Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dawn of Destiny

Konami brings the combat card game for a colorful premiere on the Xbox.

The popular card game makes its first foray on the Xbox, and the results are both colorful and challenging. Over 1000 cards are available, and you can build up to three decks for use from match to match. The point-n-click interface makes it quite easy for newbies to pick up the game and for veterans to zoom through the turn-based phases. Computer-controlled foes provide ample competition with consistent strategies you need to reveal in order for you to succeed.

Two new gameplay modes?Link Duel and Triple Duel?offer some variety, though they?re mostly variations on the same theme. Though two players can hook their Xboxes together to fight it out head-to-head, where?s the competition for two players on the same machine?

The 3D graphics give a crisp look to the fighters, but the actual battles are too short to fully enjoy?though it does move the game along briskly. Beyond that, there?s little that could be done to spice up the in-game visuals; after all, it?s just a card game! Outside the main segments, though, it was really disappointing not to have better graphics for the player banter, which are limited to 2D characters with open-or-closed mouth movements and onscreen dialogue.

If Yu-Gi-Oh is your thing and you own an Xbox, The Dawn of Destiny will likely make you flip?your cards, that is.

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