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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MP welcomes expenses move

By Ross Findon - Friday, May 15, 2009
ISLAND MP Andrew Turner has welcomed the introduction of greater openness over parliamentary expenses, following public outcry this week.
After revelations in national newspapers about colleagues’ expenses claims, Mr Turner said he understood people’s anger.
“There is no obvious way to sort out this dreadful mess but I am extremely glad David Cameron was the first party leader to lay down interim rules,” said Mr Turner.
Last year, he claimed £137,641, ranking him 438th out of 645 MPs, according to website. Mr Turner voted against government plans to exempt expenses from the Freedom of Information Act and had called for tighter rules.
“For instance, under current rules, it is allowable to claim for items costing less than £25, and up to £4,800 a year for food, without providing receipts. I have always supported every claim with evidence,” he said.
According to the allowance table, Mr Turner claimed £19,953 towards the cost of staying away from his main home while performing parliamentary duties for 2007/08.
• When asked if he claimed for a second home, he would only confirm he had two homes, one close to Parliament and one in Newport.

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