LSP Digital, LLC was formed so that our authors can compete in todays competitive market
through digital manufacturing, while holding steadfast in our commitment to our readers and

Therefore, please be advised that all printed books offered on this site are
digital, and printed as requested.

Digital manufacturing should not be confused as an e-book. Although, LSP Digital is proud to offer
our authors work also as a 'Kindle' through Amazon.

If that isn't confusing enough, for clarification, as most acknowledge in the industry the
difference between 'traditional' and 'digital printing' is rather then use an offset or web press to
create trade paperbacks and warehouse those books as traditional publisher's often do, LSP
Digital will print their trade paper backs as the demand requires, using state of the art digital
printing processes. This 'green' and economical practice will continue until further notice.  

Such a decision to move in this direction was not easy, but a decision that is necessary if we
were to continue providing the best reading material possible to our readers.   The range of
genres that we offer, include, but are not limited to:

  •        Suspense
  •        Romance
  •        Fantasy
  •        Self-Help
  •      Paranormal
  •        Historical Romance
  •        Mystery
  •        Sci-Fi
  •        Thriller

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LSP Digital is NOT accepting submissions.  When the decision has
been made to receive submissions, our guidelines, requirements
along with a complete outline of any and all fees for publishing with
LSP Digital, LLC will be posted at that time.
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