The end of UIQ

2 January 2009 by Olav Hellesų-Knutsen

The Sony Ericsson owned company UIQ files for bankruptcy according to CEO Johan Sandberg

The Swedish newspaper Sydöstran reported on wednesday that UIQ Ronneby was filed for bankrupcy. CEO Johan Sandber said the owners will not provide any more financial support. Two months ago, the two owners Sony Ericsson and Motorola garanteed for the emploees paychecks, but would not say for how long. The current world economy made it difficult to find investors willing to insert more capital in the company.

Around 200 people was still working for UIQ during the last day of 2008.

History of UIQ

Spring: Ericsson Mobile Communications in Lund set up a development lab in Ronneby called Mobile Applications Lab. This was the embryo of UIQ Technology

The company became part of Symbian Ltd

The first UIQ phone, Sony Ericsson P800, was released

Sony Ericsson P900 and Motorola A920 launched based on UIQ 2.1

Motorola A925, Sony Ericsson P910, BenQ P30, Motorola A1000 reached the market.

Motorola launched FOMA M1000

UIQ Technology2006
Sony Ericsson P990, M600 and W950 announced and launched

Sony Ericsson completed the acquisition of UIQ Technology. Later, Motorola joins Sony Ericsson with equal ownership. 
UIQ 3.1 released
Motorola announced the Motorizr Z8 base on UIQ 3.1
Sony Ericsson P1 and W960 announced

Motorola Moto Z10 announced
Sony Ericsson G700 and G900 announced.
UIQ 3.3 released


User comments:

UIQ Technology was very badly managed. The senior managment team were not qualified to run the company and none more so that the CEO. He was an awful manager who would shout at people in front of groups, send emails ccing a number of people really aggressively attacking people with personal remarks. I was quite shocked by the behaviour of the CEO and the lack of experience within the management team. UIQ Technology and Johan Sandberg had an opportunity to be a player in the mobile industry handed to them and they failed time and time again to deliver. What CEO of a company stays as CEO when the company did not make a profit for 8 years!!!!!

TheexUIQemployee on Jan 02

And 2009 UIQ is dead... :) Anyway, it was (and still) is a great platform with good potential for development of apps and games... It handles very well with touchscreen phones :) and can be very useful.. But it a bad thing we won't see any new UIQ phones in the future.

strizlow800 on Jan 02

UIQ could be far more better but we going to miss it for sure :)

Anand on Jan 03

I got one CEO that came close to not making a profit for almost 8yrs - Palm/PalmONE/NEC Palm all had several CEO's that barely made a profit for say 4yrs.

However, we may still see UIQ technology bits go into the new Symbian OS from SYmbian Foundation late in 2009.

Prom1 on Jan 03

Sad to read this. I like UIQ over S60.

rdt on Jan 04

So the same CEO helms the company and make losses for 8 straight years, no one in the company or no investor(s) had anything to say to that? Wonders how much money this *** has brought home for himself for the past 8 years.

curious on Jan 05

This article was published here almost a year ago, proved to be more that correct...

Nikos on Jan 06

good riddance , UIQ wasnt that good and was slow

charlie on Jan 06

So in the end what's left of Psion (whom started all this) will be gone. Divided amongst SE and Nokia and in the end killed off completely.

So yet another prime of true European innovation gone to pieces (literally). The end is near.

I give Sony-Ericsson no more than 1 year. By the time the fully addopt the dreadfull WinCE platform it'l be gone. Ofcourse Microsoft WILL also have it's share of problems by then... yeps... we're doomed.

EPDM on Jan 07

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