By Michael

Britney's Perfume Line On Top

Posted under Blog, Fashion on May 21, 2009

Britney has the #1 selling celebrity fragrance line on the market!
Her Elizabeth Arden scents make up 34% of celebrity fragrance sales. 

Congratulations Britney!

Running out of your favorite Britney scent and need some more? Buy it here!

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  1. Candy said:
    5 hours ago

    Your perfumes are amazing! Keep up the good work, xoxo Candy

  1. Daisy said:
    10 hours ago

    I love all of brit'S fragrances, but i dont have hidden fantacy! Believe and curious is my fave!!!! But i love fantacy's bottle. love ya brit.

  1. DrEw!! said:
    11 hours ago

    Hey!! im a guy, and i wear britneys perfume sometimes lol i love the lotions!! :) CONGRATS BRITNEY I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER YOU ARE MY HERO

  1. Miss P said:
    11 hours ago

    A bit of topic guys, I know you don't post pap pictures (I understand the reasons behind this)but the pictures of Brit with her boys on the beach are beautiful. T
    they show a happy and healthy Britney ejoying herself wih her family. Do you know if Brit will have exclusive pic for you guys? it would be nice.

  1. go said:
    13 hours ago

    omg1 ur really great!

  1. sharz, Indonesia said:
    14 hours ago

    britney rockssss :) :)
    i have all of her perfumes. well except the other version of fantasy . onlly hv midnight fantasy. but they're all soo good! :) :) :)

  1. Robert Taylor said:
    14 hours ago

    Hello Britney just want you to know that all of your perfumes are great. My mama love the curious. I got her some for Christmas and her b day this month. She loves it so much. Oh and please think about releasing out from under it is a great song. Love it so much. Love you Britney

    Britney RULES!!!!

  1. jennifer said:
    14 hours ago

    congrats Brit Brit :)! Who is J LO again.. Oo I forgot :P

  1. Jennyfer said:
    16 hours ago

    Of course you're so strong Britney I love you for that too.

  1. Miranda said:
    17 hours ago

    guess i better buy them ;)

  1. Daphne said:
    19 hours ago

    i Got two of them..
    whatever you do, you are always the bestttttttt

  1. KAYLA said:
    20 hours ago

    im from australia and britney's 'believe' is one of my favourite perfumes!!!!!!!!!!!! amazzzzzzzzzingly good!!

  1. jonathan Tibbs said:
    20 hours ago

    She better be a business woman!!! GOD BLESS, jon

  1. Lan said:
    20 hours ago

    Well as a guy I don't wear any, but great job Brit!

  1. Debby said:
    20 hours ago

    I have them all!! Love Curious. I give it as gifts. It's a crowd pleaser. Congrats Brit!!

  1. stephie said:
    21 hours ago

    I love brit's perfume line wonderin if she'd ever do a cosmetics line too? I would buy it!!

  1. Aubrey said:
    22 hours ago

    Congratulations Britney!!!!! even though its kind of a no brainer because everybody loves her perfumes!!! They really are the best!!!!

  1. Ashley said:
    22 hours ago

    Perfumania sells all of the fragrances except Hidden Fantasy for reduced prices!! I have them all, Hidden Fantasy and Believe are my favorites.

  1. chilly said:
    22 hours ago

    my daughter loves to wear hidden fantasy, and my wife likes curious. i love 'em all!

  1. Ricky said:
    22 hours ago


    i still were the womans hahaha

  1. Tracy C. said:
    23 hours ago

    Well no wonder she's on top, her perfumes all smell amazing, and make anyone who wears them just feel beautiful and happy!! great job brit. i bet you are so proud! Your amazing!

  1. Angela said:
    1 day ago

    That just goes to show that Britney is and will always be loved and supported. She's very lucky.

  1. Dave said:
    1 day ago

    Congratulations Britney!!!!! ;)

  1. LINDA said:
    1 day ago

    CONGRATS !!!!!!! HAVE ALL OF THEM - LOVE THEM ALL. LUV YA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Jen said:
    1 day ago

    My favorite Britney fragrance is "In Control", I love it. I have not yet smelled Hidden it really good?

  1. Audrey said:
    1 day ago

    Yeah Britney the best !! Congratulations Britney !
    I LOVE YOUUU !!!

  1. Florencia said:
    1 day ago

    Love midnight fantasy!! i use it all the time!

  1. pattt said:
    1 day ago

    Not a surprise! Everything from Brit is great! Even the design of the bottles is awesome :]

  1. Rubén said:
    1 day ago

    I'd like a perfume for men =)

  1. katerina said:
    1 day ago

    Great! I have all of them!! You are the one Brit!Lova ya

  1. kim said:
    1 day ago

    awesome i love curious

  1. LauRa said:
    1 day ago

    Lose have all the perfumes of britney I am charmed with them, smell super good ... congratulations britney!!!

  1. sabina said:
    1 day ago

    wow you're perfumes is amaysing and i have almost all of them !rox rox rox brit!

  1. Jacqueline said:
    1 day ago

    Congratulations Brit!!!!! Love ya.....:-)

  1. taylor said:
    1 day ago


  1. Tony B said:
    1 day ago

    WooHOO! Congrats on the perfume, B! Angel's (My very best friend) favorite perfume is Curious!

    :-D Nice work Britney!

    Much love from Sedalia, Missouri

  1. Jonny Khan said:
    1 day ago

    Yeahh and she won by a really big gap aswell
    The next best celebrity fragrance was Sarah Jessica Parker who had 16% of the market
    Britney has over double that :P
    Go Britney!!

  1. jenny said:
    1 day ago

    congrats britney. i already got them all. i dont use another perfume diferent than britneys.

  1. Gregory said:
    1 day ago

    I love all the Britney fragrances!!! I have two bottles of every scent except for Curious and In Control which i have THREE bottles each cause they're amazing!! Hidden Fantasy is also super amazing and I hope Bitty releases some Hidden Fantasy products like body lotion and shower gel soon! Yay for Britney fragrances!!!!!