Simply Seán

Seán Cullen returns for a fourth season with a great mix of eclectic music, special guests and of course Seán's extemporaneous observations about life. More

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Past Episodes

Seán Cullen

Seán Cullen's Retro Labour Day Dance Party!

Get out your leg warmers, shoulder pads and "Frankie Says Relax" t-shirts...it's time for Seán Cullen's Retro Labour Day Dance Party! Spend two hours dancing with yourself, dancing on the ceiling, and doing the safety dance, this Labour Day as Seán Cullen spins classic retro tracks and tells some tall retro tales. September 1st, noon to 2 on Radio One.

Seán Cullen

August 30

It's the last show of the season, and Séan has no visitors. Nope, not one special guest to hang out in the studio with him. And although he's lonely, there's still a lot of great music to listen to, some solid advice from Old World Grandpa, and an end-of-summer tip to share.

Mathias Kom (Photo: Angus MacPherson)

August 23

It’s Ontario’s answer to the Magnetic Fields! Special guest Mathias Kom of the strange and lovely band The Burning Hell chats with Seán about their shared hometown, making music with your ex-wife, and the misunderstood bird - the seagull.

Jill Barber

August 16

Special guest Jill Barber drops in with her guitar to sing a lazy, hazy ode to summer with Seán. They also chat about life in Halifax, touring across the pond, and finding inspiration in public restrooms.

Corb Lund

August 9

Our special guest this week is alt-country’s favourite son, Corb Lund. The hurtin’ Albertan drops by our Edmonton studio to have an out-of-body chat with Seán about cowboys, story songs, and James Brown.

Casey Mecija

August 2

Special guest Casey Mecija of indie darlings Ohbijou drops by with her ukulele. She moves Seán to tears with a sweet song, and together they explore the joys of family, being Miss Chatelaine, and Wayne Gretzky.

Brendan Canning

July 26

Special guest Brendan Canning of internationally acclaimed band Broken Social Scene drops by with his guitar and a posse. Brendan has just released a solo album this week, and he’ll chat with Seán about what it’s like to break out on your own, the joys of soccer, and how to grow such a full, full beard.

Bruce McDonald (Photo: Carlo Allegri/Getty)

July 19

Director Bruce McDonald bikes into the Simply Seán studio to talk about his upcoming zombie flick “Pontypool” that takes place just outside Seán’s hometown of Peterborough, Ontario. Well, that explains everything!

Kevin Hearn

July 12

Special guest Kevin Hearn of the Barenaked Ladies sits down at our piano to sing and chat with Seán. Kevin has been busy lately, touring with none other than Lou Reed, and writing a ton of songs for the new Barenaked Ladies kids album. He shares stories about both of those things, and his love for an itty bitty candy snack.

Small Sins

July 5

Special guest Thomas D'Arcy of the band Small Sins drops by with mysterious tales of the English Channel, what it's like being a one-man band in the recording studio and taking it to the stage with a bunch of guys you kicked out of your band in the first place. Huh?

Seán Cullen

June 28

Seán Cullen is back! Join him for an hour of wacky observations, great music, summer tips and dollop of cottage cheese.