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Jordan Golson

Briefly: Encyclopedia Dramatica threatens shutdown

Jordan Golson08.11.2008
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Wikipedia parody site Encyclopedia Dramatica claims to be out of money and is asking for donations to keep up the "lulz".

Encyclopedia Dramatica is being attacked, has lost the majority of its ads and has no money. Please help us by making a donation to the site. You can donate using your credit card:

The site, a wiki-enabled "history of the Internet", collects information on Internet memes and other happenings that are not officially covered in any sort of legitimate publication.

The site was prominently featured in a New York Times article about "trolls" on the Internet and also was the source for my earlier article on ways to game YouTube.

More news, commentary, and predictions from The Industry Standard:


They're shutting down? A lot of people will be VERY happy.

Billy Boldman is epic fail

Naw, they won't shut down.
And people who get offended by this site really need to grow up. Just because you don't have a sense of humor doesn't mean this site should, or is shutting down.
People like you are exactly what they mean by 'Butthurt'.

ED is never going to shut down. Grow up you losers.

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