Lullaby release and media tour

Posted in News on May 5, 2009

Lullaby release and media tour



Jewel Launches Media Tour in Support of New Release Including Performances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on May 8; Live with Regis and Kelly on May 13; The Today Show on May 14 and The Bonnie Hunt Show on May 19

Recording artist, author and philanthropist Jewel will debut her first-ever independent release, Lullaby, on Tuesday, May 5 in a partnership with Fisher-Price® and Somerset Entertainment. She will embark on a media tour in support of the new album with appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno; Live with Regis and Kelly; The Today Show; The Bonnie Hunt Show and others to be announced.

Lullaby was produced by Jewel and recorded at her home studio in Stephenville, Texas. The 15-track album features 10 self-penned songs and a few standards including beautiful renditions of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”  The acoustic record is reminiscent of Jewel’s twelve-time platinum album Pieces of You.

“This isn’t just a ‘kids’ album, it’s really a mood album – perfect to relax to at the end of a long day,” said Jewel.  “It will soothe and lull children, but was also written and sung for adults to enjoy and unwind with.”

Lullaby, the introductory album from the Fisher-Price Artist Series, will be available at major retailers in the toy and baby departments, as well as, on May 5th – just in time for Mother’s Day!

Maintaining her country roots, Jewel is currently writing for her next country music album.  The upcoming project is the follow-up effort to her successful launch into the format with the #1 Billboard-charting Perfectly Clear, which was released in June of 2008. In addition, she also continues her philanthropic outreach with Project Clean Water, a foundation she launched in 1997. The non-profit charity is working to improve the quality of life for millions of people by helping to provide clean water on a global scale. To date, Project Clean Water has helped over 30 communities overcome their individual drinking water problems in 13 different countries on 5 different continents.

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Yay! The fifth is finally here! What a way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo...buyo a new Jewel albumo.
tfboss | May 5, 2009
Happy Lullaby release day!! :)
I'm loving this album so much. I think I've already started to wear it out! Wait- I put it in my iTunes so it can't get worn out. Smart thinking ;)
AshleyLauren | May 5, 2009
how exciting!
christopherco | May 5, 2009
I'm listening to it now, it's awesome!
concertgoerglb | May 5, 2009
Ella | May 5, 2009
I bought 2 copies and gave one to a woman at work that has a 2 year old son and a daughter due at the end of May. She e-mailed last night that she played it at bed time for her 2 year old son who is normally very tough to get to fall asleep. When she played it she said he looked at the CD player with a confused look then grabbed his Teddybear and blanket and by the end of Twinkle Twinkle litte Star he was fast asleep. I guess you could call that the sign of approvel.
She told me to thank Jewel.
daamodt | May 5, 2009
The CD is beautiful music. Fell in love with it immediately.
stob99 | May 5, 2009
I was REALLY disappointed that Jewel chose to comment about injured dancers in the current season of Dancing With The
Stars.The dancers from many seasons have had injuries and accomodations
were made for the ACCIDENTS that happened. The comment appeared to come from the fact that TY will probably be voted off tonight.They even added a judges save to Idol this season.
These comments made by Jewel are Negitive and there hasn't been any of that sort of thing in all the seasons.I love Ty and bull riding and have followed Ty and riding for years.
Jewel should not put herself or her opioion into what is going on on the show. Her injury would not allow her to compete. Melissa took an injured dancers place and she had the guts to do it.
Jewel,don't drag down such a positive show where the people who participate
seem to get along and just want the best for everyone...don't be so petty!
tilli | May 5, 2009
Get over it. What Jewel said was not really all that negative. It looked to me more like she was merely defending her husband, and looking for fairness in giving him an even chance along with all the other dancers. I went over to Ty's blog, read it, and found her rather admirable actually. "Stand by your man." as has been so famously sung. Someone else mentioned that they would never allow an injured Indy 500 racer to use a practice run time to compete in an actual race. It would not be fair. It would be wrong to change the rules for one race car driver. It reminded me that, I used to go to school with Jerry Unser's son. He spoke to our school about the sadness of having lost his father in a mere practice run at the Indy race in the early 60s. The guy broke our hearts. Obviously, injuries, and worse, can happen in practice. But rules in compitition are there to keep things as fair as possible. Let up. At this point, in all fairness, you appear to be the negative one.
Doorman | May 5, 2009
Can't stop listening to the new album! Incredible!
planetezizou | May 5, 2009
I come from the UK so can't get the album quite yet, but when I do it'll probably be on all the time coz I need to learn the lyrics lol.
Can't wait to get the album!!
chasingdownthedawn | May 5, 2009
I went to Walmart at around 9:30am and they didn't have Lullaby and had no idea what I was talking about. So I went to Target. They had it but not under the new releases so it was hard to find. At least the album is worth all of the frustration
:) Yay!!
ST0NGER_W0MAN | May 5, 2009
eekkk i*m sooo excited!!
Takendml | May 5, 2009
Hi Jewel:
I die to have the original copy of the album.
I also like it that the box is a papier one and not the typical plastic box. I don´t like the usual CD´s boxes, that´s all!
LOVE blessed you and take care
Kari | May 5, 2009
5th on 5/5! Jewel, you are our gem. I am looking forward to your appearances on tv.
Tara (a bit tired)
treestar | May 5, 2009
I have triplets and have been a Jewel fan since 94 with her debut Pieces of Me. They loved it. Yesterday, because i received my signed copy in the mail, they were listening to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and i kid you not, they were all dancing through the songs entirety. They were spinning and one of my little ones, Xia had her pink Tu Tu on spinning in circles. Thank you Jewel for a Beautiful soothing album that i am enjoying with my 16 month old triplets. Hope to see you in LA! tomorrow at ur signing and crossing my fingers i get to see u at The Roxy! RSVP'd last night! Heres to hoping!
MOrtiz | May 5, 2009
So I listened to this over and over and over at work it got at least 8 hours of play. I must say this the perfect cd to keep my calm thru my work day when I want to choke a few people. Thank you, Jewel! I am buying another copy for my little cousin who will be baptised on Sunday. I think it's the perfect gift :)
Congrats on a job well done! And Forever and Day is def my fave! Sing on Leno!!!
Leapbaby | May 5, 2009
Yeww!! Today has finally come! I unfortunately will have to wait til 20th may or so, to get my copy of the CD. My friend who lives in Atlanta will come to Brazil and will bring me a cd ^^ can´t wait!
Best of luck Jewel, and I hope the cd releases here in Brazil so more people can buy.
I don´t remember if I saw the time of the tv shows, you can post it in here?
Kisses ;)
Nokturna | May 5, 2009
Hi Jewel,
I'm from Holland, and now is my question when is you're cd coming out in Holland? I want to buy you're cd so very much, and i'm so excited to hear it!
With love,
Margriet X
zangeresje01 | May 6, 2009
Please come tour Florida!
jgreco | May 6, 2009
Jewels opinions on DWTS,doesnt make any sense,but since shes famous,she thinks they do,indirectly they did hurt Melissa who is a wonderful person and dancer..Her Cowboy gets through because of her celebrity,,,Its a joke he cant dance...Lil Kim can..
Elvis | May 6, 2009
You know this is Jewels personal sight, leave your mean comments some place else.
damber79 | May 7, 2009
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