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  Eugenio Siragusa


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Message to the powerful persons of the Earth

Scientists, men of government! Our despite we should still, necessarily, point out you that if you will continue to effect the lunatics design that you there are appointed with the nuclear experiments anything will become for avoid that this your world suffers a bouncing hit of disastrous and deadly nature. If you want that this your planet doesn't have to become the aching penal bath of the remote time you should, in the more decided way, stop for always these yours unjustifiable, mad and killer nuclear experiments. If we are us provosts of wake it on your destiny is because we have fed, and we feed, big faith on the your happen. Instead, as doing and operating, you set serious impediments to our constructive intentions. Be some that, if you will find the force and the courage of constitute a fast union among all the people of the Earth and of realize it complete destruction of all the arm destructive that anchor today, more that never, they there render bad and aggressive, we will feel authorized, for the love that ties you us since the origins of this solar system, to approach us without any reserve for grant you those acquaintances and that better science that they would arouse for all the humaneness a calm life, rich of happiness, of real liberty and of endless prosperity. As doing and operating arouses in us, beyond to enormous difficulty, big disappointment and bitterness. You could be really free and, as we, masters of the universe and of the his eternal beauty. You could be free of exult, loving without suffer and living without pine. You would can finally, turn your full eyes of hope and of love, of saint calm and of spiritual sweetness, to the live image of that one that is always the eternal Creator of the All. Why abdicate to so much pace and to as much happiness? Why wants destroy yourself as terribly, refusing the your historic work in a flash developmental? This message that we have dictated with big love, but with likewise worry, it is one of the invitations more felt date the gravity of the actions that you intend of effect. We have done much, and we will continue to do the possible, for embank the bad. If you, rulers and men of science, you will choose the bad to us would remain the alone assignment of bring to the exterior of the irreclaimable alone disaster I color that they have known us and inclusive and that they have loved the next as we love it. Then you have noticed and responsible if you want to survive! Fairies that not become useless the celestial remission given you from Gesł-Cristo for grace of the Father Creator. In faith

Eugenio Siragusa
Manfré Mount, ETNA - April 30, 1962 At 22:15 Hours

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