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SlavaSoft PrivyPad
PrivyPad 2.52     Free To Try

An intuitive text editor that allows to create, edit, save and read encrypted and plain text files. It allows also to e-mail encrypted and plain texts as messages or attachments through e-mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.

Version: 2.52

File Size: 1.33MB

OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Free Trial Limitation: 30 Uses

Implemented using:

SlavaSoft QuickCrypt Library

SlavaSoft QuickHash Library

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Major Features:

  • Use of four well-known and documented encryption/decryption algorithms: BLOWFISH, XOR, Triple DES and RIJNDAEL.

  • Use of an extremely powerful and strong encryption engine that allows to perform up to 100 encryption/decryption steps on highly sensitive information. This ensures the highest level of protection and security available in the industry today, and makes PrivyPad the best utility to keep passwords, electronic keys, credit cards, and store other private, secret, strictly confidential data, info and documents.

  • Encrypted cut, copy and paste functionality that allows to paste an encrypted piece of text anywhere a text can be pasted. In particular,  this feature permits to send and receive encrypted e-mails through popular Internet email services such as Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL Mail, Lycos Mail, AltaVista Mail, etc.;

  • Automatic recognition of encrypted and plain text files;

  • Possibility to compress the text before encrypting;

  • Possibility to create Password Files to store passwords for different encrypted files. Password Files could be used to automatically open encrypted files without entering passwords;

  • Possibility to set names for passwords in Password Files and speed up the process of setting passwords for files. The password for a file could be set now not only directly by entering it manually, but also indirectly by choosing the password by its name from the list of password names;

  • Full Unicode support for Windows NT/2000/XP;

  • Built-in possibility to associate .txt, .txp and .privy file extensions with PrivyPad;

  • Familiar look and functionality. PrivyPad looks like Microsoft Windows Notepad and does everything Notepad does;

  • Excellent documentation;

  • Quick and simple installation.

All of these features make PrivyPad a nice replacement for the standard Microsoft Windows Notepad with the added encrypting and e-mailing functionality.



An encrypted (secured) text file must have a password. To secure a text file you have to set a password before saving or e-mailing it. To open a secured text file, PrivyPad asks to enter the password it was encrypted with. If the password is correct, PrivyPad displays the decrypted text. It is also possible to open a secured text file created by PrivyPad with any other text editor (such as Notepad), but in this case you will only see the encrypted text.

A plain (unsecured) text file doesn't have a password. To open with PrivyPad an unsecured document, you don't have to enter any password. It is possible to open any text files created by other text editors with Privypad and vice-versa. 

When opening a text file, PrivyPad automatically distinguishes if the text file is secured or unsecured, and asks for a password only for a secured file.

PrivyPad uses a very powerful encryption engine that allows to perform up to 100 encryption steps on secured text files. Every encryption step is one of the four encryption algorithms: BLOWFISH, XOR, TripleDES and RIJNDAEL. Based on your choice of encryption options, PrivyPad will apply to your secured text files one encryption step, or a random sequence of up to 100 steps of encryption using chosen algorithms. It can also compress the text file before the encryption. The result of encryption is encoded in BASE64 text format.

It's important to understand that encryption options are used only for saving or emailing the secured text file.  This means that PrivyPad opens secured text files created with any encryption options, no matter what current encryption options are. 

  Copyright SlavaSoft Inc. All rights reserved.