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Last Updated: May 19, 2009 12:18 AM

ACCEPT Recruits Ex-TT QUICK Singer To Replace UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER - May 15, 2009
Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann and bassist Peter Baltes have recruited Mark Tornillo, former lead singer of the New York/New Jersey metal band TT QUICK, to front the new version of ACCEPT. Tour dates are currently being booked and a new studio album is on the way.

ACCEPT 2009 is:

Wolf Hoffmann: Guitar
Peter Baltes: Bass
Herman Frank: Guitar
Mark Tornillo: Vocals
Stefan Schwarzmann: Drums

Two audio samples featuring the new ACCEPT lineup are currently available for streaming/download on the band's web site (taken from a jam session recorded on April 26, 2009 at Shorefire Recording studios in Long Branch, New Jersey):

"Balls To The Wall": Audio Stream, MP3 Download
"Flash Rocking Man": Audio Stream, MP3 Download

ACCEPT in 2005 completed a 25th anniversary tour with a touring lineup of original members Udo Dirkschneider (vocals), Wolf Hoffmann and Herman Frank and Peter Baltes, along with Stefan Schwarzmann.

In a 2007 interview with Lords of Metal e-zine Dirkschneider stated about the 25th anniversary trek, "I didn't see it as a reunion. A reunion, to me, is coming back together, getting to rehearsals, doing shows and writing songs together and eventually mak[ing] an album. That wasn't the case with ACCEPT. It was just for the fans and for fun. We had a great time together and shared a lot of drinks and old stories. But, anyway, when we got back together [in 2005], nobody was talking about a new studio album with ACCEPT. Even if you wanted it somewhere deep inside, you still had to wait for a magic moment to let it out. But such a magic moment never came, at least not for me. . . A real reunion, with a new album and a tour to support it . . . means that I have to start writing songs together with Wolf Hoffmann and that would be a problem. You know, it's easy to play the old songs, because they already exist. Especially for me it was easier, because I still do those classics with U.D.O., but for some of the guys it was a bit harder. But everybody did a great job on stage. I understand that people want a new ACCEPT album, but composing songs together would have been a disaster. That way we would destroy more than we would create. We have a good relationship now and it's best to keep it that way."

Speaking to in 2005, Udo said, "I think that after doing all these [reunion] shows [to celebrate ACCEPT's 25th anniversary], [Wolf] was really thinking about doing something more with ACCEPT. The thing is that if he really wanted do something like that, why he never came up during all the shows and say, 'Hey, Udo, I got some new songs, do you wanna hear them?' or something like that. There was nothing. Music-wise, he was maybe thinking something and I was like, this is very hard to explain but I felt inside of me, 'Don't do it, don't do it!!' I think that this was a perfect way finish ACCEPT."

Udo added, "I think [Wolf] did lot of very boring interviews [after we completed the ACCEPT 25th anniversary tour]. When I read [Wolf's comments in the press about a possible new ACCEPT studio album], I was wondering what was coming up from his mind. I mean, when he started doing interviews, he said, 'I have no problem to do ACCEPT but Udo doesn't want to do it. There will be no real reunion because of Udo.' Still, it wasn't too long time ago when he said 'No ACCEPT — I don't wanna do it because I hate that business. I don't wanna be in music business anymore.' . . . I think this is some kind fear of him, you know. I mean, he knew that I was working with U.D.O. and we had a new album coming out and he know what I was thinking all the time. From my side, there wasn't [the possiblity of a full-fledged] reunion at any point and he knew that right from the beginning and now he's changing the story. . . He changed his mind. If he wants to, he can still do ACCEPT but with a different singer. [Laughs.]"

TT QUICK was a popular club band during the 1980s in the New York and New Jersey area and was known for the guitar work of David Dipietro and the powerful vocals of Mark Tornillo. Dipietro's skills were especially singled out as he had given lessons to both Zakk Wylde of the OZZY OSBOURNE band and SKID ROW's Dave Sabo.

TT QUICK disbanded and later reunited sporadically and released a few more albums, including a live CD from one of their reunion gigs ("Thrown Together Live") and a studio effort, "Ink", which came out in 2000.

