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Chaos World - A student project
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This week ... Newtons Method - sure fire technique for finding approximations to all roots of a complex polynomial.

Previous MoWs: Economics: The Black-Scholes Equation - pricing derivatives.

Sample Pages

Sample Mozilla compatible xhtml/MathML pages generated from latex and tex files by tex4moz, and pages created by itex2mml.

Link: Description: Created with:
Chaos World Honors Introductory Analysis course project on Chaos Theory. Also shows use of applets. And mod_rewrite for content negotiation     itex2mml    
Fermat's Last Theorem Pages discussing the recent solution of Fermat's Last Theorem     tex4moz
The Hierarchy of Borel Universal Sets Preprint showing extensive use of set theoretic symbols. Also notable for the CSS2 `fixed positioning' sidebar     tex4moz    
Lattice of Topologies Another preprint. Demonstrates tex4moz's advanced handling of tex macros     tex4moz

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