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May 2009 - Planning my second album campaign, videos, artwork, fun stuff! We've completed recording Temposhark album 2 - WOOHOO! You can hear all the latest at my recording blog! Love Rob.x 


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Daily Star (UK Newspaper) praises Temposhark's debut album in Kim Dawson's 'Playlist', 15th March 2008 issue. "Press Play: Temposhark, 'The Invisible Line' If you like electro-era, you'll love this."

NME (UK) praises Temposhark's debut album in their album reviews, 15th March 2008 issue, reviewed by Mike Sterry. "Temposhark 'The Invisible Line' (Paper and Glue/Defend) What if Trent Reznor was raised on the Pet Shop Boys rather than Einsturzende Neubauten? Think these dudes. 'Blame' is Depeche Mode via The Backstreet Boys and 'Don't Mess With Me' is the feyest bit of braggadocio NME has heard in years... they could be your new favourite band. 7 out of 10."

Remix Magazine (US) positively reviews Temposhark's debut album, March 2008. "The UK's Temposhark may have been born of a fashionable electro scene, but its debut album, The Invisible Line, has more in common with an over-the-top musical stage production. Bursting with orchestral flourishes on opener "Don't Mess With Me," the tone is set for the über-theatrical dramatics that are the driving energy of Invisible. "Knock Me Out" consents to the group's fiery electro label — but with a screaming spectacle vibe. Watch your neck as the already huge single "Joy" is a belt-along number that requires many a head toss. 4 out of 5 stars— reviewed by Lily Moayeri"

Big Shot Magazine (US) positively reviews Temposhark's debut album, March 2008. "Treading a fine (invisible?) line between pop accessibility and hipster credibility, Temposhark will likely spark a feeding frenzy... On tracks like 'Knock Me Out', a glittering electro romp with a killer hook, Temposhark come into their own. 3.5 stars out of 5." 

Clash Magazine (UK) reviews Temposhark's debut album, March 2008. "Temposhark drifts and glides through, cunningly attacking the musical spectrum. The shock comes with snarling 'Don't Mess With Me', an egomaniacal, self-loathing attack on greedy modern culture, backed by epic, orchestrated strings. The Goldfrapp inspired 'Joy' is a seedy, synth pop melody, twisting and radio friendly; an emotional song crafted into a sublime pop number. General 'Jaws' like, epic sounds run throughout; from the sound of creeping, shameful single 'Blame' to 'Crime' with its stabbing synths and cascading arrangements that remind of melodramatic, make-up clad video shoots. Temposhark concentrate on crafting pop tales, opting for depth and texture over style. 3 out of 5." (UK) praises Temposhark's music in Shaun Newport's review of 'The Invisible Line' debut album, March 10th 2008. "The dirty electronic flourishes of Temposhark's decidedly pop debut album The Invisible Line are fantastic. There is nothing spare about this album. Each track of The Invisible Line is lashed and laced with strings and synths. It is oddly sumptuous and indulgent. Temposhark are the exacting, dirtier, sleazier, lustier, angst–ridden offspring of Depeche Mode and Duran Duran. Similarly, thanks in part to mating with the team behind Frou Frou, they have embraced high and vivid production values. The Invisible Line is a theatrical hotbed of creative energy that is going to be difficult not to admire."

AOL (US) featured Temposhark's album in their listening party 'Spinner' in association with Nokia, March 2008. "Temposhark's debut full length has been a couple of years coming after the release of a series of high profile eps that gave the electropop group sizzling blog buzz. Songs like "Joy" and "Crime" creep into your mind and refuse to leave so give the album a listen over at Spinner."

F**K Magazine (UK) sings Temposhark's praises, March 2008. "Slick, subtle and effortlessly cool... the sound of the future".

Record Store (UK) choose Temposhark for their 'Spring Selection' album reviews, March 2008. "The sound of Trent Reznor being raised by The Pet Shop Boys. Noise-pop brilliance that demands your attention." (US/Canada) chose Temposhark as a featured artist in their music section for one week from February 18th 2008.

Instinct Magazine (US) featured Temposhark in February 2008. "Their first LP 'The Invisible Line' mixes shimmery electropop with crunchy guitar and the occasional unexpected trumpet solo. The boys collaborated with do-it-herself songstress Imogen Heap on a fierce duet called 'Not That Big'."