Mark Tornillo (photo by Brian Rademacher):

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COMMENT | Is this really necessary?
posted by : The Ghost at Number One
5/16/2009 12:01:47 AM

They tried this once with David Reece, and it didn't even come close to working.

That rerecording of Balls to the Wall is downright dreadful.

COMMENT | Oh dear lord
posted by : Goatchrist
5/16/2009 12:02:02 AM

I feel like my metal heart just got replaced with a hunk of cold steel........yep, shitty metaphor.

Bring back UDO!!

COMMENT | joke
posted by : laggerlugger
5/16/2009 12:19:38 AM

this a bad joke right? UDO is accept!the fact that these guys have done nothing since they broke up while UDO has put amazing records without them proves they want to cash in on the accept name with a pale imatator on vocals?hey guys you tried once before and the results were awful and will be again. why not put put something new under a different name?if it is as good as accept fans will still buy it,but going out under the name with a new singer will not work.I will stick with U.D.O. for my accept fix.

posted by : Fani Dilth
5/16/2009 12:20:20 AM

The only way the legend will be back is if there's a smidget running around on stage in camoes...

COMMENT | Just more crap.
posted by : edrpz
5/16/2009 12:23:36 AM

No Udo, no real Accept. Didn't work before and will not work now.

COMMENT | Awesome News!
posted by : megadoc
5/16/2009 12:29:21 AM

Those are just demo tracks guys --- UDO did not write ANY of the classic ACCEPT songs, not a one. And while he will be missed, he'd rather do really bad versions of the Accept songs with his cover band, just check out youtube for some of those (his voice is shot). Wolf Hoffmann and Peter Baltes are metal legends and they just can't wait any longer. All the best to UDO and ROCK ON ACCEPT! Please tour with Saxon just like the old days.

posted by : Cash Bailey
5/16/2009 12:31:00 AM

No Udo, no Accept.

Give it up now.

posted by : 5142
5/16/2009 12:37:16 AM

Udo actually has a very unique voice,so having him replaced seems strange,it's like replacing king diamond in Mercyful Fate or Fat Mike in Nofx..or Peter Steel in Type O Negative

but if they TOUR & come to Texas...I might go see them..

But in my mind this band is a cover band but if they come to Dalas...I'll go see them.

COMMENT | chill
posted by : Acceptson
5/16/2009 12:43:15 AM

Hey guys! Peter Baltes is my dad. We just want you guys to know that it is still all a work in progress. Those audio's were jam sessions. Mark had never sang the songs before that day! So just give it some time and see how it works out. Believe me it is much better than Reese. I would know! Its gonna MAKE YOUR EARS BLEED!!!!!

COMMENT | hm...
posted by : megal0maniac
5/16/2009 12:44:58 AM

UDO is too iconic to replace....

good for them to want to go on, but i hope if they do anything that it is in the vain of the superb OBJECTION OVERRULED and not in that of predator and the rest of the Panterish crap they released towards the end ....

COMMENT | No Udo...No Accept!
posted by : blackdoomandgloom
5/16/2009 12:47:47 AM

I gotta agree...the demo tunes themselves sound awesome, but the vocals just plain suck donkey shit. As an old school Accept fan, I just can't "accept" the vo-kills.

COMMENT | Ooo Yeah
posted by : uh huh
5/16/2009 12:48:19 AM

Metal Of Honorrrrr

posted by : Acceptson
5/16/2009 12:48:30 AM

udo is iconic, but he chose not to join. this is not a cover band. mark is a great singer and his reputation preceeds him. i mean tt quick was on the same label as metallica when they started. Something must be right. this is just a sample. wait for fast as a shark and then tell me what you guys think!!!!!!!

COMMENT | Udo refused to rejoin Accept
posted by : megadoc
5/16/2009 12:51:23 AM

From what I understand UDO refused to rejoin Accept - so he's the reason that he's not in Accept - Wolf, Peter, Herman, Stephan and now Mark are going to move forward. I agree that UDO is one of a kind and really there is no way to replace him --- but he does not want to be involved and the songwriters for the group are in place. Wolf is the Riffmeister and Peter is one of the greatest metal bass players ever - so go for it guys and it's too bad UDO didn't want to keep Accept alive but the train is leaving the station with or without him. ACCEPT WORLDWIDE TOUR 2010!

