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Noel Gallagher Turns Loathing of Green Day Into Personal Pastime

12/20/06, 3:54 pm EST

Green Day Liam GallagherDoes Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” sound like Oasis’ “Wonderwall”? Noel Gallagher thinks so. The gloriously snarky rocker, speaking to Stuff, reportedly accused Green Day of stealing the arrangement of their ode to suburban solitude from his 1995 hit. Of course, Gallagher’s irked that (according to him) the band ripped him off, but what really pisses him off is the fact that he’s still around to endure the indignity. “They should have the decency to wait until I am dead [before stealing my songs]” he quipped. “I, at least, pay the people I steal from that courtesy.”

To our ears, the songs have in common career-defining impact, epic, emotive vocals and … the presence of guitars. Is Gallagher just shooting his mouth off again, or is there something to his claim? Listen to both songs and tell us what you think:
Green Day: “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” [Listen]

Oasis: “Wonderwall” [Listen]

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Anonymous | 5/16/2009, 12:10 am EST

Green Day and Oasis are both amazing bands and Wonderwall and Boulevard are two of my favourite 30 songs of all time..who fn cares which band or song is better..they both are so much better than all the generic crappy bands out there today.

gallagher is a prick | 4/5/2009, 4:43 pm EST

hes a ballbag,oasis are slowly slipping to day are on the rise.

dan | 3/31/2009, 2:41 pm EST

oasis didn’t rip off the beatles - they ripped off the stone roses, which truly is the greatest band, or at least recorded the greatest album, ever. liam is trying to sound like ian brown but he sounds more like he’s got something up his nose and arse for that matter. noel writes great songs, though. just know that oasis comes from the stone roses.

SHUT UP STOOPIDS | 3/25/2009, 3:57 am EST

What is up with all the sellout talk? sounds like a bunch of jealousy to me. I thought I heard the last of all that dumb shit in the 90’s scene. By those standards both bands are mainstream and should be considered sellouts.

At least green day aren’t a complete carbon copy of their influences like Oasis and the Beatles. They should have just called the band Beatles II.

Their are a lot of bands that have the same chord structures. It’s kind of hard to be original when 10 billion other songs have already been done. Some are bound to sound the similar.

John Riggot | 2/23/2009, 6:19 pm EST

The bottom line is that green day are a bunch of whining, talentless, american twats, that no-one the right side of puberty can stand. Oasis on the other hand are, and will always be, one of the greatest bands ever.
Thats the end of the story.

Matt | 2/18/2009, 12:13 pm EST

Furthermore… if you really want to argue that Green Day ripped someone off, compare the last track from American Idiot (Whatsername) to One Headlight by the Wallflowers. Same drumbeat AND same chord progression.

Oh but you know what else? It’s a damn good song whether it was actually ripped off or not, which in my opinion as an accomplished guitarist, it was not. There is a finite number of simple chord progressions & they get used over & over again. Get used to it or stop listening to music.

Matt | 2/18/2009, 12:06 pm EST

Noel Gallagher must have a good time telling us all what a cliched little hack he is, andI bet he’s laughing at all of you for not understanding his own form of self-deprecating wankery.

Everyone who has ever picked up a guitar knows that you can’t make a song more generic than by using the chord progression E-G-D-A. This “formula” has only been used in music, oh, about a godzillion times. Oasis wasn’t the first, Green Day won’t be the last.

Next thing you know, Noel will be blasting Metallica for ripping off his beloved E-minor.

Matt | 2/18/2009, 12:06 pm EST

Noel Gallagher must have a good time telling us all what a cliched little hack he is, andI bet he’s laughing at all of you for not understanding his own form of self-deprecating wankery.

Everyone who has ever picked up a guitar knows that you can’t make a song more generic than by using the chord progression E-G-D-A. This “formula” has only been used in music, oh, about a godzillion times. Oasis wasn’t the first, Green Day won’t be the last.

Next thing you know, Noel will be blasting Metallica for ripping off his beloved E-minor.

Ella (I like doing this) | 1/30/2009, 2:43 pm EST

Why is everyone fighting over this, Green Day wouldn’t have done this, like I said before, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams came out nearly 10 years after Wonderwall, if they really wanted to do it, why wait?
Gallagher acts all hard and tough, whats the point? He isn’t and everyone know’s it’s all fake.
And you can’t call Green Day posers, all they have done is made amazing music and it’s not like they act like theres something to rebel against. George Bush was something to rebel against!

Chicken McNuggets | 1/2/2009, 11:26 pm EST

You did not say that Oasis is better than RHCP.
That’s plain offensive.
Welcome to 2009.
Green Day, RHCP, Paramore, Linkin Park > Oasis. Seriously, these Beatles rippoffs are all in the past

Ella, Green Day Rock Way More | 11/29/2008, 3:23 pm EST

and im no teenybopper just because some people are 12 and standing up for Green Day doesn’t meen they are. Green Day are acturly alot better, nicer people than Oasis, Oasis try and act hard Green Day don’t give a shit bout it.

Ella, Green Day Rock Way More | 11/29/2008, 3:12 pm EST

Don’t you kinda think maybe Green Day wouldn’t have waited to put it on American Idiot and would have put it on Nimrod or
Warning or
International Superhits! or
And it sounds like Gallagher is trying to get money off him. And there’s nothing the same about the songs, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams is about feeling alone is a massive crowd, even thought your with lots of people your still alone in some way. Wonder Wall is about an imaginary friend who save’s you. The only one thing the same is the chords, but that’s like saying if you use a C chord thats ripping anohte band off.
I acturly used to megaly be in love with Oasis but they are out of date now. Oasis tried to do the same thing to Blur, Blur are wayyyy better and Green Day are waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy better than oasis, they are just trying to eliminate competition, although if its Green Day vs Oasis, Green Day by a long way.

Luv Green Day | 7/22/2008, 9:08 pm EST

Um, Noel is just jealous of Green Days awesome song and he just cant admit that Green Day is a better band then Oasis. Hell yeah!

Ivan | 6/17/2008, 2:04 pm EST

Green Day are contrived, corporate poseur punk wannabes. I remember real punk - these guys are a joke.

Madferit42 | 5/29/2008, 7:26 pm EST

Oasis r legends but i like Green day too so am kind of conflicted but have to admit it looks like greenday ripped off wonderwall. It doesnt really matter like oasis r better than them like and have wtsmg definitely sold more than dookie

Con | 5/28/2008, 6:57 pm EST

For those who keep swearing that (WTS)MG sold better than Green Day…better check the facts. Oasis sold better in the UK but fail to be on the all time world wide seller list, which Green Day’s Dookie happens to be on with over 10 million copies sold.

Oasis > Green day | 4/22/2008, 7:51 pm EST

green day sucks. they have absolutely no music writing ability just like all the other shitty punk bands out there. they ripped noel off.

Tamryn Granger | 4/16/2008, 10:29 am EST

I dont think that the songs are aliek at all.Green day wouldnt do sumthing liek that..thay love thare fans thay wouldent disapoint them liek that.This dood is just trieing to get sum atenchun is all.the song dos not sound enything liek green days song.
your bigest fan ever
Tamryn granger

Oasis 4 ever | 4/14/2008, 7:29 am EST

Greenday are a good band but there is no doubt tht BOBD is ripped from Wonderwall and to the person who sed tht Greenday have sold more and are bigger than Oasis. Well ur wrong end of story.

Ahh Ahhh | 3/14/2008, 8:59 pm EST

Actually after just listening to Wonderwall; BOBD couldn’t lace its boots.

Ahh Ahhh | 3/14/2008, 8:55 pm EST

Simple - Noelasis & Green Day line their pockets. All guitar music is basically the same chord progressions with different lyrics.

Both good tunes though.

lmao | 12/25/2007, 4:07 pm EST

someone was making fun of greenday and called them “sellouts” THATS A GOOD THING YOU BRITISH TWAT

but yea
oasis > greenday
but i could never respect oasis fully
just because it’s filled with cocky little assholes

commiequinn | 12/14/2007, 11:15 am EST

green day sucks and have no real message, and they did copy Oasis, the Sex Pistols hate them, Kurt Cobain would have hated them, but Henry Rollins (Black Flag) says he likes them, i do not get that.

Naomi | 10/22/2007, 9:10 pm EST

I dont mean to be leaning one way or another. But i like both bands. Green Day whether they are true believers of thier music or not is voicing what is in the hearts of youth today. Down with government as we know it . down with war. They want to hear this and someone needs to verbalize it or else the shit will hit the fan. There are differnt types of artists. Those who communicate feelings inside and those who communicate what they feel outside. Also the songs are barely comparable.

GPL | 10/14/2007, 9:49 am EST

johhny “rotten” lydon reportedly hates green day for being copy cats who dont live the life of punk rockers, even their greatest idol wont show them respect - however oasis’s idols like weller, rod & townsend love oasis.

Anonymous | 8/29/2007, 1:25 am EST

Green Day sold more than Oasis? HAHAHAHA. I’ve heard a lot of retarded shit in my day, but this takes the cake. Sorry, all you 12 year old teenyboppers out there, but (WTS)MG is officially the third highest selling British album of all time. Green Day makes music for bedwetting, hormonal morons. Oasis makes music that kicks ass. There is a difference.

At the end of the day, Americans will always look to Fallout Boy as their latest cultural phenomenon. And any country that looks to Fallout Boy to provide their latest national rock and roll boom has no right to talk about music.

Oasis>>>All you tasteless morons.

anonymous | 7/9/2007, 11:29 am EST

my favourite band is oasis, yet my 4th favourite is green day

what most of the people who posted on this need to do is realise that theyre all generally saying the same thing


green day fans are whining about how old oasis are, and how theyre just attention seeking and jealous

oasis fans are complaining that green day are wannabes, and how they rip everything off

i see similarity in wonderwall and boulevard of broken dreams, but alot more in these posts!

Adrian | 7/1/2007, 11:11 am EST

Most pop songs use similar chord progressions and related melodies.

Copying is an essential part of life, people need to see and hear the same things over and over, they’d be confused otherwise and the music wouldn’t sell!

Look at this website for example everything is uniform and looks as other websites do, if it didn’t nobody would use it.

We are all sheep essentially and sheep should do as they are told to!

GROHLFAN | 3/22/2007, 3:58 pm EST

even if green day did copy parts of wonderwall, Gallagher is just jealous because he knows boulevard was an improvement.

Oasis rocks, brit pop rocks | 2/27/2007, 4:38 pm EST

All I can see is a bunch of americans thinking they know how to write songs, billi joe has nothing on noel and never will, he’s jsut another american thinking he’s a great song writer when he aint.

