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Welcome to the Quintessential Player wiki!

The forum is now open! You can use the Forum link at the top of the page to access it. You can use the same login for both the wiki and the forum; logging yourself into one will log yourself into the other. If you previously registered for the wiki, you will need to sign up again.

As you probably know, this is an unofficial wiki and forum run by Toe to provide information to QMP users. As of this writing, the official Quintessential Player website is down, so users are gathering here instead.

Note: If you're wondering when the official site will return, that's currently unknown. However, it has been verified that a 'test' quinnware.com with a new site design is currently up and running!

Some notes on this wiki: it is powered by DokuWiki, rather than MediaWiki which most people are familiar with (Wikipedia runs on MediaWiki). The basic ideas are pretty much the same, though. In addition to the standard wiki syntax, it's also setup so that you can use BBCode like a forum.

At the moment, the content is a bit sparse, but that's where you come in! We need people to edit the wiki to grow its content. All you've gotta do is register using the button at the top of the screen. If you're new to wiki editing, it's a good idea to take your first steps by visiting the playground page and clicking the Edit This Page button at the bottom-left. Any discussion of the wiki itself can be done on the forum, linked above.

Table of Contents
How-to Guides
Information on how to use QMP. New users should start here!
When it all goes wrong, turn here
Extending Quintessential Player
Using plugins, skins, and more
Audio & Video Information
A reference library about the stuff QMP plays and more
About Quintessential Player
General facts about Quintessential Player
Developing for QMP
Creating your own skins, plugins, and translations
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