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By: Press Release
12/3/2002 11:07:08 AM

Chad Collyer has all the tools to thrive and become a main player in the pure wrestling environment of Ring Of Honor. He is set to debut for ROH this Saturday night, Dec. 7th, when ROH returns to the Murphy Recreation Center just five blocks from the ECW Arena in South Philly. It is a special fan appreciation night and tickets are just $10!!! For ticket and show info that includes a main event with Abdullah The Butcher go to, or call 215-891-9404. Here is an interview with this standout athlete.

1) Give us your athletic and wrestling training background?

Chad Collyer: I wrestled amateur style for 11 years in high school and college, then coached for two years after that. I wrestled for Manchester College at 150 and 158 pound weight classes. While there, I was NCAA West Regional Champion in 1995 and qualified for the NCAA National tournament twice. After my senior year of wrestling in college, I decided to head down to Tampa, Florida to train at Malenko's Pro Wrestling School to become a pro wrestler. I trained at Malenko's from August 1997- December 1997. During those five months I was trained by Dean Malenko. When Dean was away doing house shows or Nitro/Thunder for WCW we were trained by Jeff Bradley, who was the former Dudley Dudley in ECW. I was lucky enough to get trained by Dean about 80% of the time I was down there.

2) Describe your in ring style?

CC: Most of my in ring style revolves around my mat wrestling and who I am wrestling. I like to combine many Japanese, Lucha Libre, and European styles into all of my matches.

3) Tell us about working in the UK and Japan recently. Who did you work for? What was it like going back there after WWE? What were some memorable matches?

CC: It wasn't rough at all going back to Japan (Michinoku Pro) and the UK (All Star Promotions) after my short WWE stint. I actually preferred to go back there because I wasn't really having too much fun with the WWE developmental program and wanted to get back to wrestling every night like I used to do. In Japan I did a new masked gimmick called The Metal Master. It was fun and I got to have some really good matches with Curry Man (Christopher Daniels), Great Sasuke, Ikuto Hidaka and Dick Togo. In England, I always have good matches with James Mason, Jonny Storm, Jody Fleish, Robbie Dynamite, and Doug Williams.

4) You are booked on all upcoming ROH dates, would you say that you are trying to make ROH a home?

CC: I am all for wrestling for ROH while I am home in the United States. I am sure I will do a Japan tour here and there but would like to work as much as I can with ROH because it is my style of wrestling.

5) What have you heard about ROH?

CC: I know that it is the only real alternative product to the WWE right now. I heard that ROH takes the wrestling seriously, which is something you don't hear too much of anymore. I think that ROH will go far with the talent they bring in for their shows.

6) What can fans expect when they see you in ROH?

CC: A little bit of everything. Lots of wrestling. Good athleticism. I lay everything in.

7) How do you feel about working "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson in your first ROH match?

CC: Dragon is a very good wrestler. I know I will enjoy my match with him. He was trained very well. He is a good, smart wrestler and he is in great shape.

8) Have you and Dragon wrestled before? How did it go?

CC: I wrestled him once out in California for All Pro Wrestling. I enjoyed our match very much, but we didn't do as much wrestling as we could have. I think that it will be very different this time in ROH.

9) How would you sum up your WWE developmental experience?

CC: Enjoyed getting a paycheck every week. Didn't like anything else about it. I felt like I was taking a step backwards doing drills and all kinds of other beginners nonsense. I believe it would have been better for me if I could have just joined the active roster while on the road and practice on the things that I needed to the most. I already had more wrestling experience in my four years in the business than just about anybody else there. I just needed work on promos. The WWE seemed more interested in acting skills before wrestling ability. I remember one day coming into practice and there was a list on the desk asking wrestlers to sign up for acting classes. I laughed and just said "you have got to be kidding me!" I did have some good matches while I was there that I was really proud of. My matches with Spanky, Jamie Noble, Shannon Moore, Kaz Hayashi, and EZ Money were some of my favorites. I learned the most from Dr. Tom Pritchard while I was there. I really appreciate his and Les Thatcher's help while I was there. I would always be up for joining the WWE again, but would not sign a developmental deal. I would rather just make my money wrestling overseas and ROH. Hopefully, the WWE will get away from the soap opera stuff and get back to some good wrestling angles.

10) What are your hopes for the future?

CC: I plan on getting work wherever I can get it. I want to work ROH fulltime and I want to continue going to Japan.

11) Do you look at ROH as an opportunity to showcase your true wrestling skills?

CC: Absolutely. It is probably the only place right now besides Japan where I actually can do the kind of wrestling that I like to do and watch.

12) What do you think of the whole ROH concept that pro wrestling should be presented as a sport and not sports entertainment?

CC: I think the focus should be on the sport with enough storyline and drama to make the matches more interesting.

13) Any website or anything to plug?


Thanks a lot for the interview

CC: Thank you
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