Johnny B Not Liking Green Daye | 1/15/2007, 7:23 am EST

To add to a comment in this section about holiday ripping off the passenger. I agree, adding to that, i think the song steals elements from the Clash’s “Sex Mad Roar” (and they dont even have the talent to steal from the actual Clash with Jones not those other 2 geezers)

James | 1/15/2007, 7:09 am EST

two songs: The Beatles’ “Taxman” and The Jam’s “Start!”- bear that in mind

Mairsy | 1/10/2007, 12:13 am EST

Greenday are an ok band…but the bottom line is they have not written the tunes that Oasis have full stop….there really is no comparison between them..Oasis are the greatest band since The Beatles at the end of the day..there are so many fucking clueless idiots posting comments it`s unreal…..Oasis have he best songwriter and frontman of the past 20 years, there can be no debate!

mylo | 1/10/2007, 12:02 am EST

just a little fact for all you oasis knob ends - green day were and still are a bigger band world wide than oasis. more record sales and have played to more people. go figure.

No Doubt About It again again | 1/2/2007, 2:20 pm EST

Green Day > Oasis

Blvd of Broken Dreams > Wonderwall

Allen | 1/1/2007, 1:27 am EST

yeah, those songs are really similar in many ways and I really can’t stand how there are so many bands that are taking great songs and making there own versions or just changing them up a little bit… they have been doing that for YEARS and it has to stop.

and for all you lil teeny boppers ranting about how great Green Day is. please STOP. those no tallent ass clowns are such sellouts and should have stopped making music a long time ago. you can only take 4 power courds so far!

No Doubt About It again | 12/30/2006, 8:49 pm EST

awww…..Billies so hott!

No Doubt About It | 12/30/2006, 8:37 pm EST

Green Days awesome. No questions asked. Who’s Noel Gallagher anyways? And do I really care? NO!

Thom Yeoman | 12/28/2006, 11:34 am EST

Noel Gallager needs to get a freakin job. I dont think it is possible to write a song that hasnt been done before, if you take away the lyrics of all songs and compare just the arangments, there would be alot of songs that would sound alot alike, but it doesnt mean that everyone was ripping each other off, there are only so many ways to play rock.

thom rules all | 12/27/2006, 4:06 pm EST

oasis sucks…they wish they we’re half as talented at radiohead.

Thom Yorke is god. see The Eraser for examples of godliness.

“I said maybe I don’t really wannna know where your garden grows I just wannnnna suck the beatles cock.”

Shalyce | 12/27/2006, 3:12 pm EST

Green Day rocks, and Gallagher should get over it.. no one cares bud.

cfitch | 12/26/2006, 7:35 pm EST

Who really cares………….

Dustin Hodge | 12/24/2006, 7:49 pm EST

oasis needs to accept the fact that there fame is over, and stop trying to hop on a bands coat tails when there at there hottest

Jbabe who doesnt care! | 12/24/2006, 6:23 pm EST

this is what i think:

SHUT UP! they are 2 totally different songs with some similarities! so once again SHUT UP! not that big off a deal

commonsense/greendaylover | 12/24/2006, 6:18 pm EST

i just don’t get why people make such a big deal about these things cuz if u look at it this way Um hello what about weird Al yankovic- he ripps off sooooo many peoples’ songs and everyone loves it; and what about rihana’s SOS- it had parts from tainted love in it but people still love it-and to say that green day is not an true honest-to-god rock band is just being hypocritical becuz they work just as hard or more with some really kick ass songs that soo many people support and admire so honestly it doesnt seem like something someone should get worked up about….whatever thats just my opinion

Fangirl Kitten | 12/22/2006, 7:10 pm EST

I am a music teacher. I listened to both songs and wrote down the chord progressions. The verse of “I Walk Alone” and the chorus of “Wonderwall” use the same chord progression, using the pattern I IV I IV. However, the chorus of “I Walk Alone” has a different chord progression (IV I V IV) than the verse of “Wonderwall” (I IV V ii). Also, “I Walk Alone” has an outro with a chord progression I IV IV III, and “Wonderwall has a transitional chord progression I IV I I. There are only so many chord progressions for musicians to use that make sense musically, so it would not be uncommon for different songs to have the same chord progression in some sections. Also…Oasis has been accused of copying The Beatles, so they should not be pointing fingers.

buckfutter | 12/22/2006, 11:47 am EST

wonderwall = 14 year old british kid

BigDave | 12/22/2006, 11:25 am EST

D’you know what i mean chord progression, wonderwall arrangement makes that dire piece of shit song BOBD.

How some of you guys can compare a shit band like greenday to Oasis is beyond me.

Pete | 12/22/2006, 10:39 am EST

Does anyone know a reliable guitar tab site that somehow flies beneath the radar of the copyright laws? Please post. Thanks.

When Will The Fighting Stop? | 12/22/2006, 10:26 am EST

Green Day and Oasis are both amazing bands in their own right. Their music is so completely different that I can’t believe that anyone is arguing who is better. The only difference is that Oasis continues to get worse as time goes by. Green Day continues to get better.

Amanda | 12/22/2006, 7:18 am EST

ummm I think this deserves a mash-up … wonderwall of broken dreams anyone???

Page | 12/22/2006, 6:46 am EST

The chord sequence has some simularity and if u sing the lyrics of greenday to the intro of wonderwall it fits pretty well, however who cares cause both of their music is wank.

kev | 12/22/2006, 2:35 am EST



and many more

OASIS RULES (and the Gallaghers are laughing that you hate them!!)

AT&T sure cared “All Around The World”

Someone Please tell me a song where Oasis rips the whole or even 25% from the Beatles??

crickets……… ….

Brett | 12/22/2006, 1:18 am EST

Maybe RS needs to hire Noel to write crappy articles for their website… At least then all the people who flame for no reason, won’t need one, because, hey, it’s that guy from the 90’s who was big for two years, and now is only known for his somewhat misinformed, although slightly witty and always laughable quotes.

Aaron D. | 12/22/2006, 12:50 am EST

I don’t think they sound similar at all. Oasis peaked long ago, and Green Day’s experiencing a creative and commercial resurgence. I think Noel’s just being a whiny little girl, just as he always has been.

anonymous | 12/22/2006, 12:29 am EST

The songs don’t sound very alike to me. Noel is just pulling one of his usual stunts to get attention. Oh, and Green Day is a much, much better band than Oasis.

STRATCAT | 12/21/2006, 10:09 pm EST

Noel Gallagher is just a fart head.
I can’t believe that he’s attacking a band that rips when he has spent his career rippin other people’s riffs and melodies.
“Shakermaker” steals from the Seekers “I’d like to change the world” and “Cigarretes and Alcohol” steals from T. Rex and the beginning of “Don’t look back in anger” steals from Lennon’s “Imagine” etc..
On the other hand this band can come up with such brilliant compelling material like “Slide away” and “Champagne Supernova” so you gotta give them props becuae they got the skills and that’s makes it even more of a curiosity as to why steal from others.
That’s one of the bad sides to rap is that the sampling aspect is transferring into the rock and pop world and becoming something that’s acceptable when it’s not.
Granted the Stones have been borrowing from Chuck Berry their whole career but they do it so well and their own material is so damn good that we can excuse them.

Anonymous | 12/21/2006, 10:02 pm EST

its the same song. period.

matt | 12/21/2006, 5:39 pm EST

green day really sucks, but the arrangement in the two songs are very similiar, both songs have the same running time, and are pretty much exactly the same

oasucksballs | 12/21/2006, 5:17 pm EST

didnt they sing that song “wonderwank”?

w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 4:48 pm EST

I think I have ended all debating here on this section. Final point: Oasis is the greatest band ever. They learned from their influences and became bigger and better and more important and influential than anyone before them. Bono, your move?!

Steve | 12/21/2006, 4:44 pm EST

Listen idiots, Boulevard of Broken Dreams rips off Wonderwall. Its plain and simple. HOWEVER, Oasis rips off the beatles and lots of 70’s rock bands. So really its one artist ripping off another artists, ripping off another artist. Oasis is competant, Green Day are overrated. As for the ongoing political debate on this board, its lame, ridiculous, and has nothing to do with the article.

How about everyone rub their two last brain cells together and post something intelligent on here. Rollingstone already has sthe hittiest reviewers ever. Read the reviews for the new deftones, incubus, brand new, dillinger escape plan, thom yorke, etc….seriously check out how bad those reviews were written and how some of the most relevant artists today are written off like side notes. How about a revolt against Rollingstone? I mean they really do suck the big one now.

w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 4:40 pm EST

Hey somebody

I’m dedicated to the greatest band ever. I do like Green Day, but Oasis is still top-notch cuz they don’t dress like drag queen rejects and wear make-up. They let their music do the talking, and not their fashion like these modern day bands who call themselves emo. There is o such thing as emo anyways. In five years or less, the genre will disappear, just like rap-rock, however this time, I am smarter about this. I’m not buying into the emo thing. When I say I like My Chemical Romance, I’m not liking them for being an emo band, but a rock band. Now that’s keeping it real like Oasis.

w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 4:37 pm EST

Noel & Liam Gallagher are REAL rock stars. Bono-fake rock star. Whatever his name is that is the lead singer of Pearl Jam-really fake rock star. Those two are the ultimate sissies in music along with the cheesy pop genre. Oasis continue to make the good stuff, actual music, requiring actual skills and talent. Their resume is second to none. They’re one of the only bands who don’t need to bash anyone politically in their music to sell records. They are simply Legends in the likes of Elvis, John Lennon and Bob Dylan.

somebody | 12/21/2006, 4:34 pm EST

oasis is wimp music. they act so tough, always dissing other bands. maybe that’s because their own music blows. what’s worse? stupid fans like “w0nderwall” who comment every five seconds. Green Day kicks their ass. not only is their music better, but they’ve got the balls to say something about this american hell we’re living in right now. Green Day doesn’t need to diss other music to get face time. that right their prooves they are a million (times infinity) better than some has been band looking for some pr.

w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 4:33 pm EST

What people fail to realize is that Oasis was a true honest-to-God rock band. They were who they were, love em or hate em, but you couldn’t deny their greatness. They’ll be considered with all time greats such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, but ahead of them as well cuz Noel Gallagher can shit better songs than any 90s or 2000s band could ever write on their best day, period.

w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 4:31 pm EST

Oasis is far better than Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, REM, Blink 182, name whoever you want, but Wonderwall is the song that defined a decade, if not a generation, maybe life period. A classic anthem along with all the other timeless classic Oasis have made.

