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  1. RT @alexanderlaw Some programmers created a tool 4 me 2 add targeted (by keyword) followers. Do u want 2 do the same? DM me if interested.
  2. RT @alexanderlaw Is experience worth more than money? I think it can be. New blog post, tell me what you think.
  3. amazing story about a little golfer:
  4. RT @alexanderlaw Is Apple going to buy Twitter? What do you think? Interesting buyer for sure if it happens.
  5. #Cafe Rio has a special on #Mothers Day they are open, when they are normally closed. Way to turn it around :)
  6. RT @claytonblackham @jasonhiner: 5 best-selling smartphones in Q1: 1. BlackBerry Curve, 2. iPhone, WOW!
  7. Have you got your #GOOGLE PROFILE yet?
  8. RT @tweetmeme Save the Earth Teams up with to Auction off a Jonas Brothers Autographed Guitar for its 2...
  9. Do you appreciate honesty or just want everyone to think like you?
  10. #Wharton business school says that #Franchising a way to mitigate #start-up risk:
  11. Likes the news and updates he finds on twitter much more than the major outlets...
  12. Turn employees into franchisees:
  13. There is a difference between #ShortSelling and #NakedShortSelling :
  14. Ford has a 140mpg car coming out in 2012?
  15. #WarrenBuffett should buy #NorthKorea as a gift to #Obama :
  16. I almost have my 200th follower...
  17. #Twitter vs. #facebook vs. #google growth: Who has had the fastest growth? :
  18. "Giving people self-confidence is by far the most important thing that I can do. Because then they will act." #JackWelch #GE
  19. What does the surge in Atlas Shrugged sales tell us?
  20. is #GuyKawasaki ruining twitter?