COMMENT | This would be better if
posted by : A/Mark/For/Andi/Deris
5/16/2009 12:52:14 AM

David Reece was in the band. I know so many ppl hated Eat the Heat but I personally thought it was a great album. This new version of Accept to me won't fly. They either needed to get Udo or get David back or forget it completely...

Also if anyone was wondering, I also like Bangalore Choir

posted by : itchy1975
5/16/2009 12:54:10 AM

that guy singing just down right SUCKS!!!!!!

COMMENT | acdc
posted by : Acceptson
5/16/2009 12:56:35 AM

imagine what people though of brian johnson when acdc lost bon. /???????

COMMENT | This is awesome news
posted by : Jakdknife
5/16/2009 12:58:10 AM

T.T Quick has been one of my all time favorite Metal bands for a long ass time and I know Mark's voice fits this band to a T. The other dudes in Accept want to move on and they should. Wolf is an incredible talent as well as Baltes and everyone else and this talent should not be sacrificed by Udo's unwillingness to reunite so as much as I like Udo I say fuck him and lets move on we'll always have the classics. Tornillo's voice is intense and a lot like Udo's I dare say even better in many ways. mark has some scream let me tell ya. Refer to TT. Quick's Front Burner for a convincer. ,,,,life goes on we should move forwrd with the bands we have always loved. Horns Up! NEW material coming from Accept!!!! nuff' said.

posted by : death-23
5/16/2009 1:00:30 AM

No thanks.

posted by : Toolman9315
5/16/2009 1:06:20 AM


posted by : Toolman9315
5/16/2009 1:12:54 AM


posted by : KNOCK 'EM DEAD
5/16/2009 1:18:33 AM

Have always loved Accept, they are in my top 5 favourite metal bands ever, but one of my great disapointments in life was that they never toured Australia, if getting a new singer means that there is a chance they they will tour down under then l don't care who sings for them, but in saying that l do think that if they really want to make it work they should get a singer with a bit of a profile. Tim Ripper Owens would be perfect!

posted by : Toolman9315
5/16/2009 1:21:25 AM


COMMENT | Toolman9315
posted by : The Ghost at Number One
5/16/2009 1:33:39 AM

Settle down, friend. I doubt they'll be changing their minds because of what we think.

COMMENT | hmmm
posted by : Thunder Tyrant
5/16/2009 1:39:14 AM

The new dude doesn't sound that bad. It ain't Udo though. If they really want to make an impact on the US, they have to have Udo front the band otherwise they are destined to play half empty clubs across the states. Also getting Udo back would really bump them up the ladder on the bill of the Summer Euro festivals. Either way I wish them well.

COMMENT | wow didn't see that coming
posted by : hawking
5/16/2009 1:42:00 AM

this is cool, good choice for vocalist. I liked both bands, I was so into that first tt quick ep and restless and wild. shit that was 25 years ago.

I saw tt quick lots of times but never saw accept, so they should play starland ballroom, I'd be into that. the audio samples were a little fucked up but the vocals and guitars sounded good.

COMMENT | ^^^^^^
posted by : Thunder Tyrant
5/16/2009 1:42:46 AM

just remember when Priest tried this and then when they got Halford back how much of an impact they. I saw JP at a club with Ripper, I saw JP at an arena when Rob came back.

posted by : hawking
5/16/2009 1:55:12 AM

okay I just watched udo do fast as a shark live 2008 on youtube and he sounds better than I expected.

I think that accept with tornillo should tour with udo. they could both do some of the same songs and it would bring out the best in both.

COMMENT | ok, i'm drunk and high for the first time in
posted by : And Then There Were None
5/16/2009 2:11:19 AM

over 6 months, but i think as far as replacements go, this guy sound pretty fucking good.

i love UDO and have been a fan since the early 80s but damn, this guy is making "Balls" sound as good as I could imagine anyone beside UDO singing it.

