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  • We are focused on interactive marketing, employing social media tools to amplify user engagement.

  • Its time to put your transactional efforts into conversational outcomes.

  • Is your brand strong enough? Are your consumers virally infected?

  • In an e-consultancy survey, 42% of businesses announced their plans of adding user generated content to their sites while 35% planned to use social media tools to carry out their branding.

  • Have Facebookster design, develop, market, and launch a social media application for you!

  • Have a dream? Make it come to life!

  • We are your one-stop solution for turning your dreams into reality.

  • Did you know that interactive/ viral marketing campaigns are growing exponentially because the attainable degree of effective targeted marketing is very high.

  • Facebookster gives the power of social media to your brand.

  • We are moving in the third dimension of web kinematics, empowering brands through social media.

  • Digital technology is changing the nature of branding. Smart buyers are looking for relevancy. Is your brand relevant and engaging?

  • Be the next to add some sense of purpose to the experience and employ the anatomies of social media.

  • 75% of the 1000 Fortune companies have already implemented social media.

  • Facebookster's LEAD process streamlines the app development process by providing linking, engagement, accountability, delightful design and server.

  • Emerging interactive channels are expected to grow at CAGR of 59%, making $10.6 billion by 2012.

  • Get a social application if you want to add some zing to your online presence!

  • Today, enterprises understand that brands are acting as aggregators. So let consumers be your brand ambassadors.

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Virtual economies are booming as publishers deepen user engagement on social media applications.Offerpal´s Managed. Offer Platform, a monetization solution that is integrated within the game play, lets your users earn virtual currency by taking part in targeted ad offers. As a result, applications have increased stickiness and page views, which equals more revenue.

Traditional display advertising is 6 times less effective then app-vertising.
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