Music website interviews Robert Diament of Temposhark, February 21st 2008. "the album, the invisible line is brilliant. from the early demos to the glamorous debut album that's about to get its proper release in april. that's quite a journey you've been on."

The Guardian (UK) Temposhark chosen as 'New Band Of The Day on February 4th 2008. "What if Kate Bush had shagged Marc Almond and spawned a monster that grew up listening to Violator? That's Temposhark, musically at any rate."

Resonator Mag positive review of Temposhark's album on January 29th 2008. "There's not a wasted moment, not a solitary skippable song on the whole of The Invisible Line. A lot of this is owed to the fantastic, fanatic-grade nuances overlayed by the one and only Guy Sigsworth, soundtracking vocalist Robert Diament's velvet growl with James Bond-worthy moments of swooping strings and cascading authentic piano, before Luke Busby's beatsmithing creates moments of sparse, Tech-infused throbs of pulse."

Next Magazine (NYC), preview Temposhark's forthcoming debut album on January 24th 2008. "Hipsters will be sinking their teeth into UK electronic act Temposhark. Their debut album, The Invisible Line, is due this March with notable collaborations by the crème of electronic music maven Guy Sigsworth (Madonna, Björk), singer Imogen Heap, and Sean McGhee (Frou Frou, Kate Havnevik). Fans of classic acts like Depeche Mode, New Order and Pet Shop Boys will enjoy swimming in Temposhark's similar currents, with highlights including "Joy," "Not That Big," and "It's Better To Have Loved" which enjoys Sigsworth's signature stamp." featured Temposhark as 'Today's Headliners' on January 29th 2008. "Gothic new-wave electronica is the best - you've got to hand it to Temposhark for lending the group's own stripped-down, staccato style to the overdone genre."

Electroqueer music blog interviews Robert Diament of Temposhark on January 16th 2008 (part one with part two to follow shortly). "Well if you live under a rock, you probably don't know that Temposhark are one of THE hottest bands at the moment and they will be releasing their beyond brilliant and highly anticipated electronic album 'The Invisible Line' in March." music blog interviews Robert Diament of Temposhark on January 15th 2008. "But seriously...WHAT TOOK YOU GUYS SO LONG TO RELEASE THIS?! It's wonderfully brilliant!!

Soundfront Underground radio show selects Temposhark's "The Invisible Line" as their featured album, from January 14th 2008. "Playing Temposhark album tracks during their 2-hour electronic radio program which travels in available FM/internet airspace currently reaching 3 million listeners and growing." music blog reviews Temposhark's album 'The Invisible Line' on January 11th 2008. "Many of the tracks are fun, chorus-heavy synth-stompers with deliciously sinister hooks, yet there are inklings of a more mature, eclectic sound hidden deep beneath the glossed layers. Overall Grade: A-" selects Temposhark as its 'Editor's Preview' on January 10th 2008, "Temposhark's biting lyrics and saucy sleaziness blends perfectly with its flirty, pouty lineup of hip hotties who are already causing a stir with their seedy, sexy sound and undeniable star power. Glam-rock and eyeliner are easily paired with slick urbane ballads in "The Invisible Line," which demonstrates a versatility that flawlessly navigates sassy funky bass lines, vocals drenched in wit and irony and bewitching melodies all in one cohesive and spellbinding album. Flashes of Duran Duran, Depeche Mode and Goldfrapp all twinkle within the gem of "The Invisible Line," whose multi-faceted sound turns on a dime, ranging from whips and chains to ethereal violin solos (courtesy of virtuoso Sophie Solomon). Even angst rock makes a short cameo in "Not That Big" (as does Grammy nominated electro-star Imogen Heap), adding another deeply sensitive and delicate layer to Temposhark's sound. If you like "The Invisible Line" by Temposhark, then be sure to check out "Black Cherry" by Goldfrapp, "The Best of Depeche Mode, Vol. 1" by Depeche Mode and "The Classics" by Ratatat." previews Temposhark's debut album on January 10th 2008, "If London-based electronic pop rockers Temposhark was a night out on the town, it is without a doubt that they would be a wild, down and dirty one night stand. The band makes no secret of this as they boldly and blatantly declare their hedonism amidst quick pulsing rhythms to induce sweaty grinding on (and off) the dance floor. Add to "The Invisible Line", the wild night that is their debut album, collaborations with Imogen Heap, Killing Joke's Youth and violinist Sophie Solomon, among others, and you have an interesting musical orgy." chose Temposhark as an 'Editor's Pick' for their debut album "The Invisible Line" on January 8th 2008. includes Temposhark in their new bands section on 7th January 2008. "Perhaps going pop isn't all that bad. Just ask those chaps in the UK, Temposhark. They're sorta heavy on the electro-synth jams that's easy on the ears. Sort of electronic, sometimes but not really rock, but more like everything else that's pretty much good — a universal sounds that surely someone will enjoy, kinda like Frou Frou or Imogen Heap. Having recently been nominated for "Best International" category for their song "Blame" at the Ontario Music Awards, at least they're doing something right. Look for them to drop their debut album The Invisible Line stateside in March."

