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British Section past meeting reports

Reports of past meetings and visits

13 January 2009
Thomas Lund, TC Electronic A/S
9 December 2008
11 November 2008
14 October 2008
10 June 2008
15 April 2008
11 March 2008
The inertial air load of a loudspeaker diaphragm
John Vanderkooy, University of Waterloo and B&W Loudspeakers
12 February 2008
15 January 2008
Champagne sound for beer money
Richard Merrick and Simon Bishop
11 December 2007
13 November 2007
16 October 2007
10 July 2007
6 July 2007
Technical visit
ATC Loudspeakers
12 June 2007
Nonlinear Control of Loudspeaker Systems
Wolfgang Klippel, Klippel GmbH
15 May 2007
Balanced Audio
Bill Whitlock, Jensen Transformers Inc
13 March 2007
13 February 2007
9 January 2007
The Balanced Mode Radiator
Graham Bank, Deben Acoustics
12 December 2006
14 November 2006
Room Perfect DSP Room Correction
Jan Abildgaard Pedersen, Lyngdorf Audio
17 October 2006
11 July 2006
Active Loudspeakers
Bob Stuart, Meridian Audio
13 June 2006
The Future of High Quality Audio
Tony Faulkner, Green Room Productions
9 May 2006
11 April 2006
14 March 2006
15 February 2006
Audio in Wartime
Sean Davies
10 January 2006
13 December 2005
15 November 2005
12 July 2005
Attractions of DSD
Mike Story, Data Conversion Systems (dCS), Cambridge, UK

Past Meeting Reports

9th December 2003
The Loudspeaker-Room Interface - Controlling Excitation of Room Modes
Rhonda Wilson and Michael Capp, Meridian Audio
11th November 2003
How we hear where sounds are coming from
Alan Palmer, MRC Institute of Hearing Research
21st October 2003
8th July 2003
Recent developments in EMC and safety standards
John Woodgate, J.M. Woodgate and Assoc.
10th June 2003
13th May 2003
Home Networking - an installer's view
Bruce Elliott, Residential Systems Integrator
8th April 2003
Direct Radiator Loudspeaker Systems with high Bl
John Vanderkooy, University of Waterloo
11th March 2003
11th February 2003
14th January 2003
Audio Watermarking
Bob Walker, BBC RandD
10th December 2002
Digital Radio
Lindsay Cornell, BBC
24th September 2002
9th July 2002
Digital Sound Projector
Paul Troughton, 1 Limited
13th June 2002
Combined Lecture and Visit to Bletchley Park
Jon Paul, Scientific Conversions
9th April 2002
9th October 2001
Microphone Data - Is what you read what you hear?
Chris Woolf, Rycote Microphone Windshields Ltd
9th January 2001
AES-31 Audio File Interchange Standard
Mark Yonge, SSL, Joe Bull, SADiE
12th December 2000
Speech Recognition in Broadcasting
David Kirby, BBC Research and Development
18th October 2000
10th October 2000
Mastering workshop
Chaired by Crispin Murray, Metropolis Studios
13th June 2000
Sound System Control Networks
Philip Nye, Engineering Arts
11th April 2000
Analogue sound synthesis
Gordon Reid, CEDAR Audio
14th March 2000
8th February 2000
11th January 2000
Surround sound in large spaces - the challenges
Christian Landone, King's College London
14th December 1999
Is Hi-Fi Dead?
Steve Harris, Hi-Fi News and Record Review
9th November 1999
Digitally interfaced microphones
Steve Harris, Crystal Audio Products Division, Cirrus Logic
12th October 1999
30th June 1999
15th June 1999
Robert Stuart, Meridian Audio
Kirk Paulsen, Sonic Solutions
18th May 1999
Periodicity coding at the lower limit of pitch perception
Katrina Krumbholz,Centre for the Neural Basis of Hearing
13th April 1999
Super Audio CD
Peter Eastty, Sony Broadcast Europe
Paul Reynolds and Gerard Lokhoff, Philips
12th January 1999
Audio Signal Processing
David Karlin, BSS
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