Rico_Suave | 12/21/2006, 4:21 pm EST

Better Bands from 1990-now, not including Oasis at all:
Matthew Good
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blink 182
. ..all better than Oasis, which totally rips off everybody (but who doesn’t) except for the fact they bitch about other bands ripping them off (so they’re hippocrites) rather than just letting things go, they make a fuss just so they aren’t forgotten,. which will be very posisble after they have broken up and died

w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 4:03 pm EST

Oasis is better than anyone who has ever picked up any instruments, including Bob Dylan.

slow down cowboy | 12/21/2006, 3:00 pm EST

to wonderwall:
crumpets donuts god save the queen from sea to shining sea axl rose noel gallagher cricket baseball rugby rollerderby fedora driving cap

w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 2:51 pm EST

To Slow Down Cowboy:

If you have nothing to say about the topic at hand get the fuck off! Say something at least related to Oasis or Green Day and not your pathetic uneducated ignorant ramblings! You can get help these days for a nice price, or you can shoot yourself in the fucking head weird one!

slow down cowboy | 12/21/2006, 2:46 pm EST

Iraq India Football (touchdown!) Football (goal!) London New York Tea Coke 1812 World War I French Mexicans Blair Bush Harley Triumph

jonny101 | 12/21/2006, 2:44 pm EST


w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 2:38 pm EST

The 5 Greatest Bands (1990-2006)
1. Oasis
2. Oasis
3. Oasis
4. Oasis
5. Nirvana

w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 2:36 pm EST

I’ll take Lyla by Oasis over American Idiot by Green Day. Let There Be Love by Oasis over Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day easily. And Wonderwall over Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

slow down cowboy | 12/21/2006, 2:35 pm EST

English American American English British Bloke Dude Wanker Yank Wank Your Crank Red White Blue Union Jack Revolution 1842 World War II Stamps Parliment Congress Oasis Bob Dylan Beatles Stones Oxford Yale

w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 2:33 pm EST

I’ll give credit where credit is due: American Idiot was the record of 2004, and Don’t Believe the Truth by Oasis was the record of 2005. Don’t Believe the Truth is a better rock record than American Idiot though. Another thing, I don’t get it with all the rock-labeling: punk rock, grunge rock, alternative rock, and now emo, like what the fuck? Everyone wants to label themselves as something unique until it becomes the norm. How about just rock and roll, what the fuck happened to that? This is why Oasis is the better band than any other, they’re simply a rock band in every tradition of the genre. They always wanted to be separate from the Britpop bullshit and never enjoyed the label alternative here in the States. So,Oasis is the better band once again. Why not a post on how global warming is a fake-hyped up false story? Al Gore is constantly running this crap down our throats. It’s like saying we’re responsible if an asteroid is heading for earth. Newsflash retards: shit happens, especially stuff like asteroids and climate changes. Do you think the earth stays the same no matter what? It’s just natural. Could humans do more to keep the earth cleaner, sure, but if the earth changes, oh well. I’m not a hard core liberal or conservative, but it’s paranoid shit like this that makes people think liberals have a mental disorder, that everything is the man’s fault. Get over yourselves and start enjoying life. By the way, Oasis rules!

w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 2:24 pm EST

I cannot believe this debate is still posted, when there is no actual debate. Is Green Day good, of course, but Oasis is far superior in every way. Green Day got on the hot seat again because of their “political” activism and hyping up global warming (which we know is false anyways), but Oasis has always had the throne of Rock and Roll. They’re kings of music. They took it from a long-standing reign of the Beatles. It’ll be another 30 or 40 years until another band can take it from them. May Oasis live forever!

Mr.Kite | 12/21/2006, 2:23 pm EST

“Oasis rip off the Beatles”

Stop regurgitating what every American magazine writes (because Oasis don’t suck up to them) and name me five songs that you can DIRECTLY link to five Beatles songs. YOu can’t believe me. The Oasis sound incorporates some Beatles, Pistols, The Who, The Jam, The STone Roses, T Rex….I could go on….and assembles them into something unique. When you hear Oasis you don’t confuse them with anyone KNOW it’s Oasis.

As for the Beatles being an influence? I’d be hard pressed to find ANY band that doesn’t list the Beatles as an influence…INCLUDING Green Day.

PS I can spot a direct rip off of the bridge of “Summer of 69″ in that “punk rock opera” on American Idiot that’s more plagiarized than this example. There are similarities but I think the melody sounds more like another Oasis tune “D’you Know What I Mean?” which also has the same chrods.

Mr.Kite | 12/21/2006, 2:14 pm EST

To A True American Hero

“It ain’t good unless the US approves of it”… This comment is loaded with idiocy. So because Paris Hilton’s last album did better than Oasis’s last album on the charts she’s good? Give your head a shake. There are more people outside the US than inside the US and THOSE people still buy Oasis records and go to their concerts. See you at the next Britney Spears concert buddy.

Mr.Kite | 12/21/2006, 2:10 pm EST

What’s with the Neo-Con hatred of liberalism. I don’t sit extremely on either side of the equation but let’s run down these last two neo -con terms.

1. International relations are at an all time low with an ongoing involvment in a War that still has no cause…with no end in sight,

2. An economy that went from being incredibly rich and vibrant to being the lowest it has been in decades.

3. Enough corporate crime and scandal to insult every voter who believed that the republicans had integrity…but then again educated people vote democrat.

4. International embarassment of having the world leader with the lowest IQ.

5. The world’s worst polluter who still denies Global Warming and refuses to sign onto Kyoto.

6. An administration who will send money and troops at the snap of a finger half a world away to impress the last republican administration (ie. Daddy Bush) but can’t even save its own citizens in the wake of a hurricane.

I honestly can not name a single improvement made in the United States either Domestically or Internationally under the new conservative administration. I’d say by plummeting approval polls a good portion of the popular demographic agrees with me…now if we’d only teach those country bumpkins how to read….

Tytti | 12/21/2006, 1:27 pm EST

Noel just can’t stand the fact that Oasis doesn’t make hits/MODERN day classics anymore. BOBD doesn’t sound like Wonderwall in any way!

SAM_2 | 12/21/2006, 12:34 pm EST

In reply to your valid question: “Why does RS insist on tabloid journalism”, I offer the following analysis of the obvious:
Rolling Stone no longer hires writers who know a fellow named Jack-Sh*t about music; the RS “journalists” of today are a pack of leftist, liberal, pin-headed, brainless, non-creative, Clinton supporters who insist on promulgating the following epics into mindlessness (among others):
1. Al Gore WON the election in 2000.
2. Al Gore is the definitive scientific expert on global temperature.
3. Every word uttered by a democrat is an eternal, universal truth based in undeniable truth.
4. Every word ever uttered by a republican is a complete lie based in total falsehood.

With a bunch of flaming, rabid liberals promoting their socio-political agenda, the MUSIC has been left in the dust in deference to political correctness and other mindless stupidity.

w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 12:31 pm EST

For the Oasis haters who say Oasis haven’t had any decent singles since the Morning Glory album, here’s a nice list: D’You Know What I Mean?, Don’t Go Away, All Around the World-Grammy Nominated for its video,Go Let It Out,The Hindu Times, Songbird, Lyla-which was a top downloaded song on this website in 2005 for some time. Get Stop the Clocks CD now you uneducated ignorant fucks who bash Oasis, and ROlling Stone, if you have any balls, review the album, give it 5 stars, oh, that’s right, you take in the ass for Bono (a fake-ass rock star).

LIKROPER.COM | 12/21/2006, 12:29 pm EST

to noel gallagher:

if it makes you feel any better; my brother who passed away a few years ago was alot like you in that he was the BIGGEST beatles fan in the world, and HE ALSO REALLY LIKED OASIS AS WELL!…i think he really enjoyed your music, and he also related to the sibling rivalry between the brothers gallagher…

BUT! i am from the SF bay area, AND GREEN DAY RULES!…those guys are the tightest and hardest punk band around (and i’m into metal!) and they are also a true band of brothers (just from other mothers) - i just think you’re angry at green day for working with the bloody irish! (U2)…

i met green day’s bass player mike dirnt backstage at a bammies’ VIP party that i had to sneak into a few years back (BAM magazine didn’t give their distribution driver’s tickets to the VIP parties!?) i went on and on about how great the cd dookie is, how beatle-ish and catchy the tunes are etc etc etc, and he was really cool about it…he seemed truly appreciative of my praise, and in agreement as well…

also; to rolling stone magazine: my brother was also a long-time rolling stone fan and he is the reason why i subscribe to the magazine - i still have a stack of his old mags from the 1970s)…

w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 12:28 pm EST

Since the glory years of Oasis in the mid-to-late 90s, America’s music scene was covering losers like Spears and NSYNC, and this is what America approves of as real music? Oasis is the greatest fucking band ever, in any country. And don’t give Noel a hard time about ripping off other bands, at least #1 he admits and wears it proudly on his sleeve, and he only makes it better! He doesn’t hid it like Billy Joe does by going off political rants (I don’t like Bush either but bashing him at this point is no longer original or even rebellious, just a chore). Oasis’ attitude is simple: if you love our music, welcome to the party, if you don’t, fuck off, you probably don’t warrant a soul anyways!

w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 12:24 pm EST

To A True American Hero:

Has Oasis done anything since Wonderwall? Are you fucking kidding me here? They released two more great singles from the Morning GLory album, and have continued success since, all over the world. Just because MTV and Rolling Stone don’t tell you about it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. They’ve played in front of more people then any major band in America right now, including Green Day. Plus, they don’t wear makeup and look like drag queen rejects just for the sake of being rock stars. They’re more true and real and honest than any rock band from America today, including the Chili Peppers or Green Day. No gimmicks, all heart. Live Forever!

Issac | 12/21/2006, 12:17 pm EST

The US apporves it? Explain Nickelback. Marketing rules over music in the US. Hell Fergie was on the cover of the premier rock magzine in the U.S. Explain that? Fergielicous

A True American Hero | 12/21/2006, 12:04 pm EST

Has Oais even done anything since “Wonderwall”? Where the f**k have they been? Parading around in Europe like pansy bitches. It ain’t good unltess the US approves of it. So, by default, Green Day wins!

sam | 12/21/2006, 11:48 am EST

People act as if this is a major news story. Noel always gives interviews with these tongue in cheek digs at other bands.

Why does Rolling Stone insist on tabloid journalism. Why don’t you do a real article on the great music Oasis have put out over the years and the influence they are having on current bands. They did just put a best of out and that hasn’t even been reviewed.

Aric | 12/21/2006, 11:47 am EST

Both songs have the same chord progression … a very common chord progression. Theres probably hundreds of songs written between these two with the same progression. Neither rhythms are original nor can be claimed ownership.

charliemapleton | 12/21/2006, 11:25 am EST

I heard them mashed up before,so it could be a coincidence.What’s also coincidental is that they came out of the same era,have the same somber,rebellious,and revolutionary personality and lyrics-all they basically need to worry about is that they’re legends in their own right.

