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Jackson Rathbone to play Varg Vikernes!

cravingfix wrote 47 minutes ago: Wuhu, *fangirl squee*: Jackson Rathbone is playing the Norwegian Varg Vikernes in the movie about hi … more →

Tags: Jackson Rathbone, Varg Vikernes

Randomizer : Eurovision, Dances with Wolves & IPod touch

Amit wrote 2 hours ago: A few of my British colleagues introduced me to Eurovision  just before the semifinals started this … more →

Tags: randomizers, Entertainment, Humor, Fun, Life, Thoughts, Movies, India, Random

Frognerparken Oslo

romandice wrote 3 hours ago: One of Oslo`s many sights is frognerparken. Its located in the heart of the city core and have fount … more →

Tags: Parks, Flowers, Frognerparken, Life, Oslo, Statues

The Rock of Cashel, Ireland

colleenanderson wrote 5 hours ago: From  my fall 2007 trip to Ireland. It’s a long way to Tipperary but if you go to Cashel, then … more →

Tags: Art, Culture, History, Ireland, Myth, People, Religion, spirituality, Travel

Springy spring

hankie wrote 5 hours ago: Phew. It seems like forever since the “hiatus” post, but in reality it’s been less … more →

Tags: photos, relaxing

1 comment

s-dee wrote 8 hours ago: 17 mai i England De par siste ukene mine var slik … more →

Tags: Just blogging, Student in Southampton 2008/2009, Bilde, Blogg, Diverse, Foto, Friends, Personal, Personlig

Eurovision Winner with Belarusian Roots

kimjihei wrote 9 hours ago: In the middle of many bad news for Belarus, there are some news that make many Belarusian proud. And … more →

Tags: alexander rybak, Belarus, Eurovision Song Contest

Varier Furniture's "intelligent sitting"

DesignDaily wrote 16 hours ago: Norway-based Varier Furniture’s “intelligent sitting” philosophy is simple and al … more →

Tags: furniture, intelligent sitting, varier furniture

the cho girls on unicycles6 comments

me wrote 18 hours ago: If my master plan of getting all three of my kids to and through college on Division I sports schola … more →

Tags: , ballard, Constitution Day, Seattle, Unicycling

The Greatest Rides in Life (, Monday)

netanya wrote 19 hours ago: “All the great experiences of life –the freedom to be, our encounters with truth, loving and being l … more →

Tags: God, musings, quotable Friday

Report: Most Heavily Taxed Nations Are the Happiest

frankfranklin wrote 23 hours ago: Northern Europeans are the happiest people on the planet, according to a new survey. The Organizati … more →

Tags: Político, obama, Women, Ole Solsjaer, Baby Faced Assasin, taxes

Pitch black,but shining

romandice wrote 1 day ago: When the sun sets and the sky darkens new details occur from nowhere. Lights from buildings,cars and … more →

Tags: city, Nature, health, Life, Oslo, Trondheim

Sammy Salami the champ2 comments

marius09 wrote 1 day ago:     My name is Sammy. Sammy Salami. Maybe you know me from newspapers – I am … more →

Tags: Misc, Pics, Art, Bergen, Books, Culture, dog, Education, Entertainment

a fairytale win for norway; alexander rybak conquers eurovision7 comments

freshmess wrote 1 day ago: It was an eventful weekend for Norway as Alexander Rybak conquered the 54th Eurovision Song Contest … more →

Tags: Food, Friends, Headliners, Music, popular, Television

Hooray for Norway's singing violinist

Sarah wrote 1 day ago: After my long-held anticipation for this year’s contest, I was finally rewarded on Saturday ni … more →

Tags: European Travel, Wierd & Wonderful, Jade Ewen, Eurovision, alexander rybak, ABBA, Oslo, Sweden

Eurovision - The Aftermath

Journopig wrote 1 day ago: Oh dear, oh dear. The annual political shambles that is Eurovision took place this weekend. We had f … more →

Tags: television programmes, National Press, Internet, Guardian, Eurovision, Graham Norton, Heidi Stephens, andrew lloyd webber

Kahagan field development 2011/2012

ezambetakis wrote 1 day ago: Norwegian engineering group Aker Solutions said on Monday that it had won two contracts worth $1.6 b … more →

Tags: Hydrocarbons, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kashagan, oilfield development

I'm How old?

Kat Farrell wrote 1 day ago: For our entire relationship I accused Norway of being in the midst of a mid-life-crisis. He’d just t … more →

Tags: ramblings, Facts of Life, Melbourne, Relationships, Mid-life crisis, morgan, 27th birthday, Old Soul, aging


soelitaire wrote 1 day ago: On May 17th, Norway celebrated its national day. Hubby insisted that we go to the city center to see … more →

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