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Germany: AUF party and Libertas form alliance for the EU elections

Berlin/Nürnberg:  The German AUF Partei (the Party for Work, Environment and Family)  and have formed an alliance for the European Parliament elections on June 7th in Germany.  The AUF party has received the endorsement and support of the Libertas movement for its campaign, its candidates and its programme. The AUF campaign will be run on its own independent budget. The future AUF parliamentarians will join the Libertas parliamentary group in the new European Parliament.

Dieter Burr, top candidate of the AUF party for the European elections said: “The AUF party is running alongside Libertas in the European Parliamentary elections and joining the Libertas group in the European Parliament based on common political ideas and  the best possible representation of the German citizens in Brussels. The AUF party is in favour of a Europe which is a community of democratic nations, led in accordance with the constitutional principles, consistent with freedom of opinion and cultural diversity. A common EU treaty should not stand above the German Constitutional Law, it should be compatible with it. A common Constitution can come into force only through referendum."

Declan Ganley, Libertas Chairman and founder said: “Through the Libertas - AUF alliance the German people have the opportunity to choose for more democracy, transparency and accountability in Brussels. German people must have their say in how Europe rules them. AUF represents true democracy by campaigning for a referendum on a European Constitution. The establishment parties offer people more of the same and have ignored what voters are saying about an out-of-touch Brussels".

In Germany there are four complaints of "unconstitutionality" against the Lisbon Treaty pending with the Federal Constitutional Court.

The basis of this political alliance is the agreement from both parties on the need for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in all European countries.  The Libertas movement, founded last June by Irish businessman Declan Ganley, was responsible for the successful “No” campaign in the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.  For the upcoming EU elections Declan Ganley has built the Libertas movement across Europe, uniting prominent anti-Lisbon constitution campaigners, Philippe de Villiers and Eline van den Broek who were responsible for the successful “No” campaigns in France and the Netherlands. is a pro-European movement committed to bringing more democracy, accountability and transparency to European Union law-making and institutions.

In June, Libertas-backed candidates will run across the 27 member countries of the European Union for the European Parliament elections. seeks to have the European voters’ mandate to reform the EU. This is the first time a pan-European party will contest the European elections.

European elections campaign event -16th May:

Saturday, 16th May, 11:00 - The opening event of AUF Party’s campaign will take place at the Excelsior Hotel in Frankfurt/Main (near the Central Station).
Guest speakers include former TV presenter Eva Herman and the founder of Libertas, Declan Ganley. For more information, check