Larry | 12/21/2006, 11:07 am EST

Green Day sucks. How can it be punk rock if surburban 14 year old girls love it. Look, I don’t care if a band sells out as long as they make good music while doing it (i.e. U2). Green Day makes shitty music, plain and simple.

Oasuck | 12/21/2006, 10:44 am EST

“Wonderwank” sucks me little member

overrated | 12/21/2006, 10:41 am EST

“Wonderwank” sucks me little member

Mitch | 12/21/2006, 10:31 am EST

I agree with Jake burns here. Music is not somthing u wear.

Jake Burns | 12/21/2006, 10:20 am EST

Green Day cannot carry Oasis’s jockstraps,er guitar picks. Green Day is punk because they wear mascara. They make me vomit, too.

jungleland | 12/21/2006, 10:17 am EST

Derivative …OK, I spell Like I’m 11

jungleland | 12/21/2006, 10:16 am EST

Both bands are fairly derivitive…not that they don’t add thier own style to thier influence.

I am a big fan of both bands actually……

Both songs are the same chords and about the same speed…and 10 years appart

And is Noel suggesting that McCartney and Jagger and Bowie are dead (and so he can steal from them??)

He sure is nice to JET, who’s Shine On is very Oasis-like.

I think American music fans forget how HUGE Oasis is in England, since they were a two-hit wonder over here

Mitch | 12/21/2006, 10:12 am EST

I still can’t believe Green Day is still around. In my humble opinion Oasis would be the band more likely to hang on my wall. To bad the Gallagher’s are assholes, but i like true human beings, instead of fake plastic people such as Green day.

Coy | 12/21/2006, 9:54 am EST

Chris, you are a donkey. I’d like whatever you’re having. To suggest Oasis is better than the Red Hot Chili peppers…you’re just dumb.

AllTheYoungDudes | 12/21/2006, 9:49 am EST

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars; and Mott the Hoople were the REALS Brit punks! The Ramones and Iggy were the REAL US punks! These post 80’s era, grunge-headed, so-called punk rockers of today are playing some decent-sounding, high energy, guitar-driven, melodic pop rock.
It AIN’T THE BULLOCKS, so quit calling it “punk rock”. It takes more than having a penchant for wearing too much mascara while dressing like 60’s geeks to pass oneself off as a punk rocker. Ask Billy Idol!
Advice: You sound good! Keep playin’ that Rock-n-Roll; and Keep your stupid PC liberalism in the toilet where it belongs.

Question? | 12/21/2006, 9:43 am EST

How many chords can Bllie Joe play anyways? or, for that matter, How many chords do any of greenday’s songs actually have? 1 or 2?

Boner | 12/21/2006, 9:43 am EST

Billie Joe is as bad a guitar player as Kurt Cobain.

grayson | 12/21/2006, 9:39 am EST

he’s got some nerve. i like Oasis, but they totally rip off the beatles!

Bush_Bashers_Inc. | 12/21/2006, 9:33 am EST

Green Day write some cool sounding tunes. So does Oasis. One HUGE difference is that the Noel whines about Green Day; and Billie Jo, or Billie Bob, whines about republicans, while promoting the gospel of the most ignorant of liberal assholes, Michael Moore. Word to both of you freaking whining babies from the master of creative genius, Frank Zappa: “SHUT AND PLAY YOUR GUITAR!” or get of the fucking stage!

lyla | 12/21/2006, 9:22 am EST

I’m an American Yank who loves Oasis! green day should have stopped at Dookie, they went downhill after that, but Oasis continues to wow the world, whether its because of headlines or its music. Noel usually says stuff to piss his own brother off, what makes you think he won’t say anything to piss the rest of us off!! he loves the chaos and he loves his audience!!

overrated | 12/21/2006, 9:20 am EST

“Wonderwank” sucks anyway..

overrated | 12/21/2006, 9:17 am EST

someone should fart in that stupid brits face.

overrated | 12/21/2006, 9:11 am EST

maybe we should call the “wambulance” for that no talent brit..Oasis is soooo overrated - someone should knock that brother’s teeth out also..

the hater | 12/21/2006, 9:03 am EST

i’m pretty sure that green day broke in america long b4 oasis. not that i don’t totally love both bands, becausei do.

Issac and Jacob | 12/21/2006, 9:03 am EST

Both songs are great. BOBD is original enough.

rockstrsbaby678 | 12/21/2006, 8:59 am EST

bring back 96′ woodstock greenday. that was the jam

Bilo | 12/21/2006, 8:53 am EST

i’d rather eat k-fed’s sh1t then listen to green day.

Ash | 12/21/2006, 8:49 am EST


Is that why Dookie sold 20 million copies? The only thing similar in this song is the vocals being sung low. Please, and you people are defending the same fucking man who said that Oasis is better than The Beatles? Please.

MarkArrow | 12/21/2006, 8:42 am EST

I have never understood the big stink about Oasis. But than again, I don’t understand gravity and my bottom is not floating out into space.

I too am proud that I am not from country other than my own. Now if only everyone understood that I am right all the time and everyone else is really, really dumb….

Many of you may recognize me as that guy using the cell phone in the elevator and talking really loud. Also, because I have a page on My Space, all my opinions are now in print and therefore valid.

T Nathan | 12/21/2006, 8:36 am EST

Rolling stone having ago at oasis AGAIN. This is getting boring. There is another song on American Idiot which sounds more like an oasis song than this one but I can’t remember which one.

To me this sums UK and US Music. UK music and certainly oasis are the real deal, more punk than Greenday have ever been.

US music is all style, posing, preening, image and little substance. Green day Punk Rockers, don’t make me laugh

LROCK | 12/21/2006, 7:55 am EST

I think Noel should shut up and get in the studio and make some music. I hate when musicians get all petty and jealous. As far as the Beatles and Oasis, Oasis only wishes in their wildest dreams they could be better than the Beatles. Is that a joke?

CurtMayfield | 12/21/2006, 7:35 am EST

Also, lets look not only at the chords being played, lets look at the lyrics and voice melody. They are tottally different, coudn’t be more different from one another. I really think Noel needs to check himself here. He tottally ripped the Stone Roses when comming up, we all have influences, be flattered not combative.

CurtMayfield | 12/21/2006, 7:29 am EST

I’m usually willing to give Noel the benefit of the doubt with the chord progression, but rock and roll is repetitive, lots of songs enjoy the same chord progressions. Since Green Day started around the same time as Oasis, I’m willing to give green day some slack here, I think boulevard of broken dreams is an original composisition.

rainmakerr | 12/21/2006, 7:20 am EST

As an amendment to my earlier post… it appears a mash up has already been created. Therefore Noel’s criticism was more than warranted.

On a side note though, I think arguments about how big Oasis are internationally carry little weight any more. There are plenty of British bands like Radiohead, and other acts like the Strokes, who have surpassed them creatively, melodically and musically. Were it not for the Gallagher brothers’ penchant for creating non music related headlines, I’m quite certain we would not be talking about Oasis today. At least we wouldn’t in the way that many of the previous respondents have… most of whom, I imagine, stem from the same country.

Chris | 12/21/2006, 6:36 am EST

Oasis are one of the biggest selling artists of the last 10/15 years.Some Americans need to realise there is a market elsewhere in the world.Green Day did rip off Wonderwall, but Noel is also taking the piss.Oasis breeze past the likes of Geen Day or the Chili’s because they simply wirte much better songs. To the people who say Oasis songs are samey, have you listened to the above mentioned bands??

rainmakerr | 12/21/2006, 6:32 am EST

I think you have to go to the heart of the comparison. The chord patterns , rhythm and pace of the songs are similar. I’m sure you could quite easily create a mash up of the two.

Noel isn’t as great as people make him out to be but in saying that the verses in the two songs are markedly similar, so much so that I think the criticism is warranted.

Irish Bio | 12/21/2006, 6:28 am EST

In todays day, all songs sound the same.

WinnieUK | 12/21/2006, 5:20 am EST

Living in Oasis’ hometown of Manchester (England), I am going to have to stick up for Oasis. Its difficult for any rock band to not sound like someone from the past when Rock and roll has been around for so long. You just have to hope that there are new, slight twists and a subtle evolution of rock and roll to keep the entire genre alive and interesting. Certainly in the UK things are interesting withpomp/theatrical/massive rock like Muse to more youth orientated bands like the Arctic Monkeys…you really need these bands in your life.

Oasis have evolved and are no longer the angry young 20-somethings they started of as and there sound has matured along with them. Anyway, they still make class music despite the gallagher brothers hating each other.

…and finally. To the post of ‘I have never heard wonderwall’ You need an education pal, and skag and bone Pete Doherty certainly doesn’t own them all he is a rambling mess at the current time, a mere shadow of the former glory that was the Libertines…shame

w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 5:16 am EST

Green Day is big in America and some other places, but Oasis is legend around the world, even in America. The music of Oasis has touched millions, maybe billions more. A band that will be remembered around the world (yes America, you’re not the only nation in the world that matters). Case closed, Green Day is not even 10% of Oasis. Definitely Maybe was bigger than Dookie, and Morning Glory is by far the ultimate rock album, even over Nirvana’s Nevermind. Mark my words: Oasis lives forever!

w0nderwall | 12/21/2006, 5:12 am EST

There’s no debate here. Oasis is better than Green Day, yes! Green Day ripped off Wonderwall, yes! Noel is the greatest songwriter of the past 10 to 15 years, better than the fabled grunge genre bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, those bands are just a bunch of pussies whining about nothing, and Green Day is now doing the same. Oasis has always celebrated life and everything in it. Live life, no matter what, broke or rich, get up, do what you gotta do, you like us, welcome to the party, don’t, fuck off!

Live Forever

Biased | 12/21/2006, 4:37 am EST

Oasis rules. Deep Purple Rules. Green Day does not rule. I do not have the time to listen to Billie Joe whine or for that matter, rip off the tunes of Oasis. Oasis is superkool! The definition of unkooltacular is Green Day. There is nothing Green about my days. My days have multiple colors in them. How come they couldnt have been more realistic and name their band S.T.U.P.I.D. Day, Silver, Tangerine, Unkool, Purple, Indigo and Dark Indigo Day? Thats more realistic. Go OASIS, Yeha!.

Mike27 | 12/21/2006, 4:18 am EST

What about the Oasis song “Lyla”??

