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panniculitis (pә-nik″u-liĀ“tis)   an inflammatory reaction of the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Two primary categories are distinguished, depending on the site: Predominantly lobular panniculitis affects mainly the lobules of tissue, and often involves necrosis or other degenerative changes. Predominantly septal panniculitis affects mainly the septa between the lobules and sometimes blood vessels, and is characterized by the development of single or multiple cutaneous nodules. See also steatitis.

cold panniculitis  a traumatic type of panniculitis due to by excessive exposure to cold; children are the most susceptible, but it also occurs in adults who work or otherwise spend long periods outdoors in the winter.

lobular panniculitis  see panniculitis.

nodular nonsuppurative panniculitis  , relapsing febrile nodular nonsuppurative panniculitis  Weber-Christian disease.

septal panniculitis  see panniculitis.

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