Historic transfer
By WO2 Graham McBean

Edition 1170, July 12, 2007


IN an historic event Reserve units serving with 1 Div transferred to the 2 Div fold on July 1.

Transition of Townsville-based 11 Bde to 2 Div command took place on July 1 and included transfer of Brisbane-based Reserve infantry battalions 9RQR and 25/49RQR from 7 Bde to 11 Bde.

A small ceremony at the completion of 25/49RQR’s Passchendaele Cup in Townsville on July 8 marked the transfer of 11 Bde to 2 Div.

Commander 2 Div Maj-Gen Ian Flawith, a former 11 Bde Commander, extended a strong welcome to the members of 11 Bde.

“It makes sense to have these Reserve units under command of 2 Div,” he said.

He added that the real benefit gained from reservists serving alongside ARA soldiers would continue – but right across the Army Reserve with the establishment of the High Readiness Reserve (HRR) as part of the Hardened and Networked Army Reserve.

“Soldiers in units will see very little change. The battalion structure will remain essentially the same and at the section and company level there will be no change,” Maj-Gen Flawith said.

He said there were challenges with the distance of the Brisbane units from their brigade headquarters in Townsville, but these were not insurmountable. He said that many units and sub-units within 2 Div already were located quite a distance from their respective headquarters.

The office of deputy commander 11Bde would be established in Brisbane to assist with command and control issues.

Maj-Gen Flawith said the establishment of the HRR would continue to provide reservists with the unique benefits of serving alongside ARA colleagues.

Six company-sized HRR combat teams are being established, with two teams each affiliated with an ARA brigade formation.

At this stage the 11 Bde combat team would be affiliated with 7 Bde.

“This is where soldiers from 11 Bde will get the opportunity to train with and potentially deploy with 7 Bde on operations,” Maj-Gen Flawith said.