Thats a direct ripoff of the Stones song “street fighting man”

Last time i checked they were still alive(contrary to how they look)

john | 12/21/2006, 4:18 am EST

actually that seems to be the only thing keeping Green Day in the headlines these days…afterall there are no elections coming up that Green Day can pretend to give a shit about to sell a ton of records…Dont worry Im sure they are tuned into the weather channel to go cash in on the next Hurricane….Katrina(cough cough)

Carm | 12/21/2006, 4:15 am EST

well, john…It depends on whether or not oasis is in need of a cheap publicity stunt…that seems to be the current trend these days…the only way to make it into headlines is to bash on green day…kinda sad if you think about it.

john | 12/21/2006, 4:11 am EST

well if Oasis blows goats we can only assume that Green Day will now start blowing goats too…isnt that how Green Day operates?

Carm | 12/21/2006, 4:03 am EST

I’ve been framed!! Disregard the last comment because it definitely didn’t come from me. Oasis blows goats and that is that!

Carm | 12/21/2006, 3:55 am EST

lol im kidding of course…Green Day cant even lick Noel’s balls…we all know that

Carm | 12/21/2006, 3:52 am EST

I’m glad to see people like John coming to their senses. Green Day is one of the greatest bands of all time and the sooner everyone sees that, the greater the world will be. thank you and good night.

john | 12/21/2006, 3:47 am EST

i would like to apologize for my remarks about green day…they are true geniuses of our time…and I wish that every band could be as creative as them….

No.Seriously. | 12/21/2006, 3:42 am EST



Tom | 12/21/2006, 3:24 am EST

Erm, Whatever by oasis, is a DIRECT Copy of An Octupus’s garden from the Beatles and that was written by Ringo, who is still alive !!

Thomas | 12/21/2006, 3:17 am EST

Noel’s tongue-in-cheak humour is beyond some people. I’m no expert on chords, but I like both songs (Wonderwall much more) and I even like that mash-up track that was later released. Why have one great song when you can have 3?

sadie | 12/21/2006, 2:32 am EST

The Beatles Own.

thewufs | 12/21/2006, 2:30 am EST

I’m a little annoyed that Rolling Stone failed to point out that the two songs use the same chord progression (don’t these young-turk critics have ears?) - though “Boulevard” uses a different progression on the chorus; and it’s among the most common progressions in contemporary rock. Although “Wonderwall” is the better song, Noel Gallagher should shut the hell up. I mean, just to cite one example, the opening piano figure on “Don’t Look Back in Anger” is a blatant cop from “Imagine”. The point is, Gallagher’s an arrogant Brit bastard with a mouth to match (ever seen one of Oasis’ TV appearances? Contempt for your audience is deadly, in America at least), which is one reason us Yanks stopped caring about him and his band years ago.

bobjones | 12/21/2006, 2:03 am EST

gallaghers a jerk but so was just about every other great rock star.

Greenday can continue to push their watered down “punk” rock to surburban kids upset about their pathetic little lives and not getting a date to prom. The public will eat it up as “rock”. Great.

Oasis is great and continues to be.

Live Forever.

Nick | 12/21/2006, 2:00 am EST

I am not a big fan of either bands. “Wonderwall” is a far better song. Though “Boulevard…” has the same or much stripped-down versions of the same chord progressions, I don’t think they intentionally tried to rip off Oasis. They are both poppy ballads, which all sound the same anyways.

whaterwall | 12/21/2006, 1:57 am EST

Anyone who thinks that Oasis is better than the Beatles should really take a second look.

As far as bands ripping off eachother.. it happens all the time and sometimes not intentionally.. there are only so many chords.. At the end of the day f the form what does the song make you feel?
its only rock and roll but I like it

Voice of Reason | 12/21/2006, 1:17 am EST

They’re rock bands - who gives s shit. They’re there for my entertainment. If one rips the other one off, I couldn’t care less.

Phoebe | 12/21/2006, 1:08 am EST

Most bands wear their influences on their sleeves, Oasis and Green Day included. For God’s sake, listen to early Beatles and Stones stuff. Chuck Berry? Hello?

That being said, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” doesn’t sound like “Wonderwall” to me, but “Wake Me Up When September Ends” has almost a direct lift, in my opinion, from “Rocking Chair,” an Oasis B-side. Big time.

da bolts | 12/21/2006, 1:05 am EST

Yes Noel your band is great must you always complain. Give Green Day some slack - thier talented and personable- ur talented and not.

yurei | 12/21/2006, 1:01 am EST

Boulevard of Broken Dreams was a much better song when it was Under the Bridge by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Sam | 12/21/2006, 12:40 am EST

i love the people saying green day is a better band than oasis…give me a break…and yes green day is known to rip off other bands such as, hmm, the kinks. check that one out…green day’s “Warning” is a complete rip of the kinks’ “Picture Book”. haha why would noel gallagher be jealous of a green day?! HAH

Anonymous | 12/21/2006, 12:36 am EST

Noel hasn’t ripped anything off from the Beatles
He has just been influenced
No one can point directly to any Oasis song and say “he stole this from a Beatle’s song”
If you can
please do

landon | 12/21/2006, 12:31 am EST

green day ‘boulevard’ is a ty song.

oasis kicks ass.

all in all blur is better though.

Liam G | 12/21/2006, 12:25 am EST

All yer ignorant fooks!

Sean | 12/21/2006, 12:20 am EST

While i’m familiar w/ both songs, until now, i never really gave much thought as to the similarities between the two. after listening to both songs just now i can definitely say that green day uses almost the exact same chords used in “wonderwall”. is it possible that during the writing sessions for “american idiot”, billy joe got a few ideas while listening to “morning glory”?? possibly. however, i think it’s a bit far fetched to think he blantantly stole from the song. those are pretty common chords that i’m sure we could all find in find in a variety of songs recorded before and after “wonderwall” was released. noel gallagher is more than likely saying stuff cuz fools like us are going to sit around yappin about it and thereby making oasis relevant, yet again. oh and another thing: who are these immature, lonely and pathetic people on here constantly talking shit about elizabeth goodman. do u guys really think she gives a shit about what you all think?? clearly she’s not going to lose her job cuz certain people took time out of their busy schedule of dungeons and dragons to type about how much they hate her.

Josh | 12/21/2006, 12:19 am EST

It’s true that the verse of Wonderwall has the same chord progression as Boulevard of Broken Dreams. So does the chorus to Alive from Pearl Jam and Fly by Lenny Kravitz. I once played in a band that did a medley of all four songs. It was spectacular. Chord progressions don’t really make a song. Take, for example, the blues.

matt | 12/21/2006, 12:09 am EST

I don’t see how these songs are identical. Also, Green Day sounds entirely different from Oasis, and both bands are fantastic.

Not to suggest anything, but wasn’t Green Day accused of ripping off a musician a few years back? I think it was for the song Minority, but I’m not entirely sure.

JD | 12/21/2006, 12:09 am EST

Funny someone mentioned Chicago’s 25 or 6 to 4. I always thought of it as a rip off of Led Zep’s “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.” Perhaps Green Day actually ripped the riff from Led Zep. Yeah and parts of Jesus of Suburbia sounds just like Summer of 69.

bbb | 12/21/2006, 12:00 am EST

The songs have identical chord progressions. The only difference is that Green Day’s is in the key of F, Oasis in the key of F#. This is not the first Green Day rip off. How about ‘Ring of Fire’ at the end of Jesus of Suburbia. That’s one of many. I’m on Noel’s side. Do it.

john | 12/20/2006, 11:54 pm EST

Oasis own Green Day….I got 4 reasons why 1. Kerplunk 2. Insomniac 3. Warning 4. Shenanigans….Oasis’ worst album Be here now owns all of those

Graham Frehs | 12/20/2006, 11:51 pm EST

more than to plagiarize, BOBD borrows a certain string progression from Wonderwall. Plagiarism is what RHCP does with Tom Petty in Dani California

mean mr mustard | 12/20/2006, 11:47 pm EST


w0nderwall | 12/20/2006, 11:13 pm EST

Noel Gallagher didn’t rip off the Beatles; he took some elements and improved them. He took what was an alright band like the Beatles and created something far superior. Even Paul McCartney has said Noel is the best songwriter of his generation (take that Pearl Jam & Nirvana!). End of story, Green Day has been jealous of Oasis for a while now, so they ripped off their biggest hit. Oasis will be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before Green Day anyways.

Big Daddy Malcontent | 12/20/2006, 11:02 pm EST

If this is the standard for plagiarism, then every pop song plagiarizes every other pop song. I mean, should XTC sue Oasis because they ripped off the Beatles first?

finulanu | 12/20/2006, 10:58 pm EST

For once, I think I’ll stick up for Green Day. Gallagher is predictably being a moron here… I hate that guy… the two songs both suck, but they don’t sound much alike.

Elliott Marx | 12/20/2006, 10:50 pm EST

Fire Goodman

Mr. Kite had it right | 12/20/2006, 10:32 pm EST

Oasis fucking rules. I personally don’t think Green Day stole anything from Oasis, and really…who is Noel Gallagher to complain? He’s made a living ripping off other people! Either way, Oasis is still one of my top 5 favorite bands ever.

Rico_Suave | 12/20/2006, 10:30 pm EST

My personal opinion…they are both good bands, however Greenday is much better than Oasis. Sure they can come up with good songs, but nothing that wans’t ripped off or inspired by the Beatles…so they shgouldn’t bitch. Greenday’s last album blew Oasis’ current one out of thwe water, and Dookie was just as influential in the 90’s as Morning Glory…but arguing both facts are pointless, because they have two different backgrounds, perspectives and attitudes to deal with everything and anything. Oasis always have to have something to argue about, they are the equivalent to a div, except they sing rock music instead of pop.

B-rett | 12/20/2006, 10:29 pm EST

All right, I wrote like the 5th comment and read all these other ones…
First off, anyone can be inspired by music, that ain’t no crime. Oasis and Green Day are both blatantly heavily inspired by other musicians.
Secondly, Noel claims to pay the guys he rips-off. I may be wrong, but that sounds like bullshit. I love Oasis, but I think their albums blow except for about 3 or 4 songs that are amazing, with the rest filler.
Fourthly, American Idiot is still big, and for good reason. Nearly every song on it is great. I’m no emo or “punk” but I recognize good music, and American Idiot is one of the best albums in the last decade.

So I gotta side with Green Day here. I was fans of both bands way before recent, and both have made quality songs over the years. I still contend though that Oasis is boring as hell and Green Day is filled with amazingly charismatic and friendly people. Noel talks alot of shit. The songs may sound alot alike, but it’s easy to talk shit about other bands when you are just sitting on the sidelines.

Ty | 12/20/2006, 10:29 pm EST

There’s a bit in common, but not much. Wonderwall is obviously more acoustic but the guitar riffs are pretty close. Either way, American Idiot is a rediculously overrated album and neither of these bands has done an album of real relevance since the mid 90’s “Dookie” & “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory”. The past 10 years or so has been an eexact parallel between these two bands, filled with random singles on less than impressive albums.

