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Tex4Moz is a minor modification of Eitan Gurari's Tex4ht, suitable for transforming tex or latex (the standard tools for creating high quality math documents) into xhtml and MathML pages suitable for viewing with Mozilla or Amaya.

Use of tex4moz is as simple as typing: mzlatex yourlatexfile at the command line. All going well, the file yourlatexfile.xml will be produced, and will be viewable by Mozilla. Similarly, mztex converts a tex file yourtexfile to yourtexfile.xml.

Tex4Moz will convert simple latex files with little problem. However, tex4moz is Work in progress. And there remain a few `features'...

  • Make sure brackets in your latex file are closed in the proper place. For example, replace constructions such as $\{ x :$ a condition on $x$ $\}$, with $\{ x : \mbox{ a condition on } x \}$ or $\{ x : \text{ a condition on } x \}$. Failure to do so will result in Mozilla complaining about `unmatched tags'.
    In general, try to write semantically correct latex.

  • Macros are supported. (This is an important point of superiority of tex4ht/tex4moz over other latex to hypertext convertors.) But avoid redefining system commands. See lattices.tex and lattices.cfg for a way around this problem.
    Definitions which include the ^ and _ operators need also be redefined `under the eyes' of tex4ht. Tex4ht enters the picture when \begin{tex4ht} is encountered. A convenient way of side stepping this issue is to use the equivalent \sb and \sp operators.

  • To include xhtml (or other) markup you wish tex4moz to ignore, encapsulate it thus: \HCode{ xhtml mark up }.
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