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I see these 2 acronyms thrown around, and I was wondering if there are any differences between a GUID and a UUID?

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GUID is Microsoft's implementation of the UUID standard.

Per Wikipedia:

The term GUID usually refers to Microsoft's implementation of the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) standard.

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Well a GUID (Globally Unique ID) is only unique for items on this planet, whereas a UUID (Universally Unique ID) should cover you anywhere terrestrial or extra-terrestrial

LOL - extra points for humor. – Jon Tackabury Oct 29 at 14:13
Shame I've hit my rep cap for today already – Gareth Oct 29 at 14:15
Assuming, of course, that there aren't alternate universes. :-) – tvanfosson Oct 29 at 14:15
Thus proving Microsoft comes up short once again? – Ed.T Oct 29 at 14:52
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Not really. GUID is more Microsoft-centric whereas UUID is used more widely (e.g., as in the urn:uuid: URN scheme, and in CORBA).

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