Mr.Kite | 12/20/2006, 10:19 pm EST

Oasis are the last true rock and roll band. They have it all. Great back story, record sale count in the millions, record quality among the best in history (at least on the first two), continuing record sales in the millions, proper sex/drugs and rock and roll phase, and a rock star attitude. I’m sick of these Emo “nice guy” humble “I’m just like you” attitudes. I want real rock stars who tell it like it is. Not some phoney trying to beg me to buy their record. Long live Oasis. As for the comment about stealing…NEWSFLASH..Noel Gallagher runs his mouth in every interview because he likes to make it interesting and stir the pot. I wouldn’t take anything he says to be serious. He just likes getting things riled up. People love the controversy in Hip Hop, and used to love it in Rock and Roll…why the hell do they hate it now????


Tre | 12/20/2006, 10:17 pm EST

Drugs really are a dangerous thing. Gallagher is so off here.


Anonymous | 12/20/2006, 9:56 pm EST

There is a remix on limewire of both songs mashed up together and im sure oasis heard this and were like damn we got ripped off, end of story

Wiseman | 12/20/2006, 9:53 pm EST

I like Green Day. I like Oasis. Noel Gallageher is correct. Boulevard of Broken Dreams is a rip off of Wonderwall. I’m not a musician, but this thought popped into my head the first time I heard it. If you can’t hear it, your either a fan who wants to deny it, or tone deaf.

Fasty | 12/20/2006, 9:52 pm EST

You might not like Oasis, and that’s fine. Something you can’t argue is that Noel has written some of the greatest songs in the last 15 years and their debut album was one of the greatest of all time. Liam is also one of the greatest front men in rock and roll history. Oasis continues to “keep it real” and not sell out like a so-called punk rock band like Green Day, which is by far the biggest sell out in punk rock history. Most Americans don’t get this band and never will, but hey, you can’t blame a country who worships American Idol and has George Bush as a president

Copyright Infringement | 12/20/2006, 9:47 pm EST

Oasis are also frequent offenders, but decidedly awesome as well.

Copyright Infringement | 12/20/2006, 9:46 pm EST

Green Day is guilty of it…

peter lacount | 12/20/2006, 9:44 pm EST

i dont like most of what oasis has done but the brothers gallagher are hilarious.

eric w. gibson sez... | 12/20/2006, 9:43 pm EST

hello pot? this is kettle… noel gallagher ripped off the beatles his whole career. what’s the difference? last time i checked, half the beatles were still alive.
didn’t he say to wait to rip someone off til they’re dead? just fade away already, noel.

Space Pen | 12/20/2006, 9:29 pm EST

they both suck.

tails303 | 12/20/2006, 9:25 pm EST

Green day got it right with “american idiot” yanks are…idiots!

Kevin A | 12/20/2006, 9:21 pm EST

Oasis is a real rock band unlike most of the pretenders around today. If you don’t live the life I have no respect for you or your band GreenDay has a few good songs but who wants to party with some vegans, everybody rips everybody else off somewhere down the line, but if you read the rest of the interview his main point was GreenDay claim to be a kick ass rock n roll band and they couldn’t be less kick ass if the tried. Oasis grew up mistreated soccer hooligan’s who’s first album is a great punk rock album the problem with the states is pop and rap have ruined the culture here. I can’t believe Rolling Stone even noticed this quote instead of spending their time trying to interview Justin Timberlake or Ciara. Why are they still trying to pretend to be a rock magazine when they’ve sold out years ago. Jann Wenner needs to get back to his roots.

Re | 12/20/2006, 9:04 pm EST

Ok, Noel just wants to bring some attention to himself, otherwise, he’d sue Green Day for “stealing” his song.

bikerxr | 12/20/2006, 9:03 pm EST

I guess when you haven’t had a hit in awhile you do what ever it takes to get your name into the limelight. Oasis who?

kev | 12/20/2006, 9:01 pm EST

As an American, one thing is sad, people here think that whatever is popular in the U.S., it must popular the world over.

Oasis has sold around 7 million records in the U.S., however they have sold over 50 million worldwide. They have sold about 12 million in the UK. So about 30 million plus records outside the UK and US.

People that hates Oasis only do b/c they know 3 songs and then know how the Gallaghers run their mouths. I for one would like to know why Green Day (who’s ‘Dookie’ totally sounded like a Clash ripoff, now have a song that is a ripoff but never were called out about it. At least Noel can be toungue and cheek.

Go buy ‘Stop The Clocks’ an Oasis retrospective that is skipping 11 top 10 UK hits and tell me it isn’t any good.

Green Day not put out some subpar records? Please!

Wow...RS | 12/20/2006, 8:47 pm EST

Rolling Stone has just officially become irrelevant in my book. Get over yourselfs and your OBVIOUS loathe for the Gallaghers, its pathetic. I can only imagine what next weeks write about will include, “Noel says Definitely Maybe is there best album…which must mean he thinks the beatles, stones, and everything else ever made, is shit!”
Get over yourselves. It’s so easy to pin the similarities of this song, ESPECIALLY since theres a remix of this song with both bands in it and the DJ’s purpose was to make fun of the fact green day ripped it.

Next Week Goodman reports: “Did Oasis pay the DJ that remade the song so they’d look better? The snotty bad boy brits are at it again, atleast this much is guarenteed, there worst album is better then my best writing.”

Graham | 12/20/2006, 8:41 pm EST

I think it’s funny that the Gallaghers unapolagetically speak their minds, even if they are being complete assholes. I find it much more annoying when most musicians, e.g. Chris Martin and Billie Joe Armstrong, try to get involved with politics, because they really don’t know much about the subject except what they hear from one or two biased sources. I agree for the most part with the message of American Idiot, but at the end of the day I don’t want someone who never went to college trying to tell me about a subject as complex and delicate as the international politics of the Middle East. God bless Noel and Liam for knowing their role in society as rock gods and not political analysts.

Little Richard | 12/20/2006, 8:32 pm EST

Ya’ll would’nt be nothin’ without me. Whooooo

Are you kidding? | 12/20/2006, 8:27 pm EST

Does Elizabeth Goodman have an axe to grind here? Her blind eye to the obvious similarities between the two songs shows a certain bias here. Ms. Goodman seems to be more concerned with writing about Mr. Gallagher the past month or so than she does with honing any amount of analytical listening skills. How does someone with so little musical knowledge get a job working for Rolling Stone?

Josh | 12/20/2006, 8:22 pm EST

Oasis is 10000 times a better band than green day.I happen to like both(not crazy about either one),but there’s no contest. Noel and Green day are both guilty of ripping other people off. Noel has ripped off the Beatles among others and admits it. On American Idiot, Green day rips off Oasis. But they also rip off Johnny Cash (RIP forever),Bryan Adams and afew others i cant think of right now (listen to the song “American idiot” its good..because its about 5 classic songs combined into one 9 minute tune) “Blvd.” does rip off “wonderwall” in the intro and verses. thats fact. you can say whatever you want. you can love both bands,hate both bands,think ones ok. it dosnt matter. The chords and rythm are identical. But this is ridiculously common. Whether or not you realize it, most songs rip other songs off to a degree. So this really isnt a big deal. I’ve always been a much bigger oasis fan than green day fan, but Noel yapping about this is ridiculous and very hypocritical since he’s done MORE his fair share of ripping off and admits it, so for him to bitch about green day stealing from him is a joke.

big black dog | 12/20/2006, 8:18 pm EST

who cares

BCrack | 12/20/2006, 8:14 pm EST

Get over it kids. Noel Gallagher is taking the piss. He even called one of his albums “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”. He knows how the game works and is having a laugh.

cheesecrop | 12/20/2006, 8:13 pm EST

At some point down the line everyone is going to come up with something that sounds even vaguely similar to something else you’ve heard. It’s best just to write off Gallaghers comments as a standard issue rock star grab for the headlines. Both bands have released some dreck along the way, but it’s bound to happen when you’ve been around as long as they have. Let Oasis have their two cents worth here. (Who knows, maybe we’ll get something good out of it music wise as fans).

jill hives | 12/20/2006, 8:07 pm EST

i happen to like green day and oasis, and i noticed the similarity between these two songs a long time ago - they have a very similar chord progression (in the main verse, anyway)and melodic cadence about them - find the mash-up “boulevard of broken songs” on the internet and see how well intertwine/sound alike. anyway, americans take noel’s complaining way more seriously than he takes himself - to watch him speak it’s clear that he’s joking around most of the time, albet in an irrascible manner, and he’s come clean about the uneven quality of his writing many times - it’s just that those comments rarely make it into the US music magazines. ok gotta run do another line…

Noel Gallagher's mind | 12/20/2006, 8:02 pm EST

I know it’s bloody awful for me of all people to accuse someone else of stealing, but the album sales for our greatest hits CD are pathetic so I need to stir up some controversy…hey, and maybe if I accuse other people of stealing, no one will think to accuse me–if you don’t take a few jabs you’ll be the one getting hit…
…I’m actually quite surprised that more people haven’t noticed my plagiarisms…those dumb blokes…I can’t “Imagine” a better intro to “Don’t Look Back In Anger” –and “Cigarettes and Alcohol” shouldn’t so much ring a bell as it should “bangg a gong”!–hah!…and “Morning Glory” is such a great song–I guess you could say it’s “The One I Love”!!! It’s so easy to cover up too! All you have to do is disguise the song with a crumby vocal melody!

w0nderwall | 12/20/2006, 8:00 pm EST

The final word is this: Green Day is a good band with some great songs. Oasis is the greatest band ever, greater than the bands that influenced them or they ripped off themselves. We will will never get another Live Forever or Wonderwall ever again. May Oasis keep rock alive and may all their fans live forver!

musicJUNKIE | 12/20/2006, 7:41 pm EST

jon…nickelback is from canada

Jon B. | 12/20/2006, 7:39 pm EST

I think both of them WERE good. Hate Green Day now, loved Oasis then. Hate Oasis now, loved Green Gay then.

musicJUNKIE | 12/20/2006, 7:38 pm EST

thank you God for sending someone who thinks like me!

musicJUNKIE | 12/20/2006, 7:37 pm EST

thanks god i’m not british…. | 12/20/2006, 5:15 pm EST

for obvious reasons……


Keep our composure | 12/20/2006, 7:27 pm EST

I can’t stand oasis fans. “Oh they are so nice to their fans” -That’s because they are ego maniacs and can’t live with out the attention. When has oasis ever done anything original? I don’t hate their music so much as them personally. But, I can’t say any of it has ever seemed to sound innovative to me in the least.

Second, I love these idiots who throw up how the chords are the same and other “rip-offs” that they’ve noticed. These are dumb-ass scenesters who know nothing about music. There is only a hand full of progressions in all of rock/ blues/ country. The melody is what changes from one song to another. The similarities in melody on these two are miniscule at best.