High Voltage Magazine selects Temposhark as their '2008 artist of the moment' on 3rd January 2008. "Our first band crush of 2008 has arrived! Temposhark, hailing from London, are getting ready to release their debut, The Invisible Line, in March. They've got synth power, a killer voice, and violin parts that make The Faint shake in their boots. The Invisible Line hasn't come out of the CD player since it arrived at the High Voltage office and we're sure Temposhark's sleaze-electro-rock will soon swoon you over as well."

Here Comes The Flood Blog writes on 3rd January 2008. "Temposhark is a typical UK band that goes over the top without stumbling along the way. Movie soundtrack honchos sit up and take notice: their debut album The Invisible Line opens with the great James Bondesque Don't Mess With Me. There's some Soft Cell in there, lots of Depeche Mode and a bit of R.E.M. The Invisible Line celebrates eighties electronic pop (Joy, Knock Me Out, Not That Big) and 21st century laptop goodness (Crime)."

Josh Spear Blog writes on 2nd January 2008. "Temposhark pairs incredible vocals (way better than I am used to for this genre) and great musical arrangements. There is a noticeable inclusion of strings in some tracks which adds another dimension to the sound, and fans of Depeche Mode, New Order, and the Pet Shop Boys will feel right at home with this album. I am going to have to make room in my car's CD changer for this masterpiece."

MuMuse Blog blogs on 30th December 2007. "One of the artists I've been most desperately awaiting to release their debut album is rock/electro-band Temposhark. One of my favorite tracks since discovering the band is "It's Better To Have Loved," produced by the never-disappointing Guy Sigsworth (1/2 of Frou Frou). You can really hear the trip-hop influenced beats behind Rob's wonderfully fragile vocal performance." selects Temposhark as a Band To Watch on 29th December 2007. "Temposhark play intelligent electronic music. They remind me of Depeche Mode meeting Patrick Wolf. Sure, they will appeal to the mainstream, but there is more to Temposhark than catchy tunes. Potentially a major artist of 2008!" invited Robert Diament of Temposhark to be a guest blogger from 29th December 2007-6th January 2008. "Rob is an artist and music aficionado who has his finger on the pulse of what's hot in pop music right now (and the buzzing London pop scene in particular). Expect him to share new discoveries, fresh tunes and much more next week."

NEXT Magazine (New York) tips Temposhark for success in the USA in their 'Just Tracks' section, "BRIT BLOKES TO BET ON: Fronted by the charismatic Rob Diament, this duo served up a catchy brew of hook-heavy electro-pop on a most recent U.S. tour. Prime yourself for their early 2008 debut album, The Invisible Line, with catchy Imogen Heap duet remix "Not that Big," on iTunes now.

PingPongPunkPanda music blog album preview "Temposhark 'The Invisible Line' Album Of The Month - December 2007". discusses preview tracks from Temposhark's forthcoming debut album, "Temposhark have carefully crafted their love for romance, mystery, and dark drama to some excellent electro pop that recalls the glory days of classic synth pop with updated production values."

