PreciseIDTM Technology

With new Natural Language Processing capabilities

Originally developed to meet the exacting security requirements of the Israeli military, the patented PreciseID technology at the heart of the Websense Data Security Suite takes a data-centric approach to the protection of confidential information. PreciseID technology provides accurate identification and classification of content in more than 370 different file types and formats- from source code binaries to CAD drawings to Verilog code, and beyond- even if that content is cut and pasted from one format to another. PreciseID technology uses multiple detection methods to help organizations discover organizational compliance risk and automatically enforce content use policies, including:

  • Fingerprinting technology
  • Natural Language Processing NEW
  • Rules
  • Lexicons
  • Dictionaries
  • Exact and partial matching
  • Statistical analysis

Natural Language Processing enhances the granularity and accuracy of PreciseID's detection and classification capabilities, providing unparallel protection for a broad range of content

PreciseID is combined with ThreatSeeker Network technology to deliver Deep Content Control, which enables Websense Data Security Suite to accurately secure confidential data, efficiently prevent information leaks, and ultimately protect "Who and What goes Where and How."

Information Fingerprinting Technology

PreciseID's fingerprinting technology generates an "information fingerprint," a mathematical representation of a group of characters, words, sentences or data fields of a document, message or database and precisely identifies the designated sensitive data together with its extended metadata. This fingerprint is used by the Websense Data Security Suite to protect data at rest, in use, and in motion, regardless of context or distribution mechanism.

Highly accurate, yet easy to use

Unlike simple hash, exact or even partial matching methods, PreciseID's advanced algorithms use highly granular data-matching techniques. No initial modification or tagging of the original data is required. PreciseID technology is optimized for real-time applications and is secure against reverse engineering or data manipulation by cutting and pasting or otherwise embedding protected data in alternative file formats.

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