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Winter Melt 2009


VanBuren's picks:
Suzanne R. Harvey
Micki Myers
Daniel A. Rabuzzi
Bryan Mitschell

Featured Artist:

Dean Franz Pasch


Essa Élan Aja
Markie Babbott
Michael Caylo-Baradi
Russell Brickey
Bradley W. Buchanan
Adam Chesler
Donna L. Cowan
Suzanne R. Harvey
Peycho Kanev
Thomas Kent
Blake Lynch
Donal Mahoney
Tim Mayo

Bryan Mitschell
Micki Myers
Daniel A. Rabuzzi
J. Sullivan
Twelve O' One (1201)
Jill C. Wickham
David M. Wolach

Flash Fiction

Abha Iyengar
Willie Smith
Patricia Wong


Jennifer VanBuren
Jai Britton
Stephen Drew
Alex Nodopaka
Patrick Carrington

Mannequin Envy in memory of poet and artist Douglas Gamrath




Michael Caylo-Baradi

Winter Melt Issue 2009


Rested Somnambulist

On evenings, the old lady walks
on a sidewalk. Her slow steps

cover distance, a line. Often,
she cuts the line, in the middle,

through its heart. As always, there's
no bleeding. Habit has drained

all blood out. And she has
been able to sleep well, in these walks,

without bothering to close her
eyes, into the night.


Michael Caylo-Baradi works in Southern California. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Kartika Review, Tertulia Magazine, elimae, Zygote in My Coffee, Underground Voices, Galatea Resurrects, XCP: Streetnotes, and PopMatters.








The absence of grey by Dean Franz Pasch