Electroqueer music blog discusses preview tracks from Temposhark's forthcoming debut album, "Remember when Nine Inch Nails ruled the alternative airwaves?  We sure do, when 'Head Like A Hole' and 'Closer' were the toast of the alternative music scene.  Ever since then, an act hasn't come along that has had the same energy and exuberance that made NIN such a wonder in our world.  Until now... London-based Temposhark release their debut album 'The Invisible Line' that is nothing short of incredible.  Upon the first listen of 'The Invisible Line' you immediately get a sense of how lead singer Robert Diament slips into character with the confident and hammer-hitting track 'Don't Mess With Me'.  We have also been loving the band's latest single 'Joy' so much that we can't seem to get the infectious electro chorus out of our heads whenever it is played - we get sucked into it's musical black hole quite easily and willingly.  On 'It's Better To Have Loved' we are treated to a poignant electro ballad which touches on the timeless notion of treasuring gut-wrenching heartbreak over never having loved anyone in life - it's beautiful and questionable. Another reason to be very curious about Temposhark's album is the fine electro-rock stomper 'Not That Big' with Imogen Heap. And might we add to the jubilee of comments about the album cover - it's rather fucking cool to say the least."

Kevin O'Hare discusses preview tracks from Temposhark's forthcoming debut album for Newhouse News Service USA, "European electro-pop-rockers Temposhark manage to walk a lot of fine musical lines, so this album is perfectly titled. In one sense their techno tendencies make them the perfect outfit for the British club scene, but they still have an edgier rock side and a pretty smart sense of hooks and melody. There's also a retro feel to a lot of "The Invisible Line", as in cuts like the highly infectious "Blame," they're reminiscent of Tears for Fears. Songs as strong as the big beat of "Joy," the techno-throbbing beauty "It's Better to Have Loved" or the subtle gem "Winter's Coming" are impossible to ignore on this generally impressive debut disc.", December 18th 2007, "Temposhark. You gotta love them. After a successful U.S. tour in 2007 with Darren Hayes, Temposhark prepare a major release in 2008. 2008 could surely be a very good year for Temposhark."

Music Week (UK) Temposhark's song 'Joy' at Number 4 in the 'IndieStore Top 10' best selling songs, 10th March 2007 issue. positive review of Temposhark, March 2007 "Temposhark sound like superstars already... On the eve of their full-length and US debut, Temposhark seems to have done everything right to prepare their way. The UK electro-pop/alterna-dance duo have some great grooves, a knack for songwriting and the help of some talented friends." news story about Temposhark, February 2007 "The group will be playing at SXSW in Austin next month to showcase new songs and to shop the album around a few labels. The group has also posted the excellent new track "Don't Mess With Me" on their MySpace page."

Steven Stewart, Nokia Podcast series, January 2007, "I'm such a fan of the work they are doing, innovating in songwriting and production. They really ARE the male Kate Bush."

Kudos Magazine (UK student news) interview feature with Temposhark, January 2007 "Temposhark - one of the UK's most exciting bands, they are the sassiest electronic pop band emerging from the UK right now. This is punchy, saucy, danceable alt pop to die for. Much like the Scissor Sisters emerged by storm with their electrifying, well produced style Temposhark are cruising in to take their slice of the action." 

DJ Magazine, December 2006, in a review of Robobpop: The Return compilation review, Temposhark selected as standout track, "Mint track: Temposhark's 'Paris'."

The London Paper Malcolm Mackenzie November 20th 2006 " Robopop:The Return review "Following on from the Popjustice CD comes this collection of synth pop shockers. Old favourites by The Knife, Tiga and Goldfrapp rub casio keys with obscure but essential tracks from Dragonette and Temposhark."

Darren Hayes, Savage Garden, June 3rd 2006 "I have a new favorite band, Temposhark.  It's so exciting to see a young, new band not dependent on a record company to create beautiful things. "Joy! Joy! Joy!",  that's all I have to say." single review, June 2006 "Following somewhere in the Scissor Sisters/Goldfrapp wake, this is an beautifully crafted slab of electro pop. It has a perfect hook in the chorus and it's seedier and sleazier than an evening with John Prescott . This should fill every dancefloor, it is infectious and anthemic." single review, June 4th 2006 "Grinding techno sounds and sampled handclapping kick off this runaway train of a record, which inspires warped disco moves and selfless abandon as it throws itself wildly out of shape. I love the way that this slips effortlessly into its groove, and stays there until you have lost all sense of time, and forgotten yourself. Very addictive and with a depth charge pulsating all the way to the centre of the earth and back... 8 out of 10" single review, June 4th 2006 "In a world dominated by serrated, jerky guitar noise, Temposhark bounce in with babyish enthusiasm as the proverbial breath of fresh air, all synth squeaks, breathy vocals and dancey beats. Joy introduces itself like early Depeche Mode" single review, May 29th 2006 "Another floor thumper from those divine Tempshark chaps..."