Wolf is a god. i will pay to see this band play. fuck the haters. keep the tunes and the tour coming, Wolf.

best possible choice i could imagine.


COMMENT | New Singer?
posted by : Power
5/16/2009 3:24:23 AM

Accept needs someone like.... Adam Lambert

That would give Accept some well deserved attention

COMMENT | that must be a joke!
posted by : Frank Black
5/16/2009 3:43:42 AM

i can't believe a serious guy like wolf gave the permission to post these tracks. the vocals are just crap and I think it's still fake. or they will kill the legend!

COMMENT | What the fuck?
posted by : Ragehead91
5/16/2009 5:32:10 AM

Seriously, what the fuck? It didn't work the last time you kicked Udo and it won't work this time! Udo is the voice of accept! This is the same thing why Iron Maiden and Judas Priest didn't work without Bruce or Rob!

COMMENT | Acceptson
posted by : vegardh
5/16/2009 5:44:49 AM

Thanks, keep us posted. This sounded better than Reece, and could be OK.

COMMENT | Mark Tornillo RULES!
posted by : TruthIsParamount
5/16/2009 6:04:25 AM

TT QUICK's 'Metal Of Honor' is an all-time metal classic and even back then I thought Mark was America's answer to Udo Dirkschneider (along with David Wayne from Metal Church). Tornillo is the PERFECT choice to take Udo's place and he will sing the shit out of those songs. Can't wait! Too bad Dave DiPietro from TT Quick isn't the second guitar player - Wolf and Dave in the same band together would be absolutely sick. Bring it on,Wolf and Co.!

posted by : MetalMetalMetal
5/16/2009 6:07:09 AM

I prefear it than nothing.

posted by : lion
5/16/2009 6:47:39 AM

This made my day!
Dont know this singer, but Eat The Heat was a good album, so this could be too.
U.D.O or no udo, Accept rules!

COMMENT | Hell Yeah!
posted by : metalspider
5/16/2009 7:49:58 AM

Peter and Wolf jamming together again is great news no matter who's singing for them.

posted by : Sabbathman
5/16/2009 7:50:19 AM

Udo Dirkschneider is the one and only voice of Accept, the image and style of the band is epitomized in him. Accept is not complete without Udo strolling along the stage in his city/jungle camo outfit, waving his fists clad in leather&studs; gloves, snarling and screaming...Udo is the panzerkampfwagen of heavy metal! Of course the duo of Hoffmann & Baltes form the core of this band as well, but this core is not in full force without Udo.

Luckily I got to see Accept live back in 2005 in Helsinki. How I wish they released a full live DVD from that summer, perhaps they will, I bet they filmed the Wacken show...

COMMENT | The sun is shining in Sweden
posted by : TheBomber
5/16/2009 8:08:18 AM

I´m excited about this album and upcoming tour,think the jam sessions sounds great.This was the first session with Mark Tornillo so give him a chance!

posted by : Kosta El Greco
5/16/2009 8:19:56 AM

Hey Guys and UDO Fanatics, what's up? UDO said No , and that means NO. The Rest of the fantastic Guys in the Band needs an Chance to show you Pessimists that they can rock your fussy "Balls to the Wall". The only Answer is a new Hammer-Album and great Live Performances. Welcome back Guys. You are the biggest Comeback since Lazarus!
You got my Blessing. Rock on and stiff the Mouths of all the Losers out there with Volume 11.

COMMENT | I´m looking forward...
posted by : Accept-Lasse
5/16/2009 8:20:28 AM

I´m sick and tired to hear from all dudes who want´s Udo back.
Udo is my god but he will NOT sing with Accept again sorry!

Please so let Wolf, Peter, Stefan and Herman go on with a new singer and do a new studio album and a tour.

Please support the band in the future even without Udo.

posted by : BackStJoe
5/16/2009 8:22:31 AM

I love ACCEPT with or without Udo. David Reece was the man! The new Gypsy Rose stuff was amazing. Udo has the personality, but that voice is like someone singing with gravel in his gullet.
I look forward to a new Accept disc!

posted by : riley23
5/16/2009 8:40:28 AM

Don't do this....UDO was Accept and the only reason why I llisten.