I think Oasis is just jealous that when our countries were going through a difficult time (and the UK has their share of Iraqi blood on their hands) Green Day wrote a relevant album that actually had something to say. People can say what they will about it being a sell out record but what is the point of preaching to the choir? The record is useless if it doesn’t reach the mainstream.

I say Kudos to Green Day for being a good band and taking such a huge leap musically and pooh-poohs to Oasis for wasting my stereo’s time. I would venture to say there is not one chord progression that is unique to these pranksters, and all of their metaphors are either ripped off or accidental gibberish. I don’t believe their pain for a second. What the hell do any of their songs really mean?

Jack | 12/20/2006, 7:27 pm EST

Yeah! Woo hoo, punk rock ballad. cool.
Honestly, Greenday just kinda sucks little emo bitch balls. “american idiot”? that is the most ass retarded song name I’ve ever heard. Anyone who has even a hint of respect for that sell out piece of crap should die. They are a disgrace to anything that could be called music. Go through puberty and listen to some real music.

Anonymous | 12/20/2006, 7:24 pm EST

There’s one reason the songs are dissimiliar…Wonderwall is a good song and blvd of broken dreams stands for everything wrong with our society. I mean come on…life is not that bad…quit fucking whining about everything in your life (directed at greenday, emo, wining suburban pussies, whoever). Here you live in the greatest country ever, at the most healthy, productive time in the history of human civilization (have enough money to throw away on the CD), and they can’t stop bitching about their life. Try living in a third world country or the middle ages or being a women at almost any point in time. Fuck emo, fuck green day, fuck the pussies who actually listen to this crap and think there life is SO bad, and fuck RS for sucking this whining dick so long. Blvd of broken dreams was the most overplayed song of the past 10 years, and I still can’t believe we are talking about it.

Makes me sick…

luv or h8, it does sound alike | 12/20/2006, 7:22 pm EST

Love Oasis, or hate em, yeah its a rip off. I know cuz the first time i heard the green day song (whatever) i though it was going into “Wonderwall”. Wonderwall is a much better song.

radio free srini | 12/20/2006, 7:19 pm EST

green day are much nicer people than noel gallagher, and i think that counts for something. was “smells like teen spirit” a rip off of “more than a feeling”? when the government starts allowing the patenting of chord structures like they do portions of the human genome, music will be screwed. oh yeah: oasis, and most of that crap britpop lameness (coldplay ?!?), is pure dreck and the only thing acceptable about wonderwall is the cat power cover. p e a c e

azwyldcats | 12/20/2006, 7:16 pm EST

Those are the ravings of a coke head.

musicJUNKIE | 12/20/2006, 7:11 pm EST

i think gallagher’s jealous

w0nderwall | 12/20/2006, 7:09 pm EST

To Aaron D,

So you think Giants & Chemistry were duds, fair enough, but it’s not like Nimrod, Insomniac, and Warning were great classics either, and there are better songs between Giants & Chemistry than on those three Green Day records combined!

Rosebud | 12/20/2006, 7:06 pm EST

I think Gallagher should get a life and work on that instead of sniping about a band that has more than earned its accolades and its place in the American pantheon. Oasis is so yesterday.

Aaron D. | 12/20/2006, 7:05 pm EST

Just because Oasis finally released a good album after two duds doesn’t mean we should pay attention to their arrogant ramblings. Also, Green Day is leagues above Oasis.

Green Day, unlike Oasis, don’t release underbaked, half-assed crap and call it an album like Oasis did with Giants and Chemistry.

WARHAND | 12/20/2006, 7:01 pm EST

N.O.Y.B is corretct in his post, and I’ve even read quotes where he has stated that he took from othere songs, Nevertheless Oasis rules and green day are a bunch of middle aged sell out whores, that by the way went across America gettting disolutioned you after youth to scream “I wanna be an AMERICAN IDIOT” What does that do to the youth of tomorrow?Billie Joe is a clown and is even uglier.

w0nderwall | 12/20/2006, 7:01 pm EST

To Patrick,

What do you mean Oasis doesn’t bring it live in the U.S.? I guess you have to have explosions everywhere and retarded light sequences. Hmm, how about the music? Yeah, that’s why people go to Oasis shows, to see them play their music live, not to see some wannabe action movie scene on stage. And as far as Oasis and America are concerned, their last American tour was their most successful since their Morning Glory years, so what do you mean that they don’t bring it? Madison Square Garden in NY sold out in under an hour for them. Yeah, try again buddy.

Pete Wentz | 12/20/2006, 6:58 pm EST


Patrick | 12/20/2006, 6:56 pm EST

Oasis has better songs but they would get blown off the stage by Green Day. I saw Oasis a few times in the US and they were always uninterested and uninspiring on stage. The American press and American rock fans will not embrace bands that can’t bring it live.

w0nderwall | 12/20/2006, 6:56 pm EST

And why hasn’t Rolling Stone given Oasis’ Stop the Clocks record an official review yet? I like this mag, but if your going to review U2’s singles record, then review Stop the Clocks. You know what, here’s the score you should give it: 5 Stars, easy. Every track is classic!

fox | 12/20/2006, 6:55 pm EST

listen to doublewhiskeycokenoice by dillinger 4. remind you of a greenday song? this isn’t the first time they lifted a song. m/dillingerfour

skag n bone | 12/20/2006, 6:53 pm EST

pete doherty owns them all. thats all!

w0nderwall | 12/20/2006, 6:51 pm EST

As for Green Day ripping off Wonderwall by Oasis, who cares? They took the chords and made another great song out of it, nothing that Noel hasn’t done before. And nothing that anyone else has ever done before, inclouding the Beatles “trying” to rip off Bob Dylan. Does that make the Beatles cheap in any sense? No. Point is, Green Day made a comeback with American Idiot, Oasis made a comeback with Don’t Believe The Truth (which is better anyways, but you won’t hear that from mainstream American media mags like Rolling Stone).

NB | 12/20/2006, 6:47 pm EST

I think the real controversary is how Green Day ripped off Iggy Pop’s The Passenger when they wrote Holiday.

w0nderwall | 12/20/2006, 6:47 pm EST

Oasis is a great band, period. The thing here is that mags like Rolling Stone dissed them after Be Here Now was released, and once it became popular opinion that Be Here Now wasn’t the great record it was hyped up to be (considering the previous two classics from Oasis that are better than anything Pearl Jam has ever done and Nirvana’s Nevermind), Rolling Stone stabbed them in the back. That’s right, they stabbed them in the back just for the sake of popular opinion for one record, and that was after they gave them four stars out of five for it! Real good job Rolling Stone magazine!

HaroldRosenfeld | 12/20/2006, 6:44 pm EST

I’d say at this point in time, it is impossible NOT to copy another rock song, whether one means to or not. There are only so many notes and chords.

Also, Green Day does not suck because they aren’t as “punk” as they were before. Artists are allowed to try different sounds instead of relying on the same formula.

Finally, Oasis is simply more appreciated in the UK than the US. British Pop music includes more rock than American Pop does (ho hum).

Molly | 12/20/2006, 6:35 pm EST

Oh what a shit head the Ghallagers are. I’m sorry, they make good music that I do appreciate but they behave like total dicks to try to get attention now that its faded off of them. Its rather pathetic actually. Oh, and the songs don’t sound the same so I don’t know where he got that

Andrew | 12/20/2006, 6:34 pm EST

The Chords progressions are identical (Eminor7 G Dsus4 A). It totally is a rip off.

Jack | 12/20/2006, 6:34 pm EST

by the way, wtf is with you english guys. England is cool. America is cool. stop talking shit.

armand | 12/20/2006, 6:32 pm EST

Gallagher is a moron, he’s trying to get attention because Oasis hasn’t had a hit in the US in over 10 years and will never have a hit here for the rest of their lives. Green Day on the other hand continue to come out with great songs over and over and remain one of the most respected and loved bands worldwide. Oasis had 2 hits and no one gives a crap about them anymore, at least not in America, they are just jealous and whiny brats who can’t write good songs anymore. Green Day is amazing, show some respect.

Jack | 12/20/2006, 6:30 pm EST

If you aren’t a 16 year old “punk rocker” you shouldn’t waste your time listening to Greenday in the first place. stop worrying about it.

rb | 12/20/2006, 6:25 pm EST

It’s too bad that instead of uniting people, music is being used to cause hatred. “thanks god i’m not American” and “thanks god i’m not British.” Music is for enjoyment, regardless of who wrote it, ripped it or whatever. Get over yourselves and listen to whatever band you prefer. And lose the racial overtones.

Graham | 12/20/2006, 6:21 pm EST

Noel has every right to be upset. Oasis is definitely better than Green Day, who has largely sold out their punk roots for mainstream success.

Also, don’t hate on Noel Gallagher’s personality either. I saw the new rockumentary about them, “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down,” and he went out of his way to sign autographs and interact with fans, always with a smile on his face. He is also incredibly witty with a great sense of humor.

P.S. Billy Joe: you’re not Bono.

Flava D | 12/20/2006, 6:18 pm EST

Oasis………probably one of the worst and over rated bands……..every few years they have to offend somebody otherwise they don’t make the news. Oasis are good at copying old 60’s British invasion style and updating it for the 90’s….they are so done…..Sorry there Noel the two tunes sound nothing alike and you have NO GOOD SONGS.

dyer | 12/20/2006, 6:17 pm EST

I, as a fookin’ yank, will take Oasis over Green Day any old day. Name one band that hasn’t ripped off another great band in the past 2 decades??? Green Day just sucks. They are rip off of any Great Brit punk band from the 70’s

ha | 12/20/2006, 6:11 pm EST

you have no idea how proud i am that im not american

Jeff | 12/20/2006, 6:10 pm EST

…And what the fuck does ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ sound like?

Fuck it…don’t ALL their songs sound like John Lennon/The Beatles?

They sound like them…except they’re shit in comparison.

Too bad Noel’s coke-slut miscreant younger brother can’t sing anymore, it means he has to go out and slag other musicians to get attention even more than he used to.

Delbert | 12/20/2006, 6:10 pm EST

I get fucking tired of reading about both oasis and green day.

kev | 12/20/2006, 6:06 pm EST

Oasis = One good song?

Live Forever
Slide Away
Champagne Supernova
Don’t Look Back In Anger
The Masterplan
Whateve r
All Around The World (AT&T think so
Stop Crying your Heart Out
Importance Of Being Idle


kev | 12/20/2006, 6:02 pm EST

Nickleback is Canadian.

jordan | 12/20/2006, 5:55 pm EST

Nice write up ‘dude’.