Boyz magazine, Temposhark's 'Joy' chosen as 'Single Of The Week' 20th May 2006 "A hook-filled sassy pop delight that deserves much wider attention... There's something that sets them apart from your Fischerspooners and Tigas, and that, good people, is that they've remembered to add a song to their electro... 4 stars out of 5 - Single Of The Week". 'Joy' single review 2006 "A band that you can imagine strutting on a bed with Goldfrapp". single review, May 2006 "'Joy' prances about, peacock-bold and hedonistic, a soundtrack to the decadence of the London electro scene.  Rob Diament gives a flamboyant turn, before reaching for his copy of Oscar Wilde's works ('nothing is more serious than pleasure', he chants) on the Princess Julia-aided menace of 'Paris'. Good, old-fashioned camp fun". single review, May 2006 "the title track is wonderfully addictive. Joy is little more than a clubby electro-pop song with soft-focus club beats and wailing synths, but it's the sing-along-chorus that makes the track – with singer Rob Diament on top form. The b-side, Paris, with Princess Julia adding backing vocals, is like a contemporary prototype of of George Michael's pop dance duo Wham!; sparkling synthpop with ultra-light soul tones."

Blowback magazine single review, May 2006. "Second single Joy by electro darlings Temposhark (Paper and Glue) is an urban hymn for the metrosexual generation. We can imagine throwing our arms in the air on the dancefloor and shouting 'Joy!' God may not be a DJ but Temposhark prove there are things to be thankful for." single review, May 4th 2006. "this time around, it's full on dancefloor glitterball chic. if you have, like me, realised that stomping glam beats and shiny synths are a wonderfully addictive combination that the pop world has provided, then this ep is going to provide all manner of thrills, at least until the album turns up. excellent stuff. the flip ' paris' features an extra voice in the mix by princess julia. lets place bets. i say she isn't a real princess. she is however, spot on for jittery stop-start beats and minimal electronic noise. her 'oooh-la-la's' are gloriously eccentric." 'Joy' single recommended, April 20th 2005, "Temposhark's new single 'Joy' has all the right pop ingredients to stir up a peppy brew. Embraced by Guy Sigsworth and Imogen Heap, the three Londoners present fun, synth-driven pop that takes you straight back to the 80s. 'Joy' is a throbbing slice of dirty synth pop that has all the potential to become a dancefloor favorite this summer. Wait till you hear the mixes. Yummy."

Boyz magazine, Guest reviewers Temposhark review this week's singles (double page spread) plus: "On the office stereo this week, Temposhark 'Joy'" May 2006. 'Joy' single recommendation, April 23rd 2005, "The electro boys ramp up on the sex factor following their recent Depeche Mode moodiness and give it their all in this new electro-glam monster."


Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6), April 2006 'Joy' single review, "Sharp hooks, tight production and Rob Diament's trademark dark edge to the lyrics. Temposhark are hot, hip, here and happening." single preview, April 2006, "'Joy' is a throbbing slice of dirty synth pop with a fitting '80s sheen. After the atmospheric "It's Better To Have Loved" and "Invisible Ink," this new single boasts Temposhark's dance floor sensibilities.", April 2006 'Joy' single review, "With a similar swagger to Goldfrapp, "Joy" is a sweeping tide of electro-pop that is simply irresistible. Busby puts together an undeniable musical backdrop on which Diament confidently expresses himself, and the result is a track of beauty."


Chris Baker of Mint Royale, review of Joy single, April 2006 - "Joy illustrates another impressive string to Temposhark's bow, whereas the previous single 'IBTHL' was a sensitive electronic ballad, Joy is an impressive uptempo assault that I'm sure will push them further towards their well deserved breakthrough and thrill live audiences into the bargain." 


Stefan Olsdal of Placebo, review of Joy single, April 2006 "Their knives are continuously being sharpened and this tune is where good electro should be: in your face!"


Attitude magazine, Jan 2006 "Temposhark are a perfectly balanced electro dub pop trio. They know a lot of cool people from spending time in London clubs like Kashpoint, Electrogogo and Riot Fever, and earned themselves some serious kudos by working with Frou Frou pals Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth. Temposhark merge the intelligence of Pet Shop Boys with the deceptive disposibilty of Fischerspooner."


"Determinedly hip … you will be hanging their picture on your wall" NME single review, December 10th 2005


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