan! Blimey!

Just be GLAD we've GOT the AfterEllen Hot 100 at all, gaze upon its loveliness and stop with the carping! Gees!

(But seriously, Otalia rocking the list made my day! Thanks Sarah Warn for all your hard work!!!)

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No Brooke Smith?? :(

Brooke Smith didn't make the list?!  What the heck...I thought for sure she would have made it, the woman is hotness personified.  Her portrayal of Erica Hahn was amazing, she was a hardass doctor who took no prisoners professionally but we could see her human side when it came to Callie.  I'm really disappointed she didn't make the list :(


He's Shaun the sheep, he's Shaun the sheep

He even mucks about with those who cannot bleat!

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I know!

I was really upset and slightly surprised to see that she did not make it onto the list.  But I suppose Hahn is just too badass.





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sad Ellen Page moved down

sad Ellen Page moved down :(

and Rachel Shelley should be at the top of everyone's list IMHO


surprised at Portia.. definitely not my pick

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Totally agree with you, I was very surprised to see Portia being number 1 (don't get me wrong, she's beautiful but she certainly wouldn't spring to mind as the hottest); I was even more surprised to see Ellen in the Top 20!

I was happy to see Jennifer belas, Lena headey, Sarah Shahi, Leisha Hailey, Kristen stewart, Lindsay Lohan, Lily Loveless etc. all up there but why are Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner, Charlize Theron, Lauren Lee Smith, Penelope cruz etc. all so low down???

And where is Kat Von D??? she was definitely in my Top 10 - that's what I call hot!!

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Not the hottest, exactly

Based on how AE runs this, it's not technically the person that the most people think is THE hottest, it's the person that the most people think is one of the top 10 hottest.  Not exactly the same.  She could have been the 10th person that made it onto almost everyone's list - nobody's actual top person - but if we all put her, that makes her the top.

Not to imply that I don't think she belongs there, either.  Ellen's a lucky woman.

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Portia was definitely my top person. :)

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also, I did vote for

also, I did vote for Michelle Obama! seriously, she is amazing!
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I'm glad Michelle Obama

I'm glad Michelle Obama managed to make made the list :)

Guess what though? BARACK Obama got TOP 40 over on AfterElton!!! :D AWESOME!!

wonder if they'll find out :)

... if feel soooo guilty somehow that I forgot to vote Missy on any of the lists >.< whyyy, she is my top played artist.. I wonder if my vote would have made any difference.. :(

yay for Camilla G making the list, couldn't believe she didn't before. Ruby Rose should have been higher, granted I didn't vote forher :S Kim Stolz should have been on it! and Rachel Weisz should not have dropped so high. Most importantly Sharleen Spiteri should have been on it. *sigh*


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Lisa Ray!

I just want to say.... yay! Lisa Ray made the list!! =P~~
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Stoked about Lisa Ray being on the list.

Woot for hot Canadians.

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Glad both Lisa and Sheetal

Glad both Lisa and Sheetal made the list! :)
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WOW, I was not expecting

WOW, I was not expecting the top to be so similar to previous years, I thought Rachel Maddow would be higher. (I based this on comments, I guess it makes sense.. geekier ppl probs like Maddow and geekier ppl probably comment!) - I hope so much that a guest (say Ana-Marie or that guy Kent?) mention it on her show an embarrass her, hehe. doubtful, but possible!

Was the vote before or after Lena was on BWB? It may have helped, as she's high up! (rightly so). haha, her 'gymming' paid off and she's higher than ever before! Tina Fey has dropped quite a lot of places.

Clementine Ford should have been higher! Glad Rachel Shelley's moved up places.  She's awesome in the L Word but in interviews she's incredible, just her personality, ahh!

Anyone feel bad for Sara Quinn? I'm glad they're counted as seperate people but she already did a cute rant on how ppl always say Tegan is hot, as Tegan joked she kinda begged for them to say it to her! (I think I do prefer Tegan though, and LOVE the photo)

OMG, Kat made it pretty high! Esp. for a UK show which isn't even on terrrestrial channels even in the UK, wasn't sure she would have gotten on due to age and I have to say that she would have been higher FOR SURE had she been older because many people did not want to waste a vote in case she was too young.. so that is a shame. well done to Lily, thought she would be a bit lower than that compared to Kat.

wow, the vloggers have fallen some. I think last year it was a whole new thing, but it really seemed different this year. they haven't gotten less hot I hope they know! its just different. (well done to Jill Bennett though, still so high without her presence on the site!)

it is really interesting the people who came lower than I thought just 'cus they get so many comments on here, I guess that doesn't always reflect the voting!

I voted Lena, Rachel, Clementine, Kat (I nearly voted Portia and she does deserve it (MASSIVE CLIMB), I really didn't expect her to come top though!)

thnx for your work Sarah + co, I love this hotlist thing


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Kat made it pretty high!! of course she was my number 1, but i didn't think she would be that high! and lily was my number 2! ahh cant wait till series 4!!!
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I find the

lack of Milla Jovovich disturbing.


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i agree

she always is one of the first ladies that pop to mind when I'm picking my top 10. Most of the women I voted for made the hot 100 except Mila and Tyra Banks. So 8/10 isn't bad.


I was pleased Portia got the number 1 spot though. Also Lena gettin #3 was cool. I thought Eliza Dushku might have got in the top 10 this yr what with dollhouse but she still placed better than she did last yr.

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So happy Tegan made the Top 20, and so happy her and Sara made the list separately. This list just made it worth it for me to  be up past my bed time. Thanks to everyone at AE who put all your hard work into this. It's so exciting to see who other queer women pick as the hottest of the hottest. wonderful
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I think I actually squealed

I was sooo happy when I saw she made top 20!
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i really wanted cat davis

i really wanted cat davis on there :)


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me too.
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me too! :(All my top 10 made

me too! :(

All my top 10 made it except for Cat and Raimy Rosenduft...

DARN :'( 

Go here for my view on all things lesbian:

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Portia f*** yeah!!!

I actually squealed when I saw that she was number one; my dog is sitting next to me and I think she's a bit scared now.

I just want to say that all the love Portia is getting is so totally deserved - to come from being a closeted celebrity to one of the most visible advocates we have is really, truly amazing.

I remember when I was 17 and really struggling with my sexuality, staying up late one night and reading this interview that Portia did with the Advocate, and crying for fully an hour because I had finally found someone who I felt understood what I was going through, and for the first time feeling so friggin' proud of who I was. So thank you Portia for changing my life!

And stay hot! :D

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I squealed too! :)

Thanks for linking to that interview--I hadn't seen that before. Portia and I have something in common.... we both came out to our mothers THREE times lol.

Damn, that woman is hot. I'm so proud of her. hehe :)

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should be in the top ten, what an injustice! At least Leisha is still in the top 5. Anna Torv should have been in the top 20! There were women in the wrong places!
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Sad :(

a little sad at that lack of Jessica Capshaw...oh well, there is always next year
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Idina Menzel!

I'm so excited Idina made the list! Even if she's only #86, but hey, better than last year. Too bad some of my top picks didn't make it, like Kristin Chenoweth, Lisa Edelstein and Anna Friel. Oh well, there's always next year, I suppose.


Oh, and nice job with the top 3! Awesome picks.