jnrdev - the 2d jump'n'run tutorial series
jnrdev tutorials
 #1 tilebased collision detection and response
 #2 hills & slopes
 #3 big maps and scrolling
 #4 object management (bad)
 #5 destroyable pixel landscapes (a tribute to worms)

misc tutorials
 how to create a sfont font
 setting up SDL + DevCPP

 you need SDL -> FAQ.

jnrdev is a series of tutorials on 2d jump and run (platformer) development.
the code is written in C++ and uses SDL. it runs under windows, linux and (hopefully) every os SDL supports.

in every tutorial new features are added to the example game.
it's open souce and the code is well commented and imho easy to understand.

jnrdev is spoken jump'n'run dev.

a note

The project jnrdev is finished for me. I haven't nearly written as much tutorials as I intended, but I think I still created a premiere resource for 2d tile based techniques.
I wanted to create a complete tutorials series, creating a whole game, but I just got the feeling it's not really that necessary. If you really want to create a game you should be able to do it on your own.
Thank you for your interest. Everything important is still available, don't worry.
If you are interested in other projects by me you can check out my new website at 72dpiarmy.com.

You can reach me via the forum: forum.72dpiarmy.com.

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