HTM Resources

The General Overview of HTM provides an introduction to Hierarchical Temporal Memory that is appropriate for both a technical and non-technical audience. This topic includes the HTM whitepaper, a summary of the whitepaper, a comparison with competing technologies, and an HTM talk.

HTM Whitepaper: Concepts, Theory and Terminology

This whitepaper goes into an in-depth discussion about the theory of Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM). HTM is a new computing paradigm that replicates the structure and function of the human neocortex.

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For a summary of this whitepaper, please click here.

HTM Whitepaper: Comparison with Existing Models

This whitepaper discusses how HTMs are different from existing models, and does a comparison of these modeling techniques.

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HTM Thesis: How the Brain Might Work

Dileep George's Ph.D thesis discusses a hierarchical and temporal model for learning and recognition.

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Hierarchical Temporal Memory

Jeff presents Hierarchical Temporal Memory to the attendees of the 2006 Almaden Institute, which focused on cognitive computing. The audience was composed mostly of neuroscientists and software engineers.

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Learn about the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing in the NuPIC Overview section.

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