How Social Marketing Changes Lives

Contraceptive social marketing - using commercial techniques and the commercial infrastructure to provide low-cost contraceptives and information to people who need it - has been a remarkable success. In 12 countries, DKT provides high-quality, affordable contraceptives to those with the greatest needs. This includes male and female condoms, birth control pills, injectables, implants, and IUDs. DKT recently established three new programs in Mozambique, Democratic Republic of the Congo,  and South Africa.

In addition, DKT uses various media - television, radio, and print materials - to reach millions of people with much-need information about HIV/AIDS. DKT supports the fight against HIV/AIDS by ensuring the availability of condoms, by focusing on high-risk groups, and by providing culturally appropriate information about HIV/AIDS.

DKT also strengthens the capacity of health care providers to provide affordable and effective family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention services. In countries like Sudan, DKT works closely with physicians, clinicians, and midwives to deliver high-quality products and services, including proper counseling for patients.

As a result of DKT’s innovative and expanding programs in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, DKT provided about 17 million CYPs, up 13 percent from the previous year.

In addition to selling contraceptives, DKT is heavily involved in supporting family planning clinics in Asia and Africa. Until recently, DKT's family planning clinics services were focused almost exclusively in Bihar and Jharkhand in eastern India.

Through its Indian affiliate, Janani, DKT operates 28 clinics and a franchisee program that provide a complete range of reproductive health services. Clinic services are linked to a network of 28,000 rural medical practitioners who are trained to provide advice in reproductive health care and referrals to the clinic network.

More recently, DKT has been providing family planning clinic services in Indonesia, Sudan, Egypt, and Ethiopia. In Indonesia, DKT provides training to several thousand midwives each year. In Sudan, DKT trains doctors from municipal and rural hospitals and clinics in the insertion of intrauterine devices and manual vacuum aspiration (early abortion) techniques.

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