Isle of Man Property Owners 1867

Isle of Man Property Owners 1867



Index of James Wood's Atlas & Gazetter in the Isle of Man as at 1867

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 Isle of Man Parish Map

 Abbott - Buzza

 Cadman - Callister

 Callow - Christian

 Christopher - Corkill

 Corkish - Costain

 Cottier - Creetch

 Cregeen - Dumbell

 Easen - Gawne

 Gee - Higgins

 Hill - Kelly, Paul

 Kelly, Philip - Killey

 Killip - Lawson

 Lawton - Moore, T.A.O.D.

 Moore, Willm - Quayle, John

 Quayle, John - Renshaw

 Richardson - Swinnerton

 Taggart - Watterson, Thomas

 Watterson, W. - Youd


Index of 1867 Isle of Man Property Owners.

This index was compiled from James Woods' A NEW ATLAS & GAZETTEER OF THE ISLE OF MAN (published 1867)  and placed on microfiche in 1986. 

James Woods writes on the title page in the above publication as follows:

"Compiled from original and authentic sources describing the Civil and Ecclesiastical boundaries of each parish, and the boundaries of the several Baronies, Freeholds and Quarterlands as well as the boundaries of the several farms as they are now held in possession. 

"Appended is an elaborate and comprehensive reference table showing the name of each proprietor of land in the Island with the manorial description and extent of land held by him. "

In his Preface, James Woods says:

"The Publisher has been induced to bring out this work to supply what has long been acknowledged in the Island to be a desideratum.  He has received encouragement in the prosecution of his undertaking from numerous unexpected quarters and has pleasure in laying before his Subscribers and the Public the result of his labours,  He has to apologise for the long delay which has occurred in its publication, and which arose from circumstances over which he had no control.  He trusts the Work will be found useful as a book of reference; and he flatters himself that from the great care taken in superintending it while passing through the Press, it may be relied upon for truthfulness and correctness."

                                                                  Dated:   July 1867

In placing this index online I trust that it proves useful to researchers of Manx family history and others interested in the history of the Isle of Man. An explanation of the Index can be found at the Introduction page.

I acknowledge once again the material for the introduction page (taken directly from the microfiche edition) provided by the late Rev Rex Kissack. I also thank the late Mrs Iris Lyle (who at the time of the creation of the original Index was Secretary of the Isle of Man Family History Society) and Mr Nigel Crowe who both provided constructive suggestions during the compilation of the index in 1986.

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3. This Index is available on fiche from MacBeth Genealogical Services of  Melbourne, Australia, who I would like to sincerely thank for their co-operation over the years.

4. If you find any errors I would appreciate being advised.  Thank you.

The music file on this and a couple of the other pages of this site is "ELLAN VANNIN", the Manx national song (not national anthem, however), recorded by the Bee Gees and sung by Robin Gibb.  Robin, Barry and Maurice Gibb were of course born in the Isle of Man. The Bee Gees first performed the song at Wembley Stadium in London in 1998.

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