Noel is an amazing song writer. George Martin of the beatles and Paul McCartney both said he’s the best of his time, and if you sit and listen to His songs, you’d probably be in agreement.

Greenday ripped off Oasis. Oasis are hated in America and magazines like RS shit on the all the time.

Oasis walk with swagger and have confidence, this is seen as a bad thing, and therefore suck.

frortiz | 12/20/2006, 5:52 pm EST

“Jesus of Suburbia’ sounds too close to Bryan Adams “Summer of 69″, around 2 minutes and 23 seconds.

N.O.Y.B. | 12/20/2006, 5:37 pm EST

Also, I should have mentioned, Green Day is far from exempt of this type of behavior. I remember an L.A. disc jockey queueing and old Green Day song (”Brain Stew”?) over Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4″, and the two main riffs were so similar it was hilarious.

Scotty Checkbooks | 12/20/2006, 5:31 pm EST

N.O.Y.B. is pretty much right.. However, the beats are strikingly similar and the chord progression (Musician speaking here) is very symmetrical. Also, the stuff they (Oasis) robbed just borrowers a melody line that lasts 8 measures at most. Eight measures does not make it a robbery! Give the fookin guy more cred.. I forgot to add that Green Day is a WELL PLAYED OUT NOVELTY BAND THAT SHOULD HAVE SUNK AFTER THEIR SECOND LP. They caught the wave of cheese listeners right at their cherry poppin moment.. The only thing Green Day is good for is their timing for that wave!

he is right | 12/20/2006, 5:29 pm EST

it seems all americans have is stereotypes, talking about a tooth bush, wow.
people are talkin about oasis taking parts from other people all the time, has no one heard the stiff little fingers?.. i think green day have.
green day are an average band at best, as someone said before, oasis released 2 all time classic in the 90’s

chris | 12/20/2006, 5:28 pm EST

Green Day is just o.k. They are a little overated.

Oasis is great but they haven’t made a decent album in a decade. They need to make another to make a better argument.

pedro alves | 12/20/2006, 5:25 pm EST

oasis and green day both good…
the importance of being idle..a great song..and sounds like nothing are they dated..

Jon | 12/20/2006, 5:23 pm EST

Roll on Februrary 2007. The Brit Awards - Oasis will receive Outstanding contribution to music. Britain keeps producing great bands like Oasis, Coldplay and Kasabian. The best America can offer is that rubbish from Nickleback!!

Dude.....Big in the U.K? | 12/20/2006, 5:23 pm EST

Isn’t that like big in Japan?

N.O.Y.B. | 12/20/2006, 5:20 pm EST

I love Oasis, but if this isn’t clearly a case of the pot calling the kettle black to drum up a few headlines, I don’t know what is.

Sure, Lennon is dead, but that does that make Gallagher’s shameless ripoff of “Imagine” for the opening intro of “Don’t Look Back in Anger” any more excusable? Of course not. How about the outro of “She’s Electric” and “With A Little Help From My Friends”? Even the title of the song “Wonderwall” is an uninspired cop off a George Harrison album.

“Cigarettes and Alcohol” IS T. Rex’s “Get It On”, but Marc Bolan’s dead, so I guess that makes it okay in Gallagher’s eyes. And let us never forget the “Shakermaker” - “Coca-Cola song” fiasco.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Nice Teeth | 12/20/2006, 5:18 pm EST

NEWS FLASH: Nobody really cares about Oasis! They were, and i say were because there are not even relevant anymore a whiny bitch band with bad teeth and worse songs. I don’t like Greenday much either, but at least they get there publicity from the music instead of a singer who is upset knowone cares about his band anymore. Wonderwall is the only song from Oasis most people can name, in a few more years you won’t even remember the band. Your not the Beatles just because your British. I may be a dumb American, but i’m smart enough to know how a toothbrush works!

Rich | 12/20/2006, 5:17 pm EST

Green Day is incapable of making a major artistic leap, so it wouldn’t surprise me that they would resort to ripping off other more talented artists. I grew tired of them in the 90’s.

Gallagher Rocks!! | 12/20/2006, 5:16 pm EST

Besides “thanks god I’m not american” is hell right!!!!!!!!!!!

about everything!!!


JK | 12/20/2006, 5:15 pm EST

Oasis are the greatest band to come out of the UK since the Beatles. If you listen to their best of you’ll notice some of their best songs didn’t even appear on their albums. Most of their b sides are better than most other bands singles. People who criticise them are just lazy. Wake up and listen!

thanks god i'm not british.... | 12/20/2006, 5:15 pm EST

for obvious reasons……


Anonymous | 12/20/2006, 5:13 pm EST

1. haven’t heard wonderwall?

2.anyon e with half and ear can tell that the chords are the same…
but then again…who cares?

3. get a life…both bands are once great, past their prime and too rich to care….


Gallagher Rocks!! | 12/20/2006, 5:13 pm EST

I think that green day has sold itself to market. at least oasis has its own sound unless it steals riffs. they remain real.!!!!

Dude | 12/20/2006, 5:11 pm EST

Wonderwall chords: F#m, A, E, Bm
BOBD chords: Fm, Ab, Eb, Bbm

Same chord progressoin, different keys.

People hate on Oasis because they don’t like them talking shit. They look for reasons not to like them. The fact is, their first two albums are considered classics in the 90’s. They released one album that wasn’t as good, and because people were looking for reasons to hate them, bam, they magically become burned out overnight.

They’re still by far the biggest band in the UK. Every single one of their albums has entered the charts at #1, and all their singles since December 1994 have entered the charts in the top 4. They won Q’s award for Best Act in the World Today this year, and last year they won the awards for best album (Don’t Believe The Truth) and best track (The Importance Of Being Idle).

Rolling Stone praises the Killers but rags on Oasis, despite obviously not listening to any of their albums since Be Here Now. Don’t Believe The Truth received 4.5 stars from, but Rolling Stone doesn’t even include it in their 50 best albums of the 2005, while 50 Cent makes the top 10. This is definitely a magazine that doesn’t follow trends and will identify the best bands out there… NOT.

EJ | 12/20/2006, 5:11 pm EST

There is a mix that was played in a radio station here in Puerto Rico that has both songs in it. And I got to say that they do sound like its one song. It’s amazing. But I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it was stolen. I think Gallagher is just starting up something to get attention like Oasis always does.

RockGod | 12/20/2006, 5:09 pm EST

Or… stop writing shit about sell-out groups we don’t care about and get on with the shit we do care about, ie. Chinese Democracy.

thanks god im not american | 12/20/2006, 5:07 pm EST

its easy to see that u are all stupid americans, who listen to idiots in long shorts, standing on skate boards singing about how their parents didnt love them enough.
i cant believe that someone has not heard wonderwall, shocking.
noel does stil have a job by the way, indeed his band sold out MSG in 20 mins this year.
and no one talks like a 19th century dandy in england anymore (pip pip), manchester is a workin class city and you would be given a slap about the head if u spoke like that,if more than 3% of americans had a passport to leave their own country u would know that.

Den | 12/20/2006, 5:07 pm EST

“They should have the decency to wait until I am dead [before stealing my songs]” he quipped. “I, at least, pay the people I steal from that courtesy.”

At least, that’s honest. But I agree with the other comment concerning “Mucky Fingers” : Lou Reed is still alive. Hell, even Ringo & Paul are still around.

John Kerry | 12/20/2006, 5:03 pm EST

Oasis still means a lot to the public…

… The British public, that is. They still go #1 with every proper studio album. Even Standing on the Shoulder went #1, for Christsakes!

jason | 12/20/2006, 5:03 pm EST

You guys can’t read. He said he wishes Green Day would wait until HE (Gallagher) was dead before ripping him off. He went on to say that he (Gallagher, again) at least has the courtesy to pay the people he rips off. The dude does not take himself seriously in interviews, folks. Neither should you.

pja | 12/20/2006, 4:56 pm EST

RedSG - you haven’t heard wonderwall?


jordan | 12/20/2006, 4:54 pm EST

Oasis has two good albums. With more hits on them than most bands have in a full carreer.

teddy miller | 12/20/2006, 4:53 pm EST

green day sucks

oasis has one good album

both bands should stop making music

Fred McGriff | 12/20/2006, 4:52 pm EST

folks, the songs are obviously completely unrelated. what I’m more concerned about is the fact that Gallagher says he doesn’t steal from anyone who’s still alive. huh? how about Paul McCartney, Ray Davies, Pete Townshend, Jagger/Richards, Brian Wilson…the list goes on.
That said, I like the fact that he does admit to his theivery, and in general I do think the guy is pretty hilarious in his surliness.

RedSG | 12/20/2006, 4:49 pm EST

I haven’t heard Wonderwall, but even if they are similar, so what? Plenty of songs sound the same, it happens. It doesn’t mean they were ripping him off. He should get over it. At least Green Day is doing stuff right now that has some meaning to society.

sublimer | 12/20/2006, 4:48 pm EST

Cheerio then, Carry On. I’ll have a spot of tea and listen to the tracks with me mother. Pip pip.

jordan | 12/20/2006, 4:46 pm EST =akGRWdkAxhI

They are similar.

Huh? | 12/20/2006, 4:43 pm EST

Mucky Fingers = Waiting For The Man.
Isn’t Lou Reed still alive. . . .

John Kerry | 12/20/2006, 4:40 pm EST

I don’t think they sound a damned thing alike, and honestly, I don’t care.

Noel always spouts stuff like this. Get used to it!

B-rett | 12/20/2006, 4:40 pm EST

I love both bands, but Oasis is extremely UN-charismatic compared to the Beatles (who they’ve often been compared to) and even compared to Billie Joe and friends. The Gallaghers are jerks, plain and simple, and are jealous of Green Day’s newfound popularity. The songs sound completely different, and Wonderwall is lame.

blah | 12/20/2006, 4:37 pm EST ia/boulevardofbrokensongs.mp3

right here

blah | 12/20/2006, 4:33 pm EST

someone had merged the songs about a year ago. they’re totally similar.

Val Kilmer | 12/20/2006, 4:33 pm EST

Well there is that mash-up of both songs and they fit perfectly together.

Wonderwall is 10x better than BOBD in my humble opinion.

Brad | 12/20/2006, 4:31 pm EST

From the ultimate plagiarist of the ultimate band (the Beatles), Gallagher really is a stupid hypocrit, who, by the way, is dead wrong about Green Day ripping him off. Oh, and I don’t even like Green Day.

honestly | 12/20/2006, 4:19 pm EST

Gallagher is a shit head. His music is dated, and no one listens to him unless he’s ripping on actual artists. he barely even has a job anymore.

Taylor T-Sides | 12/20/2006, 4:01 pm EST

hah, weren’t Green Day accused of doing this before?

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