**Please change the name of the band...

COMMENT | Acceptson
posted by : Shred_monger666
5/16/2009 8:56:36 AM

Been a huge fan of accept from Restless and wild to Russian....

Udo was really limited in his range.....but his awkward style is what solidified the recording process......He's just fortunate to be that bad it's good...It must have been frustrating to write songs for his range was 1 ..

Look, Acceptson.....I would love more than anything to hear an accept album with all the key elements in place.......That includes UDO and Kaufman....reality check for all of us is that he plays covers of Accept and a few of his own.......Theres more money in it for UDO now he's a brand name in his own right...Objection overrulled was shite mate !!!!!Had food moments but fizzlelled a lot

This new guy will not deliver what is EXPECTED by all the true diehard fans....myself included......Thres no doubt that you pop and Wolf have great ideas, they should take the time to find someone that has the powere and prescence of Accept.....You will need an UDO clone..(which is a horrible idea)...which makes them kinda like Loudness after Minouri Nihara....If he is your old man he influenced me in my bass playing as a kid...muchos respectos !!!!!

COMMENT | TT Quick were an amazing band...but this is unacceptable...
posted by : rollins
5/16/2009 9:02:01 AM

Let me tell you, if you ever get your hands on that TT Quick Ep you are in for a treat. That was one of the best metal albums to be released in the 80's and Mark Tornillo was awesome. Sad to say, the years have not been kind to Mark's voice, and I think he should bow out of this Accept project gracefully. I'm hoping Mark was just having an off day....

posted by : laggerlugger
5/16/2009 9:03:57 AM

UDO does not want to do it again and why should he?if you have bothered to listen he is doing fine with his band which carries on the accept sound.whoever wrote for them has been doing it for U.D.O. with the same kick ass results so I don't look for this version of accept to sound like the old one at all.again where have these guys been while UDO has been putting out great music for years?why should he give up his band so the others can be in the spotlight again?I have medal of honor and it's a good record but it is not accept. stop bringing up the ac/dc comparisons to please as they are 2 different situations completly. for 1 Bon died and did not quit and 2 malcom and angus write the the music for the band so the sound was not going to change no matter who they got to just seems like to me they are trying to cash in on the name one last time.

COMMENT | Plug a Bomb where ???
posted by : Fani Dilth
5/16/2009 9:07:36 AM

I´m sick and tired to hear from all dudes who want´s Udo back...

A dude that wants Udo's back. That's some serious Heavy Metal Man Love and a very disturbing thought.

COMMENT | I´m looking forward...
posted by : Accept-Lasse
5/16/2009 9:56:19 AM

Just face the facts that Udo will NOT appear in Accept now!

So please just give the new Accept a chance ok?

posted by : ACM
5/16/2009 10:04:06 AM

Replace UDO. Never happen.

COMMENT | listen up, bitches!
posted by : rando
5/16/2009 10:33:34 AM

1. Udo said no. If you don't want to see this legendary band just because they don't have a growling midget on stage, then you are an idiot.

2. Udo's voice is shot. He wouldn't do justice to the songs now either. But if you think "Udo is Accept", then go see his band and quit your bitching.

3. Reece didn't work because they were trying to go pop and the songs were terrible. The failure of that album had nothing to do with the vocals.

4. Nobody--not even all you whiny bitches--ever listened to Accept because of the vocals. Accept is all about pure metal guitar and some of the best riffs ever created. The possibility that I might get to see hear those songs live again is the best news I've heard all year. And if the absence of Udo persuades all you babies to skip the tour, then I will enjoy it even more.

This is awesome news!

COMMENT | Udo Chose Not to Participate
posted by : WinslowLeach
5/16/2009 10:53:19 AM

I saw this lineup of Accept on the 2005 tour with Udo and they were great. But the bottom line is that Udo didn't want to participate but would rather work with his own band. I'd rather have new music from Wolf and the boys regardless of what name they go under. Metal is metal - it's either good or bad and this should be great.

