Cholera, bird flu present, but VN still A/H1N1-free
15:57' 14/05/2009 (GMT+7)

VietNamNet Bridge – A suspected case in Da Nang city was confirmed as being negative for A/H1N1 yesterday and Vietnam is still safe from this dangerous flu. However, seven provinces have patients who have caught the cholera bacterium.


Acute diarrhea patients at Hospital E, Hanoi.


Acute diarrhea continues to expand


By May 13, seven provinces and cities in the northern and central regions had announced patients positive for the cholera bacterium: Hanoi with three cases, Hai Phong five, Bac Ninh nine, Thanh Hoa seven, Hai Duong two, Nam Dinh and Quang Ninh one each.


On May 13, the Hanoi Health Department declared it had found the cholera bacterium in five samples of dog meat taken from four slaughterhouses in Ha Dong district. Since April 15, the city has had 182 acute diarrhea cases, including three positive for cholera. Over 50% of the cases had connections to dog meat.


Each of the four above slaughter houses culled between 10-20 dogs per day, supplying raw dog meat to some restaurants in Hanoi. They bought dogs from the central province of Thanh Hoa. Experts of the Central Epidemiology Institute have gone to Thanh Hoa to investigate.


The Hanoi Preventive Health Centre and the Central Epidemiology Institute also tested 25 water samples collected from 18 ponds and lakes in Hanoi and 55 samples of tap water from areas where there have been cholera patients and all samples were negative.


At some hospitals in Hanoi, such as the Central Hospital for Tropical Contagious Diseases and Hospital E, the number of acute diarrhea patients has suddenly increased. Tests conducted by these hospitals reveal that over 50% of the patients have cholera. However, the Central Epidemiology Institute hasn’t verified the results yet.


Deputy Health Minister Trinh Quan Huan said the Health Ministry is taking urgent measures to stamp out acute diarrhea outbreaks. The ministry has reported to the prime minister on the acute diarrhea situation.


In HCM City, the local Department of Health also announced an increasing number of diarrhea cases.


Children’s Hospital 2 has received nearly 19,000 diarrhea patients so far this year, around 2,000 more than during the same period of 2008. In the first 13 days of May, the hospital had 2,411 diarrhea patients. On May 13, the hospital was treating nearly 100 child diarrhea patients.


Children’s Hospital 1 also had nearly 100 child patients suffering from digestive problems and diarrhea on May 13.


The HCM City Tropical Disease Hospital’s Deputy Director Tran Tinh Hien said the hospital admits 20-30 diarrhea patients a day.


According to the HCM City Health Department, the number of diarrhea patients in the city in the early months of 2009 is 10% more than in the same period of last year.


Bird flu and green ear return


On May 13, the Veterinary Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced that bird flu and blue ear disease in pigs had appeared in the southern province of Dong Thap and the northern province of Bac Giang.


The Dong Thap Veterinary Bureau confirmed that bird flu killed 49 ducks of a family in Cao Lanh District on May 10. With Dong Thap, the number of localities with bird flu has increased to three, alongside Quang Ngai and Thanh Hoa in the central region.


The Veterinary Agency also reported that the first phase of bird flu vaccinations of 2009 is underway, with 95.7 million fowl vaccinated.


The blue ear outbreak has been reported in eight communes in Bac Giang province, affecting 816 pigs.




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