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Latest Bacon-Inspired Craze: Bakon Vodka

Bacon fans have another reason to get excited thanks to a new sizzling sensation created locally called Bakon Vodka.

Three Northwest friends create newest bacon-inspired item "bacon-flavored Vodka" (Photo Courtesy: Bakonvodka.com) (May 9, 2009)

SEATTLE - Bacon fans have another reason to get excited thanks to a new sizzling sensation created locally.

It's call Bakon Vodka, and it was created by three local friends, Sven Liden, Stefan Schachtell and Chris Marshall. The first bottle of the new vodka was sold at a local liquor store Wednesday, and the creators say ever since it's been flying off the shelves, and now they are getting requests from all over the world.

And while not everyone is on board at first to try the latest bacon-inspired creation, Schachtell says once they do " nine times out of ten the first reaction is wow, that really tastes like bacon!"

The creators say they played around with several different kinds of infusions before settling on an Idaho potato vodka as the base. They also bottle Bakon Vodka in Eugene, and say they are proud of it being a Northwest product.

"And of course bartenders are excited to come up with new drinks for this too," says Sven Liden, "because it's a flavor that you typically don't have at a bar."

Bakon Vodka has already inspired some pretty wild drinks like a bacon russian, which is similar to a white russian and a chocolate bacon martini.

"You wouldn't think that chocolate would necessary go with bacon," says Schachtell, "but bacon is such a savory flavor that adds to everything, so it works really well, its complimentary to chocolate.

The creators say the signature dish is the Bacon Mary (a Bloody Mary made with Bakon Vodka), and everyone who's tried it prefers it over normal Bloody Mary's.

You can find out more about Bakon Vodka, including where you can find it, by visiting bakonvodka.com.

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