Replacing an iconic singer can be done. Journey just did it and they are amazing. Also, regardless of what people say, Ripper is currently a better singer than Halford. I've been a Priest fan since 1978 but ALL of the times I've seen them since Halford has been back have been God-awful. The man plodded around the stage, staring at the floor and speaking the lyrics. I challenge anyone to watch recent videos of them live and dispute this.

Anyway, bottom line is that I'm ready for some new classic riffs!

posted by : TheBomber
5/16/2009 10:55:23 AM

5. I Agree!!!

posted by : JJJB
5/16/2009 11:25:43 AM

ACCEPT = Udo,Wolf,Peter,Herman

The fact that Udo fronted the band and gave the band it's character IS what matters. There's a million guys on the planet that CAN sing those songs(and this demo isn't as bad as everyone thinks) but to call it Accept without Udo is a farce and I wouldn't go see it because I saw the real thing. Why tarnish the memories? I'll give the disc a "listen" when it comes out just out curiosity to hear what Wolf comes up with.

Btw...Bon died and that's a totally different scenario.

COMMENT | Accept Rules
posted by : MetelDik
5/16/2009 11:37:36 AM

It will never be the same but after listening to the balls track I think this could actually work! Hearing Wolf riffs again will be sweet!

COMMENT | Meh Tal Heart... Meh Tal Heart...
posted by : uh huh
5/16/2009 11:52:39 AM

They found it everywhere!

COMMENT | un-accept-able
posted by : hellrider666
5/16/2009 11:57:30 AM

Udo is better off without these guys,U.D.O. plays the old songs better than the last few times these guys reformed and he is the METAL HEART of accept!!!!!!!!!!

posted by : Acceptson
5/16/2009 11:58:16 AM

I understand that bon was a different scenario, I was just saying that sometimes when bands get new singers it isn't always a bad thing.

COMMENT | ^^^^^^^^^
posted by : JJJB
5/16/2009 12:52:07 PM

Right, but how many times is a 3RD lead singer ever accepted no pun intended.

Obviously John Bush had credentials so he was accepted by Anthrax fans.

COMMENT | David Reece
posted by : Johnny_boy_Angel
5/16/2009 12:52:09 PM

How people can say that guy 'sucked' couldn't hit sand if they fell of a camel. No, he was not UDO - agreed. But David Reece had a TREMENDOUS powerful voice. He was far from some slacker or shit singer.

Want proof? Listen to his vocals on D-Train, Hellhammer, XTC, and Prisoner.

Again, no he wasn't UDO. But to say the guy sucked or couldn't sing is just a downright lie.

COMMENT | I can accept Accept without Udo
posted by : ghostofmetalpast
5/16/2009 1:42:54 PM

Maybe it's because I'm not an Accept diehard like a lot of the guys commenting but for me the main draw for Accept was Wolf's genius guitar playing. I like the old classics with Udo but I would be interested in music along that same line with a different vocalist.

COMMENT | Death Row
posted by : lion
5/16/2009 1:46:27 PM

That was a great album. Hope they carry on from there!
F*** this is great news!
I never saw Accept, but I saw UDO at Sweden Rock Festival (It was great too)
Now, come to Denmark!!!!!!!!!!!!

COMMENT | You did it Gaby
5/16/2009 2:13:16 PM

You are an amazing person. Long live Wolf and Accept.
Beto ; )

COMMENT | Ok now, Kids
5/16/2009 2:32:29 PM

Udo is nothing but Stephan Kauffman's puppet. He didin't join because Wolf would never allow Stepehan tagging along as a rythym guitar player, because he sucks.

The real cover band here is U.D.O. They have some good studio recorded songs as Stephan is a good producer.
Now, live it's really painfull to see Stephan butchering Wolf's larger than life guitar work every night. The guy can't play to save his dog's life. Very, very sad.
Now as for the New Accept, for you kids that don't know better:

- All guitar work, or at leas at 90% of it were played on every record by Wolf;
- Songs written by mostly Wolf and Peter;
- All lyricis by the amazing, superb, unique DEAFFY, AKA Gaby Hoffmann, Wolf's wife. She was also responsible for launching U.D.O.'s career as their manager when Udo was out.
- The band, the concept, the songs are here, Udo had his chance,and he blew it, because his buddy Stephann would rather milk fans money with a sorry has been band, than let him go.

