Washoe Green Party


In attendence were Kathy Rusco, Paul Juntenen, and Craig Bergland, and Paul Etxeberri (by phone temporarily)

Held at 1PM. Kathy brought a 'talking stick' which was under-utilized.

After Greetings and Gossip, the meeting started, and Craig expressed concern over our upcoming required state party meeting, and our coming losses of Jason and Genelle who will be moving out of state soon.

We will have an opening on the Executive Committee at that time, and currently are several members short. In order to be functional, we must become current not only with Secretary of State, but need to flesh out the committee.

Kathy suggested the Washoe Greens call on the EC to to meet and solve these issues and others. Paul seconded and it was agreed.

Since Jason is one of the co-signers for our state bank account, we must make plans for access to that before he leaves the state.

In this vein, Kathy nominated Craig to be a new co-signer, and also suggested that he become treasurer and she wishes to include that in EC agenda. He agreed to that task, it was seconded and approved by Washoe Greens.

Paul nominated Kathy to become one of state co-chairs, a now vacant position. This will also help with gender balance. Nominated and passed. It was suggested that Nylene be considered for one of the vacant EC positions also, (a third county involved...) and depending on her feelings and desires this should be considered. We should approach her about this.

Other topics for discussion at that time (EC meeting) should be the status of our state bank account, updating current contact info, et. al., and thought was put to getting prepared for a state meeting in some form. This must be addressed soon as the clock is ticking.

Craig called Jason, who is more than helpful about resolving this and other problems, and has volunteered to continue to manage our state website, and also forward messages to us all. A nice discussion.

He forwarded an email about the California Greens meeting to be held on the 23-25th of Feb. meeting as below.

-------- Begin Forwarded Mail --------
> Subject: Greening California Strategic Retreat, February 23-25, Sonoma
> County
> From: Mike Feinstein
> Date: Sat, February 10, 2007 3:14 pm
> To: george.hutchinson@pacificgreens.org,
> diana.carsten@pacificgreens.org, pam.vavra@pacificgreens.org,
> jdenzin@clarkcountygreens.org, Claudia Ellquist
> , Angel Torres ,
> craig@bergland4governor.org
> Dear Greens in AZ, NV and OR
> As geographic neighbors of California, I thought I'd let you know about
> this upcoming Green strategic retreat we are holding in Sonoma County,
> just north of San Francisco.
> Although the event is California-centered, and space is limited, I think
> we could find room for an observer or two from each of your states, if
> you were so inclinded.
> The registration and program information is below.
> Thanks
> Mike Feinstein
> Santa Monica, CA
> http://www.feinstein.org
> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: Greening California Strategic Retreat, February 23-25, Sonoma
> County
> Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 11:42:30 -0800
> From: Greening California Strategic Retreat
> Dear fellow Green Party of California member
> This is to announce registration for the Greening California Strategic
> Retreat, February 23-25 (Friday-Sunday) in Glen Ellen, Sonoma County:
-------- End Forwarded Mail --------

Paul J. may be able to represent us at that time but it is still unknown. Anyone else interested in attending please contact us & we''ll forward the info....

It has been resolved that the Washoe Greens call on the Green Party of Nevada Executive Committee to meet and address the following:

To consider Craig Bergland for the position of State Treasurer and become one of the co-signators on the Nevada account,

To nominate Kathy Rusco for the vacant co-chair position,

To work toward filling other vacant positions on the council.

To communicate more effictively with Charles Imboden in Las Vegas who is an EC member.

To address ideas for our upcoming March state meeting.

These proposals will be sent forthwith to the EC.

The meeting continued with discussion on when Washoe Greens should meet again (next Sunday) and the agenda will include ideas for our state meeting, updating current info with the Secretary of State, exploring more members for the EC, when to hold our next Pizza/Pix & Politix meeting, and any plans for Earth Day which crop up.

Meeting adjourned around 5 ish.

Thank you,

taker of the minutes,

Craig Bergland.