Everytime U.D.O. plays a shitty club around for 2.000 people or less, the na meACCEPT appears on the billboard in huge letters preceeded by "former singer ".

Now, who's fooling who?

You all shut up, take a side, enjoy both or get out of the way.

Gabby, all my love and support to you. You strenght is endless, your determination is going to bring the boys back where they belong.

Just make sure Frank and Schwarzmann have both decent hairdos this time LOL. Stephan could also use some advice as for dressing cool...LOL

COMMENT | Interesting choice
posted by : RiotAct666
5/16/2009 3:00:49 PM

I first heard about this last night while listening to eddie trunks radio show. I didn't think he would become the new Accept singer , I thought either Bach or Graves ( Ex - Misfits ) was gonna be the one. But glad Mark got the gig.....i will be seeing them this year.

COMMENT | This is great news
posted by : zakkimal
5/16/2009 3:16:31 PM

I heard of TT Quick, but never heard their music, and after 5 repeats of Flash Rockin Man demo here, I'm sold. He sounds very much like Udo on it, if not better.

I agree with the comments that UDO is in the cover band, not Accept. Wolf and Peter ARE Accept and wrote most of the music, and therefore I am stoked at hearing something new and seeing these guys live since Accept never came down near me that I ever remember. Udo, while having defined the voice of Accept, can be replaced because as mentioned he had a very limited vocal style.

Since these are just first time playing together demos, I can already tell the others will be killer.

I cant see anyone else doing these songs after hearing this guy. To the guy who mentioned Tim Ripper Owens, you're crazy.

posted by : CobainsGun
5/16/2009 3:28:41 PM

It's just not Accept. It almost sounds like they got Brian Johnson from AC/DC and Lemmy from Motorhead to share vocals on it.

But it's not Accept. And from what I read of this it almost sounds like both Wolf and Udo want to do something but neither wants to man up and make the first move.

Get yer heads out of yer arse, put your balls to the wall and JUST DO IT ALREADY. Stop acting like Guns N' Roses for shits sake!

COMMENT | saw accept
posted by : EarthSkynSea
5/16/2009 3:41:48 PM

3 times in their prime, so i am open to this, bring it on.

posted by : Braindeed
5/16/2009 3:48:27 PM

no Udo, no Stefan KAUFMANN, no Jorg, its not Accept;
btw, eat the heat wasnt that bad, the vocals were great, I mean the songs were not that good, not the vocalist´s fault

COMMENT | vocal resemblance
posted by : And Then There Were None
5/16/2009 6:03:22 PM

"It's just not Accept. It almost sounds like they got Brian Johnson from AC/DC and Lemmy from Motorhead to share vocals on it."

dude, if you had to pick a substitute for Udo, i'm thinking a Johnson/Lemme combo sounds pretty fucking sweet to me.

i like it. sure, i'd like Udo to sing, but if this is the only way to see Wolf play again i believe this guy will do the best possible job a replacement can do.

Accept: tour the fucking' world. don't just do some fests in your neck of the woods. and Wolf, if you're reading this (or Peter's son): you've written some of the most brilliant riffs in metal history. and your solos are crafted with feel and melody like almost no one else.

you guys are fucking legends and don't need the approval of internet basement dwellers to come back out.

do it.

posted by : ROCK METAL
5/16/2009 7:05:04 PM

bunch of f'n slags who are putting down my friend Mark Tornillo, he'll do a fine job fronting ACCEPT... A lilttle inside history of TT QUICK, back in 1986 Metal of Honor came out on Megaforce Distributed by Island Records but there then manager Johnny Z really dropped the ball on that one... They where on tour with Texas' HELSTAR one of the tour stops was at Lamours in Brooklyn, NY the QUICK eneded the show with Black Sabbath' "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" mind you that same song later appeared on ANTHRAX' I'm the Man EP, oh did I mention I was standing right next to there manager that night... My point is this man has talent TT QUICK were never truly appreciated outside of the Tri State area, too bad Johnny Z never took up Island Records offer to re release Metal of Honor or most of the Metal World would have heard Mark.... so for all you slags you can fuck off n meet me in the back alley so I can stomp a mud hole in U !!!!!!!!

posted by : ...and the winds blew death
5/16/2009 8:21:52 PM

I know Accept is all about the riffs and harmonies but UDO's vocals are just so distinct. Unless the new guy is pretty similar and can hold his own.

posted by : ...and the winds blew death
5/16/2009 8:24:02 PM

Ok theyre similar to AC/DC, but nevertheless the vocals are distinct for this *style* of metal.

posted by : DEVASTATOR
5/16/2009 8:37:00 PM

Wolf is the main man of Accept, as long as he's there, it's Accept. This guy sounds good to me.

COMMENT | Tornado of Tornillo!
posted by : Radical Ed
5/16/2009 9:01:52 PM

I loved TT Quick back in the day but imagine my surprise when I found him singing for a local Zeppelin tribute band as the fake Robert Plant stand-in! (Remember Sweeney's in Philly!) He was doing a friend a favor subbing and his voice blew me the fuck away on classics like "Since I've Been Loving You" and "No Quarter". This motherfucker has a killer set of pipes and I fully support his new position in the legendary Accept. I can't wait to hear what happens next. Couldn't have happened to a more talented vocalist.

posted by : Stiltskin
5/16/2009 9:36:09 PM

are both AC/DC wannabes. They had some hayday in the eighties. Why not leave it there?
I have seen U.D.O live, and i liked to hear to the classics performed by Udo, and his voice was not shot.
But Accept is dead without Udo, hell they were dead last time round with Udo, the anniversary tour didn´t cut the mustard, but now "the legends are back", good luck playing some festivals and clubs.

COMMENT | ^^^^^^^^
posted by : Acceptson
5/17/2009 12:23:25 AM

i dont think so. accept made groundbreaking music.

posted by : BATTLERAGE
5/17/2009 1:37:40 AM

Just throwing it out there, but has anyone considered Bob Mitchell for the job in Accept??? He sounds more like UDO than Mark does. Don't get me wrong Mark is an awesome singer, but for anyone who knows about Bob's works, they know that he is often compared to UDO. Wolf, Peter and Gaby, if Mark don't work out, you should consider Bob Mitchell!!

COMMENT | BEST metal news I have heard in a long time... Bring on ACCEPT !!!
posted by : HEAVYHEERA
5/17/2009 7:37:55 AM

It has been my dream to see ACCEPT live

Best of luck to the band and the new singer and come to the Pacific North West and Canada !!!!

Wolf Hoffmann & Peter Baltes are two of my favorite musicians , I look forward to them kicking ass on the world stage again !

posted by : MetalMetalMetal
5/17/2009 6:20:31 PM

HEAVY METAL as Accept knows.

posted by : juanneman
5/18/2009 6:23:26 AM

Well this sounds strange, I´ll take my time to get used to this. Udo´s voice is unique, can´t conceive it without him for Accept. Udo´s shadow is very big and his voice is trademark to the Accept sound, but I´ll listen to what they do from now on to have a more accurate opinion.

COMMENT | New Name
posted by : MetalMaverick
5/18/2009 6:29:09 PM

O.K. For all you nah sayers that don't want the ACCEPT name used for fear it will get is the new band name:
It's a little long, but I think with time it will catch on.

COMMENT | You said it dude
5/18/2009 7:12:49 PM

O.K. For all you nah sayers that don't want the ACCEPT name used for fear it will get is the new band name:
It's a little long, but I think with time it will catch on.

Don't forget the other envious midget Kaufmann with a huge chip on his shoulder because he think he can be Wolf...LOLOLOL

So you all know: Jorg is MIA, last time around no one was able to find him to join the re-union and by the way, he never played a single note. It was all Wolf. Just live concerts and photo sessions.

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